Top 15 Best KissAnime Alternatives Websites

Anime lovers will certainly know KissAnime. It is pretty much like a paradise for them to find any anime to watch at any time. It is only reasonable to say that KissAnime is the biggest anime streaming platform in the world. Unfortunately, it is also reasonable to find KissAnime alternatives. That leads to a certain question about the reason to do such a thing. Why search for alternatives for the best anime streaming platform?

The most important answer to that question is that there is nothing clear about the future of a streaming platform. More importantly, some problems that cause instability have been there within KissAnime. So, it is only for the best to find the possible alternatives to the famous KissAnime real soon.

Great Advantages of Watching Anime on KissAnime

KissAnime offers some advantages for anime lovers and anyone else to stream all of the available content there. These are the advantages of watching KissAnime.

  • A free anime streaming platform that does not even need any form of registration to stream anime there.
  • Has a lot of anime spanning across various genres that include romance, action, horror, adventure, and many more to meet different preferences of anime lovers.
  • Comes with a user-friendly yet intuitive user interface for its users to easily access and navigate its contents and features.
  • Offers the options of both English-subbed and dubbed for all anime titles it has with the resolution range from 240p to 1080p.
  • Allows users to download anime content in full episodes from both mobile devices and PC at ease.
  • KissAnime’s homepage is a streamlined page with only useful links and information on display there such as upcoming anime info, popularity sort, currently ongoing anime titles, and more.

How to Download Anime from KissAnime?

It is important to know how to download anime episodes from KissAnime before getting to the possible alternatives to KissAnime. It takes only a few steps to download any anime content from KissAnime without any difficult part at all. These are the steps to download anime from KissAnime.

  1. Find the title of the anime to download by using the advanced search option or browsing the provided categories.
  2. Choose the episode from the main page of a title.
  3. On the page for online streaming of the anime episode, scroll down to reach the Mobile/Download then click save link as on it.
  4. Choose the video resolution or quality to download and specify the save location for the download.

Most Popular Categories on KissAnime Site

Finding websites like KissAnime will probably be a difficult one. The main reason is the vast library of anime and even manga provided by KissAnime. It grouped the anime titles into different categories to make it easier for users to search specific titles. Out of the many different categories of anime provided by KissAnime, some of them are considerably more popular than the rest. Some of the most popular categories in KissAnime include Adventure, Action, Cartoon, Cars, Comedy, Drama, Demons, Horror, Fantasy, Music, Magic, Kids, Romance, Mystery, Samurai, Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Sports, Vampire, and Thriller.

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List of 15 Best KissAnime Alternatives Websites 

Back to the main thing about KissAnime alternatives, there are many websites to consider. It is not a surprise that there is a lot of anime streaming and downloads websites out there. Anime has a lot of fans all around the globe that leads to many websites about it. These are some of the best alternatives to choose in terms of an anime streaming and download website similar to KissAnime.

  1. Anime-Planet

anime planet best kissanime altenatives

This anime online streaming website has 45,000 anime episodes to watch. All of those episodes are fully legal that eventually make it one of the best KissAnime alternatives today. It was launched in 2001 to grow rapidly as a favorite website for both manga and anime lovers. The categorization on for different anime titles and some specific segments are totally helpful to find the exact title to watch. Anime-Planet is a free website just like KissAnime.

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  1. Crunchyroll

crunchyroll similar website to KissAnime

Another decent choice of a similar website to KissAnime is Crunchyroll. It was released in 2006 with its current library of anime reaches 25,000 episodes under over 900 different titles. This website offers manga, anime, as well as dorama or the Japanese TV drama. With that diversity of content, it is unquestionable to put Crunchyroll as one of the best online streaming websites for anime today.

  1. AnimeLab

animelab websites like KissAnime

A good thing about this website as one of the popular KissAnime alternatives that it is a completely free to access. Unfortunately, anyone outside Australia and New Zealand will need to use a VPN service to enjoy all of the anime episodes there. That is because AnimeLab was originated to be providing its contents for users and viewers in those two countries only. It does not have a lot of anime titles but the popular ones will certainly be there to watch. It is available for both PC and mobile devices for better streaming convenience.

  1. Chia-Anime

chia-anime best kissanime alternatives

This one is pretty similar to KissAnime in a way that users are allowed to watch and download high quality anime episodes for free. Chia-Anime is available for global users because all of the anime episodes in its library are English subbed. The beautiful user interface of this site is amidst its appealing feature aside of its contents. Chia-Anime’s library includes manga, anime, shows, soundtracks, movies, and drama.

  1. Anime Freak

Anime Freak best alternatives to kissanime

Anime lovers who are in search for alternatives to the highly popular KissAnime will find this site as a decent place to go to. It offers a large database of manga and anime in multiple genres and categories to browse. It is even said that Anime Freak’s database is the largest within many other anime streaming websites. The user interface of the site is very friendly to users with useful links displayed on its homepage. That really makes it easy to find the latest episodes of anime as well as the popular titles around the fans.

  1. GoGoAnime

gogoanime best kissanime altenatives site

Another one of the great KissAnime alternatives to check is GoGoAnime. It provides the same selection of video quality and resolutions just like KissAnime. This website is a free to access website featuring all sorts of anime, shows, and movies that span years. So, it is possible to find old anime episodes in GoGo Anime that may not be available in other similar websites. Die-hard fans of anime and anime collectors will certainly find this website to be a decent one to spend hours enjoying tons of content.

  1. 9Anime

9Anime best site like kissanime

Next on the list of the best KissAnime alternatives website is 9Anime that promises a great quality of sound in its contents. All of the anime episodes in its database are English subbed and dubbed for different preferences of anime lovers out there. There is no need to register or signup to enjoy all of the titles and episodes of anime provided by 9Anime because it is a free online anime streaming website for everyone to access.

  1. Anime Frenzy

anime frenzy best kissanime altenatives site

Simple interface and consistent database update is a couple of good things to find in Anime Frenzy. That brings it to the top list of the alternatives to KissAnime that a lot of anime lovers come to visit. Moreover, AnimeFrenzy offers a vast variety of both anime series and cartoon movies that attract a lot of users from around the globe. A unique feature in this website is to communicate with other users while streaming the same anime. The chat room feature is another plus point for this anime streaming website.

  1. A2zAnime

A2zAnime kissanime alternatives

The feature that makes A2zAnime a good anime streaming website is the video quality that spans from 360p to 1080p. Certainly that is a great feature for users with a large screen on their devices. It allows users to vote and rate the anime titles available in its database as well.

That rating will then be forwarded to publishers and creators with hope that they can improve further for better rating. The look and interface of the website is rather simple but comfortable to navigate from end to end. Searching anime titles across various genres is easy in A2zAnime to find the one to watch in high quality.

  1. HorribleSubs

Horriblesubs websites like KissAnime

This website is one of the new comers in terms of best KissAnime alternatives site. Nevertheless, it offers a decent quality to all anime lovers in search for high quality anime episodes online. The video quality is available from 480p as the lowest quality to 1080p as the highest quality. A unique feature to see in the homepage of HorribleSubs is the Release Schedule. That section shows the release date for upcoming anime episodes along with the release date for the website’s version after being subbed in English.

  1. Anime Land

Anime land best kissanime altenatives site

Anime Land is famous as a provider of dubbed anime episodes. In general, it is a streaming and download site so that users can easily download the episodes they want to watch later as well. It is a free to access website that does not need any registration or sign up at first.

Aside of anime episodes, Anime Land provides shows and movies as well that will all work in both PC and mobile devices. Today it is one of the most visited anime streaming websites. So, this site is another great Kissanime alternatives.

  1. Animesim

Animesim kissanime altenatives site

Animesim is the place to stream anime episodes just like KissAnime. It is free to access that anime lovers can get to their favorite anime titles easily. It stored anime movies as well in which the latest releases are shown at the homepage along with the new anime episodes. The videos available in Animesim are all come with English subtitle that provide access for everyone to watch it understandably. The video quality has a set of selections as well for different preferences.

  1. Anime Karma

Anime Karma site like kissanime

Another choice of popular KissAnime alternatives with a good quality is Anime Karma. It is the place to watch anime episodes online that unfortunately full of pop-ads. While waiting for the video to load before streaming there will pop-ads that could be annoying for some people. Yet, Anime Karma has its decent value in a way that it provides a huge library of top IMDB anime titles, featured TV shows, and trending movies. In the end, the versatility of this watch anime online website brings it to the top list.

  1. AniWatcher

Aniwatcher site like kissanime

A huge collection of trending anime titles can be found and accessed in this website. Fresh anime titles and episodes are constantly being added to the already huge library of the website. The videos are all available in English both dubbed and subbed to meet different preferences of users. It is a free website that does not need any complicated process of registering and signing up at first.

  1. AnimeXD

Animexd kissanime alternatives

This last choice of best KissAnime alternatives is AnimeXD. There are thousands of movies as well as anime episodes to watch easily. It has a chat room feature to interact with other users while watching the same episode of anime or any anime movie in its database. Anyone who is looking for websites like KissAnime will need to try this website.

FAQ: KissAnime – The Best Streaming Anime Site

Anyone who has not been very familiar with KissAnime should check these couple of important questions and answers about the world’s famous anime streaming website.

–         What is KissAnime?

KissAnime is the leading website of anime streaming that allows users to either watch or download their favorite anime titles easily. The videos are all in high quality that comes with the options of either English-subbed or English-dubbed versions to choose from.

–         Is KissAnime Safe and Legal to Use?

KissAnime is a safe website to visit. All of the provided content is safe to access as well. Unfortunately, there have been some rumors about viruses and malware circulating. That leads to the fact that it is advisable to search for KissAnime alternatives. In terms of its legality, KissAnime sits in the loophole or gray area between legal and illegal. Most users will already understand that though.

–         Is it Necessary to Sign Up and Register on KissAnime?

KissAnime is a free website to access so that there is no registration and sign up needed at all. Nevertheless, there is an option to create an account within the web. With an account, a user will be able to comment and interact with other users.

–         If Kissanime Gets Shut, will Anime Industry and Anime Lovers be Affected?

In any case that KissAnime gets shut, there will not be real effects within the anime industry and the anime lovers environment. There are many great websites as alternatives to KissAnime that all anime lovers can consider to go to.

–         Where can I watch KissAnime?

KissAnime is accessible all over the globe. It is true that in some regions a VPN service or proxy/mirror website is needed to help to access the website.

What Does the Community Say About KissAnime?

It is clear that there is a community behind the popularity of KissAnime. There are many anime lovers around the world who are all relying on KissAnime to follow their favorite anime titles. The website will not be a popular one like today without a vast community around it. Many users regularly posted their thoughts about KissAnime simply to express their experience while accessing it. Of course, the thoughts vary widely from one user to another.

A user said that KissAnime is the best place to find anime episodes. The fact that its library has a lot of subbed and dubbed anime titles is the key element of KissAnime. On the other hand, another user expressed the gratitude that it is a place for those who cannot afford to purchase the content. Unfortunately, according to him it is not the best way to help the actual anime industry itself though. Another user simply pours his though of KissAnime as a huge portal for anime lovers. They can all find their favorite anime titles while also interacting with others by registering to an account.

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It is not really a surprise that there are many websites like KissAnime on the internet. The idea of those websites is basically the same as KissAnime. They are all anime online streaming websites in which some of them offer download feature as well. They may not be having a huge database or library as KissAnime but they are surely worth to visit.

KissAnime has been a popular anime streaming website for years. A lot of anime lovers regularly access the website to get updated on the latest anime releases. Regardless of that, it is possible that at some points in the future the website will shut down. The reasonable thought to that possibility is the fact that KissAnime is in the gray area of distributing contents online for free. Nowadays there are so many paid streaming services that come along with tighter security measures to get rid of free streaming websites like KissAnime. It is better to start searching for best KissAnime alternatives.

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