Top 14 Best Sites to Read One Punch Man Webcomic

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Read One Punch Man Webcomic

Manga One-Punch Man is a very interesting manga series to enjoy if you are someone who likes manga. The reason is, this manga tells the story of a hero who can defeat all his enemies using only one punch.

The popularity of One-Punch Man when it was first published on web comics made it adapted as an anime. But of course, the anime adaptation will appear longer than the manga series on web comics. If you don’t like to wait and want to read the newest story earlier, you can read One Punch Man webcomic which have been existing earlier.

There are many webcomics sites that you can access to read One Punch Man webcomics. There are several reasons why you are strongly recommended to read the web comics on these sites, one of which is legal.

This is because several manga series are hijacked by irresponsible persons. Of course, this is a problem for publishers as well as the copyright of the manga. Worse, this often happens and this also makes publishers sluggish to create works of other manga series or continued from what was before.

Therefore, besides reading the legal manga series here, you also help and support publishers to continue working to create a series that you can enjoy going forward.

Top 14 Best Sites to Read One Punch Man Webcomic

1. Viz

VIZMedia to read one punch man webcomic

First, there is a web comic named Viz. On this one web comics site, you can find a variety of the best manga series available. Not only can you read One Punch Man webcomics, but here you can also meet and gather with fans or communities who also like the One-Punch Man series.

Also, here is not only the best manga series like One-Punch Man, which you can find easily. Other best manga series like Tokyo Ghoul and My Hero Academia, for example, can also be found here.

If you are looking for a specific genre of manga, this web comics also provides a variety of genres that are often favored by fans..

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2. MangaPanda

Mangapanda to read one punch man webcomic

MangaPanda is a web comics website where you can enjoy a variety of famous manga for free. There are so many collections available at this web comics. Examples such as Sword Art Online, Naruto, Kuroko no Basuke, and much other famous manga.

However, there are some things you need to pay attention to when accessing this web comics. If you experience blocking access when accessing it, it means the network operator you are using is deliberately blocking the web comics website.

Don’t be disappointed if you can’t access it. There is a solution, which is to just use a VPN. That way, you can access it like you would any other website.

3. Comixology

comixology to read one punch man webcomic

Comixology is a legal web comics where you can enjoy various comic series, manga, to picture novels. Comixology itself is part of the Amazon company that is focused on providing services to its users in the service of comics and manga.

That way, you don’t need to worry anymore when accessing and reading here because it is one of the other official web comics sites where you can also read One Punch Man webcomics.

If you don’t want to bother opening your browser then you can download the application. If you are an Apple device user, you can easily find and download it in the App Store.

4. Watchopm

watchopm to read one punch man webcomic

Watchopm is a website intentionally devoted to presenting the One Punch Man series. Starting from anime per episode, movie per episode, special episodes, and also various OVA collections.

This is a recommended website if you prefer to enjoy One-Punch Man online. Even so, it’s also highly recommended for you to enjoy both of them online this series with the manga series as well.

The good news for you who are fans One Punch Man, this website supports various devices when accessed on any device. That way you no longer have to worry about interference or incompatibility of your device when accessing this website.

5. Manga Fox

MangaFox read one punch man webcomic

Manga Fox is a web comics that has a large collection of manga that you can read according to your taste. This web comics website also frequently updates on their home pages.

So you can follow or read about the most recently released manga and not just be stuck with the popular manga series. Therefore, this web comics website is not just a list for your read One Punch Man webcomics later. Who knows, you can find the latest manga series and make you interested to read and follow it. The sidebar that contains the categories and various latest manga collections can later help you to find.

6. Manga Town

mangatown One Punch Man Webcomic

Manga Town does not have a very complete collection like other web comics sites. But here you will easily find a variety of the best manga series and are also popular.

It is suitable for you who don’t want to bother when looking for the latest and best manga series for the next new reading material. You will also be assisted with various information about the manga information that is displayed at the beginning later.

Information on such information as the rating of the manga, year of release, genre, synopsis of the manga. That way, you can briefly assess whether the manga is suitable for you to read.

7. Manganello

Manganello to read one punch man webcomic

Then there is the Manganello web comics website. You can use this web comics website as an alternative when you want to read One Punch Man webcomics. This web comics website also offers a very complete collection of manga ranging from newly released, newly updated, as well as those that are hot right now.

Interestingly, there are also features here where there are recommendations for manga that you can read. This manga recommendation is based on the popularity of the manga itself.

The popularity of the manga will be updated every week. Very helpful to find out various manga series that are popular.

8. Manga Reader

Next is the Manga Reader. Although this one web comics website looks quite simple, but don’t underestimate the quality and variety of manga collections in it. There are so many types of manga that are newest or popular in the past, can still be easily found here.

Manga Reader is also currently available as an application. You can download it directly from Play Store if you use an Android device. That way, you also just have to press easily on the application when you want to read your favorite manga. Unfortunately for the application on the iOS device itself does not yet exist.

Manga Reader - Free Manga APP
Manga Reader - Free Manga APP
‎Manga Reader - Manga Viewer
‎Manga Reader - Manga Viewer
Developer: Yubo Wang
Price: Free+


9. Jaiminisbox

jaiminisbox to read one punch man webcomic

Jaiminisbox is also one of the web comics sites that you can use as an alternative to read One Punch Man webcomics. It looks simple. On this one web comics website is enough to entertain you with a variety of interesting manga because specifically selected in the form of any manga that is interesting and popular at this time.

Interestingly, if you read the manga on this web comics website, you can also read it on other official sites such as MangaPlus Viz and Line’s Web toon. For this reason, this web comics site is not an official site, but only provides a manga series that has been officially published by the publisher.

10. Mangalife

Mangalife Read One Punch Man Webcomic

Next is Mangalife. Mangalife is a web comics website that provides various collections of manga that you can find easily. This web comics site is quite crowded with many manga fans because of its simple appearance and can easily access several pages in it.

Mangalife is also available in the form of applications. You can search for it in Playstore and install it easily. If you just want to download the application, you can also search for APKs on the internet and download them separately from Playstore. This can be an alternative solution if your area does not provide the application in your Play Store.


11. Readopm

Readopm Read One Punch Man Webcomic

Readopm can also be an option and alternative for you if you want to read One Punch Man webcomics for free. This webcomics website is also devoted to providing all the manga from One-Punch Man only. Even so, you can still access various other types of manga that are quite popular here. It’s just that, on this webcomics website, the nuances and recommendations will naturally lead to the One-Punch Man series.

Here, you can enjoy the One-Punch Man manga both with the basic color of black and white or with a full-color manga. So you can determine and choose which display model that suits your taste.

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12. Kissmanga

Kissmanga Read One Punch Man Webcomic

Kissmanga is also a free webcomics website that you can enjoy to read all the famous and popular manga series, including One-Punch Man. Unfortunately, if you want to access this webcomics website, then you must use a browser. Because this webcomics site is only compatible with browsers. Including not being able to use other manga reader applications.

This webcomics site is also quite active in releasing a variety of the latest manga series and is also currently popular. As a free content provider, you can enter this webcomics website in the list of webcomics sites that you can access later.

13. MangaBox

Mangabox read one punch man webcomic

MangaBox is a manga application where you can later access various manga collections for you to read easily without having to use a browser again. You can get MangaBox by downloading it through Playstore and Appstore.

MangaBox provides various collections of manga that have been translated into English. Unfortunately, Mangabox is only available in a few regions. This can be seen from several comments from users such as Playstore for example.

So, you should check beforehand whether your area already supports access to this application or not by searching later. If you can, it is highly recommended to download it if you are a true manga fan.


14. ComicWalker

comicwalker read one punch man webcomic

Finally, ComicWalker can be the right choice as alternative webcomics when you want to read One Punch Man webcomics for free. Not only the One Punch Man manga series, but there are also various other famous series that you can read here, such as the Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin manga series for example.

There is also a calendar feature that can make it easier for you to know when the date and time of the manga series that you follow will be released later. The good news, also available in the form of applications for you to easily access later.

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That’s the various collections of the best webcomics sites where you can read One Punch Man webcomics for free and free too. One of the few things that will bother you when accessing free webcomics sites is, of course, the ads on the site, especially the ads that are very disturbing because it covers the entire screen when reading the manga.

Also, it is a good idea to buy an original manga series made by publishers to support them and appreciate their work. With the hope that they can still contribute to providing other interesting manga series for you and us to enjoy going forward.

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