10 Best JustDubs Alternatives Sites to Watch Dubbed Anime

Let’s talk about the JustDubs alternative sites! For the lovers of anime, JustDubs is basically like Netflix. Most people perfectly like it because it has many good features. If you are the lover of anime, this name of JustDubs is not new for you. Now, anime is really popular. Most all ages use it because anime has the ability of exclusive entertainment and interesting characters. It includes the best sites of anime streaming giving content in which all livers of anime love it.

This JustDubs website gives you and other lovers the dubbed anime. Besides that, you are allowed to download the anime that you need or you can only want to watch the streaming of anime. Surely, there are many best series of cartoons and anime here. You will not feel a shortage.

However, sometimes, users can not access some JustDubs contents because of certain reasons such as bans of government and the others. It means that JustDubs has got the downfall. Then, it makes most users try to look for the other sites which can be the best alternatives and also have the same potentials with JustDubs.

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 10 Best JustDubs Alternative Sites to Wacth English Dubbed Anime

So, this article shares the best alternatives to JustDubs. The alternative sites give no cost. But, this article will not mention the features in detail. To know which is the best one for you, you can try to visit the sites directly.

1. Gogoanime.io

gogoanime justdubs alternative

Really, there are many fans of this JustDubs alternative site, GogoAnime. Among the lovers or buffs of anime, GogoAnime has a high rate. This web has been organized well in which it features many kinds of collection from the series of Manga to the films of anime.

There is no introduction needed in this site similar to JustDubs, GogoAnime site. This site has given good service to the users of anime since this site was launched and developed.

There are many contents that you can find here such as shows of anime, cartoons, movies, and also shows of foreign. Then, here, you will get some options for customizing the content subtitles.

It is very easy for you to get subtitles with the English language. Then, you should note that the other good feature is Classification. With this site Classification, everything is perfectly convenient.

This kind of open-source site of anime streaming provides all new kinds of stuff because mostly, thus site firstly uploads the latest episodes.

This open-source anime streaming site holds all the latest stuff since most of the latest episodes are uploaded here first. Now, try to watch online the anime by checking out the GoGoAnime.

2. Animeland.us

Animeland.io site likes justdubs

Such as the other alternatives of a site like JustDubs, you should also consider this Animeland because it also includes a good anime. Animeland gives episodes of dubbed anime more than 45,000. Of course, it uses HD quality.

But, this Animeland does not have a feature in the design and interface of users. However, all the latest series of subbed and dubbed anime, even movies, and episodes, are provided for you to watch. And, you can download the anime.

There is an interesting feature which has successfully made this site so unique is the dubbed anime with HD English. Generally, the lovers of anime will firstly choose it.

3. AnimeHeaven.ru

animeheaven justdubs alternative

The other free site of anime streaming which becomes the best site similar to JustDubs is the site of AnimeHeaven. This site is a real heaven for the lovers of anime. This site offers all lovely users the best movies and shows of anime for free.

In this site, you can easily get your favorite series of Anime, series of Ongoing, Cartoons, Movies. And, you can also choose some new shows based on the year, genre, and rating.

AnimeHeaven has a wonderful interface for the user, with great design and color. This platform of anime streaming has been optimized well for all smartphones. So, it is not strange if it becomes the best anime streaming for the users of the smartphone. The content classification of this site is really done by the great ways. So, all users can find everything that they need easily.

Frequently, AnimeHeaven will always be updated. It means that you will find everything new here. One good thing about this site is that its content is integrated. So, there are no other sites that will redirect you. And, the shows of anime can be watched on the basis of yearly.

Besides that, this site also gives you dubbed anime in subbed movies and versions. Even, you will have many friends in a community on this site and start a great discussion with them.

4. Crunchyroll.com

Crunchyroll Justdubs alternative

It also includes the best alternative site like JustDubs. The great thing about this site is that Crunchyroll is really legal. This site and the cost are worth it because it provides a big anime library which has aired previously and also simulcasts.

This site provides an account of premiums. But, it also provides some very collections of anime in which you can freely watch it. Besides that, the video uses good quality, exactly 720p. Then, the rate of the stream is very steady. It uses a special server so there is no lag.

This site is also available for iOs and Android. Then, you can watch some anime through Crunchyroll.

Developer: Crunchyroll, LLC
Price: Free
Developer: Crunchyroll, LLC
Price: Free+


5. KissAnime

Kissanime site like justdubs

You will not feel doubt anymore to use this best site similar to JustDubs in which it has been very popular which allows you to stream online anime. There are many kinds of anime episodes in which the resolution of the video is different. It is available for the original and dubbed versions. To download some anime episodes, please open the website, register, and then sign in.

The anime provided here is by random or genre. You will also have a community here, rooms of chat, collections of Manga, and the others.

Generally, this website of anime is very old. Most fans and rates are very high from the users.

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6. AnimeShow.tv

animeshow.tv justdubs alternative

Because of having an excellent interface of the user and also free content of anime, this site like JustDubs has succeeded hold the hearts of fans.

In this site, you will get the biggest anime genre such as adventure, action, drama, comedy, fantasy, ecchi, mecha, horror, romance, mystery, seinen, school, life slice, shoujo, vampire, space, and the others.

The content in this site is also organized well so you can view every content that you desire here. This site gives many episodes which have been completed with a short overview so you can scan it quickly before you begin to watch it.

7. AnimeToon.org

animetoon justdubs alternative

The other best site similar to JustDubs is AnimeToon. Every day, this site offers you animation which is newly released.

This site includes the most trending site. It gives streaming of anime for free. It has content that is so massive and you can stream it freely. The experience of the user is almost the same as some competitors like the choice you have for searching cartoons, anime, and also movies.

You may use a tab of search to find your favorite cartoon or anime of yours. This site gives different choices of servers for viewing without any buffering. It is good, right?

8. CartoonCrazy.net

CartoonCrazy justdubs alternative

The lovers of cartoons will be given another platform by this site like JustDubs through many collections of anime and cartoon titles.

It is very famous because it produces cartoons with good quality. Surely, it is the best free site because you will get anime and cartoons of all genres.

The massive database is offered by CartoonCrazy. The database is updated regularly with new series of cartoons and videos. One thing that is very exciting is that this site offers movies of dubbed anime in all languages.

9. SideReel.com

sidereel justdubs alternative

This site similar to JustDubs is actually an engine of search in which you can use it to search the anime series that you like. The best collection of movies and anime series are provided here.

The engine of search is specially designed so you will not need a long time to easily get the series of anime. Then, how to access the videos of anime? You only should click the genre and also the anime. Or, you also may directly use the tab of search and type the anime you need.

10. AnimePahe.com

animepahe site like justdubs

The next famous site like JustDubs is AnimePahe. The navigation and interface of the user are very easy. There are many dubbed, subbed, series, and videos for free which are provided by this site.

This site home is ad-free or commercial. And, the homepage features the series which are newly released.

Well, if you are the real lover of anime, you are right to read this best article. Surely, the 10 best JustDubs alternative sites above is very recommended. All alternative sites shared above can be used for free. But, Crunchyroll is not only free. It also offers you membership in premiums. The most important is that all of them are great sites. Then, it is difficult for you to choose one only because all of them are great. The one way, you may try visiting the website to know how well they work. See and feel it! Then, decide which one you will choose!

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