20 Best Korean Drama Websites to Watch K-Drama Free Online

With the rising popularity of Korean entertainment industry all over the world, it is no wonder that a lot of people are looking for a good and complete Korean drama website. Drama shows from South Korea are indeed very entertaining and interesting. The plot that they offer can make people laugh, cry, or fall in love. The fans are not from Asian countries anymore but from every corner of our world.

There are some qualities that people look for when they are searching for websites to watch Korean drama shows. The first is of course the quality. You wouldn’t want your experience watching the show to be ruined by bad picture quality.

Meanwhile, a lot of fans also can’t speak Korean. Therefore, a feature that shows English subtitles is a must. Other than that, a good drama website should always have a complete catalog for the newest and most popular shows.

List of 20 Best Korean Drama Websites to Watch K-Drama and Asian Drama Online Free

Let’s check our best recommendations websites to watch Korean drama and Asian drama online free for you:

1. NewAsianTV.biz, K-Drama Website with Simple and Interactive UI.

As one of the most popular websites to download Korean dramas for free, NewAsianTV.biz offers its service on a website that is professionally designed and easy to use. This website also offers various titles and genres that will cater to almost any appetite for Korean drama fans.

Aside from just watching, they also let their users download episodes to be watched offline. As for qualities, this website also offers Korean drama episodes in full high definition resolution. So, you can be assured that the picture quality is top-notch.

2. WeTV.vip, General Streaming Service as a Korean Drama Website

In the options for streaming services, WeTV is a newer one compared to its competitors. But their collection is increasingly more complete from time to time. Their contents also usually revolved around shows from the Asian countries, including South Korea. So, if you want a place to watch your favorite K-Drama shows, this might be suitable for your needs.

Aside from accessing the shows from the website, you can also watch the episodes right on your phone. That’s right, WeTV is available on various app stores so you can download it on your smartphone.

3. TrollDrama.com, a Website for K-Drama Shows and Asian Movies

Compared to other free Korean drama sites, TrollDrama doesn’t really have that extensive collection on its server. But, the high quality of episodes makes up for the lack of complete content. Also, for international fans, high-quality subtitles are also available to make the watching experience a lot more enjoyable.

Another downside from this website is the player still uses built-in features from browsers that sometimes can crash, especially on devices with lower specifications. But the ads are few and far in between, so you won’t get disturbance from them.

4. MyDramaList.com, Complete and Yet Also Completely Free

Right from the moment you open this website to watch Korean drama, you will be shown hundreds of titles of the most popular Korean drama shows currently. This website is accessed by millions of people from all over the world, which is just proof of a good thing that they offer. The users can also download a particular episode of drama shows for no extra cost.

5. ViKi.com, a Korean Drama Website from Rakuten

Rakuten is one of the biggest marketplace platforms in the world, and as a step in competing with other brands in streaming service, they launched ViKi. This website is a place to get wonderful supplies of drama series and movies that are produced by Asian countries.

The shows are offered in high quality and completed with subtitles in multiple languages. Some shows and movies even have options to change the sounds to foreign languages with dubbing features. Be wary that there might be ads being shown when you use the website to watch your favorite Asian dramas.

6. Dramanice.so, A Rising Contender in the Market of Kdrama

One of the websites for Kdrama free that has been rising in popularity is Dramanice. The extensive library of this website can give its users access to old and new series. Meanwhile, the interface is also simple and built with attractive colors that make users love spending time on the website.

The download feature might be more complicated to use than other platforms, though. And there are also add plastering the interface here and there. But if you don’t mind watching the episodes on your browser and the existence of those ads, this website might be a good addition to try.

7. KissAsian.li, a Free Korean Drama Website Alternative

If good English subtitles are a must for you when you watch your Korean drama shows, then KissAsian website is a must to try. A huge collection of Korean dramas as well Asian movies are ready to be accessed from anywhere in the world. But before you access it, make sure that you turn off your ad-blocker on the browser, otherwise the system will not let you access the main homepage.

Another great thing about this particular website is the availability of chat rooms powered by Disqus. Using this, you can chat with other users about what you think of a particular episode. Talking about plots and predicting future episodes with other fans can be a fun experience.

8. Sojuoppa.tv, Kdrama Episodes and Movies are Available for Free

Sojuoppa is just another streaming service K-Drama at its core. Their database of available Korean drama shows is pretty much similar to bigger names in the industry. The features are also pretty similar, where you can watch, stream Korean movies and download any titles that you like.

English and other language subtitles are also available to make it easier to understand the plot. The downside is that this website sometimes changes its URLs pretty frequently that it might be hard to find them once in a while.

9. GoodDrama.live, High-Quality Stream and Extensive Collection

While GoodDrama might not have the most extensive and complete titles on their hand, the experience of their website is what makes the website so good. Full HD resolution and amazing subtitles can make the watching experience very enjoyable. Also, ads are minimal and will not disturb you that much while spending time watching your favorite shows.

10. AsianCrush.com, A Streaming Choice for North Americans

If you are located somewhere in North America, AsianCrush can be a website to watch Korean movies online free and other series titles. It has a large collection of drama episodes that you can watch for free. The titles are also updated very frequently so you can be sure that you won’t miss out on the story development of your favorite series.

A downside of using this website is that sometimes it will show pop-up ads that can be annoying. And again, this site can only be accessed if your device has an IP address located in North America. If you are located somewhere else, using VPN might be a solution.

11. Kocowa.com, a Legal Content Streamer for Korean Drama Website

Kocowa is kind of different from most streaming services that we have mentioned. Unlike most of them, Kocowa delivers their contents legally, meaning that they have official working business with the production companies that made your favorite shows. This also means that when you use their service to watch your dramas, you also actively choose to support the companies and the artists.

The good thing about this service is that they also have something they called TASTE24HR. This feature will show you a line-up of shows that have new episodes in the last 24 hours. But the downside is that this service is only available for customers in North and South America.

12. DramaBusTV.com, The Right Service for Every Kdrama Genre

DramaBusTV is another free kdrama site that has services similar to DramaCool. Right from the front page, the site will show the recent episodes of shows that just got released. It will also list the type of subtitle language available for each episode. And when you scroll lower, it will also list other titles available based on their genre category. This makes it so much easier to look for titles that you want. If you want things to be easier, there’s also a very advanced search feature to get you a particular title that you really want to watch.

13. HanCinema.net, Movies and Series in One Place as Well as Entertainment News

While the main feature of HanCinema doesn’t look that much different from other K-Drama streaming sites, they also offer many additional features to make users feel more at home. Those features include various news from different sources regarding the hottest people in Korean drama world. Therefore, you can watch movies and series while also reading about the lives of your favorite Korean actors and actresses.

Not only that, the site also listed reviews and box office charts for movies and the newest dramas. This way, you can see the most popular titles and see how people react to the plot and the overall quality of a certain episode.

14. DramaCool.ch, The Fastest Updating Streaming Sites for Korean Drama

A lot of fans of Korean drama streaming sites should be familiar with this website. DramaCool indeed has one of the most complete lists of available titles to watch compared to other services. They are also the fastest one to update their website with new episodes and movies. It usually only takes a few hours for new additions to show up on their website.

Their contents are also stored on various servers with different locations, so fans from around the world can choose to download from whichever server they want to ensure a good download speed. The high-quality subtitles also complete the whole great experience using this website.

15. OnDemandKorea.com, Premium Korean Soaps on Free Website

OnDemandKorea.com is a site that works almost the same as regular premium TV. They have the newest episodes of not only Korean drama but also various TV programs that air in South Korea. You can watch everything from romance dramas to children’s programs and news clips.

The site can also be accessed for free, which is really great when you want to watch on-demand TV programs that normally require subscriptions. But as an alternative, the site employs ads on the interface, so it can sometimes be annoying.

16. ViewAsian.co, an Alternative to Watch Asian Drama and Movies

While a lot of films and series from other East Asian countries are available on ViewAsian, the website itself is more focused on drama shows from South Korea. Users can watch the episode directly on the site or download the files to their devices. Streams are also sent from multiple servers, so fans can be assured that the episodes will stay on the internet for a long time. Various subtitles are also available.

But just like other free streaming sites, you have to wade through countless ads sometimes. The site will also not work if you have an ad-blocker active on your browser.

17. VIU.com, Korean Drama App for Fans in South East Asia and the Middle East

Korean dramas and movies can also be enjoyed on the VIU app. This app is available on smartphones for customers located in some countries in South East Asia and the Middle East. The collection is also unbeatable and can be compared to other names in the market. The users can watch, like, save, or download episodes for offline watching sessions. All of those can be done in one simple app.

There are subscription plans needed to enjoy the full features of VIU. But the small amount of money paid every month in the app will make sure that you get a constant supply of new episodes. This will also ensure that you will not get intrusive ads while watching your favorite shows.

18. DramaHood, One of the Most Popular Korean Drama Websites

If you want a site that only focuses on Korean drama, you can try DramaHood. The benefit of using their service to watch free Asian drama is the top-notch quality that can’t be found anywhere on other free streaming sites. The episodes are uploaded in high definition quality which will make the picture crisp and crystal clear. Meanwhile, you can also download those episodes along with suitable subtitles so you can watch them on your smartphones, iPads, or computers.

But from the experiences of other users, DramaHood has a pretty slow updating process. Still, you won’t be late to watch your favorite shows. Most of the time, you just need a little bit of patience in waiting for new episodes to drop.

19. Netflix, Korean Drama and Movies in One Amazing App

As the biggest premium streaming service in the world, Netflix is available to users in hundreds of countries and offers limitless titles to choose from. But they are not oriented on Korean dramas and other Asian media. But still, they still offer a section where they list various titles of K-Dramas, both old and new ones.

While you will not get any ads while using Netflix on your device, the cost for a subscription is comparatively higher than the others. But they also have a month of free trial period if you want to test how well their Korean drama collection is.

20. Hulu.com, Watch Korean Drama with an Affordable Subscription Cost

Hulu works pretty similar to Netflix, but their territory is a lot more limited. In Asia, Japan is their only market, so the Asian media available are mostly the ones that cater to Japanese audience. Still, you are welcome to try and see what they have to offer to Kdramas on Hulu.

All in all, there really are countless Korean drama websites that offer their service both for free or with subscriptions. It really depends on what you want from a site, and which sites are available for access from your geographical regions.

Some titles of Korean drama are also only available on some sites, but the more popular titles are generally easier to find. And if you don’t want to be annoyed by ads when you’re watching your favorite actors and actresses, you can try downloading the episode and watch them peacefully on your device.

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