Top 10 Best Anime Torrent Sites

Who doesn’t like anime during these days? Well, I always watch it when I have some free time to spare, especially when I feel bored. Anime is one of the most successful industries in the world. I became a Weeb ever since I was in middle school. I started becoming a Weeb when I watched Sword Art Online for the first time. Actually, most people started becoming a Weeb when they watch that anime too. If we’re talking about watching anime, fansub websites are the place where we can watch it. Whatever we are streaming or downloading it. Usually, I download it. If you eagerly want to watch it before it is subbed (RAW anime), most people will go for the anime torrents.

Anime Torrent Sites

Thanks to the internet and advancement of technology, there are many torrent sites we can access every time. Different than anime we downloaded on fansub websites, torrents offer you the best quality because it was uploaded right after being recorded from Blu-Ray recorders. Anime we downloaded on fansubs is a compressed version from torrents. So, no wonder why we can find 480p and 720p download links.

List of 10 Best Anime Torrent Sites

Here are recommended best torrent sites for watching anime in HD quality.


Nyaa_torrents anime torrent sites

The first place where anime torrents stack a lot is torrent website. Actually, there are some fansubbed anime stacked on this torrent website. However, you can also find a RAW version of it in HD qualities. Just say that the resolution is 1280x720p in for the RAW unsubbed anime. Usually, the RAW version comes straight from the Blu-Ray recorder itself without compressing, so no wonder we can watch it in HD. So, this is one of the most recommended anime torrent sites that you can download anytime you want.’s name itself is taken from a cat sound in Japanese culture. If most of the world said Meow, Japanese people would say Nyaa. This torrent web launched in 2005, it is still online until now. This BitTorrent website only holds East Asian media, such as Japanese content, Korean content, and Chinese content. It became one of the best anime torrent sites because it is still popular until now. Based on Alexa, the rank was on the 839. So, it is quite famous because it is still one of the largest anime-dedicated torrent indexes.


BakaBT anime torrent sites

Actually, I don’t like it very much. This is definitely one of the anime torrent sites that I have to write a review. However, I find myself difficult when I am trying to open it.

I did some research about other reviews on the internet. Apparently, BakaBT is probably one of the best anime torrent sites that people know. It offers you anime at the best quality only. It is a private BitTorrent web that is focusing on East Asian contents from Japan, Korea, and Chinese. So, it is basically the same as Also, why it became one of the best is the old anime with old seeds are still needed. They even hold some contests every year.


horriblesubs anime torrent sites

The third list of anime torrent sites we recommended is It is Different from, which is the meta-search engine for torrent indexes. HorribleSubs is a fansub group web, but the files are not just on the torrent magnets, but normal file hosting as well. You can find a lot of anime with resolution from 360p, 720p, and 1080p.

HorribleSubs offers you a lot of up to date anime that is currently still airing in Japan. Not just currently on air, but you can find old anime as well. The best way to download anime from previous seasons is by downloading the batches. You can download anime batches if you don’t like to download anime one by one per episode.

The web is incredibly fast and easy to access. There are no beautify effects that can slow the access when we are opening HorribleSubs web. This made HorribleSubs become one of the best anime torrent sites you can access every time you want.

4. anime torrent sites

Apparently, the fourth on the list is the same as the second one. It is a little bit different from BakaBT. You need to register as well, but it is hard to register because the door to register only opens at some certain time. So, you can only wait for a chance to join one of anime torrent sites like this.

AnimeTorrents are not just offering you anime to watch, but you can also find Manga, Light Novels. Oh yeah, Hentai too.

What makes it become one of the best anime torrent sites is you can still join in, but at a certain time only. It is an amazing and high-quality tracker, with a lot of HD-quality anime on torrents. Also, AnimeTorrents has a friendly community. It is recommended to join this community if you want to start downloading anime as a high tier Weeb.


anirena anime torrent sites

Finally, a web where I can access it. It is one of the anime torrent sites you can access without registering or logging in.

Okay, basically, it is the same as some of the best anime torrent sites that I previously mentioned. You can find a lot of the latest anime that is currently still airing in Japan. Not just the latest anime, but you can find old anime batches, drama, manga, music, hentai, and hentai-games as well. From the list of the torrents, the web is not just providing 720p and 1080p resolution from the TV version, but they also provide you Blu-Ray version as well.


limetorrents anime torrent sites

It is not actually an anime-focused torrent tracker. LimeTorrent is a general tracker for a lot of things. So, it is not just anime, but you can also find a lot of western movies here, such as The Avengers and more.

As one of where you find anime torrent sites, this torrent tracker provides you the same service as well. There is a lot of anime in the torrents you can download in high-quality, such as Blu-Ray.

For web design, it is very simple. It means we can open it faster as usual. There are a lot of options in LimeTorrents other than anime, but it is not one of the best anime torrent sites I could recommend.

Apparently, I read a review of the reason why LimeTorrent is bad. It is full of scams, and it is dangerous if we don’t be careful. Also, there are a lot of click baits. The reviewer told us it is advised to use a VPN when we want to download something from this torrent tracker site. This includes other torrent websites too.

7. The Pirate Bay

pirate bay anime torrent sites


It is no fact that Pirate Bay will be on the list of anime torrent sites. Why? Because Pirate Bay is the most popular tracker. Even though Pirate Bay is not specifically an anime torrent tracker, they hold a lot of Weeb stuff too inside. So, Pirate Bay is always one of the best anime torrent sites we could ever know.


anime tosho anime torrent sites

AnimeTosho is one of anime torrent sites that we can access anytime. With a simple design, we can access it without lag. Unlike some of the anime trackers, this doesn’t require you to download by logging in with username and password. Definitely one of the best anime torrent sites.


shana project anime torrent sites

Same as above, ShanaProject is one of anime torrent sites that doesn’t require you to register, then log in and download as well. It is an additional option to register. With this kind of free access, it is definitely one of the recommended and best anime torrent sites we can access anytime.


anime layer anime torrent sites

With the domain .ru, it can be identified that this is one of anime torrent sites that belongs to Russian people. However, I couldn’t say that it is one of the best anime torrent sites I ever visited because it is Russian.

As for the conclusion, before we start to download some anime torrents (based on the one who reviewed LimeTorrent), it is best for us to use a VPN, so we can avoid some unpleasant and unwanted events we don’t expect. Sometimes, we can find a lot of ads and junks that are actually very scammy and tricky. So, it is not advised to download on open trackers where people freely can upload. For a private tracker like BakaBT, it is probably better and safer to download the torrents you want. No wonder why they limited the registrations to avoid such things.


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