10 Best Fake Receipt Maker Apps for Android and iOS on 2024

These days, the fake receipt maker app has become very handy to many companies. A survey from Lloyds Bank survey showed that 52% of companies in the world have experienced invoiced frauds. This incident normally happens to smaller businesses because they don’t the right system and have incomplete receipts for certain procurement.

This is why the fake receipt maker app becomes very helpful for businesses. With this app, people can make receipts with the description they need. The result of the receipt also looks like the real ones; therefore, they can be used for audits and reimbursement too.

10 Best Fake Receipt Maker Apps to Create Fake Receipts in Seconds 2024

Despite the reason why people make receipts, there are plenty of fake receipt maker apps that people can choose from. By using these apps, you can make, print, and even send fake receipts to your email. Don’t worry about the result because they look just like the real ones! So, if you’re looking for an app to help, here are some of the best ones:

1. Invoice Maker & Billing App

Invoice Maker & Billing App

One of the best fake receipt maker apps that are provided on each system is Invoice Maker & Billing App. In this app, users can find more than 100 designs of receipts and 500 logos that you can stick on the receipt. There are also more than 150 currency symbols to help make the receipt. With this complete option, you should have no difficulty in making it.

Last, adjust the colors to the size of the fonts so that it looks like the real ones. After making the template, just type in the words you want and save them as a PDF or word. If you want to make it look real, then give a paid mark in the middle of the paper. If they appear in your submitted receipt, then it will be trouble.


2. Invoice Simple

The next fake receipt maker app on the list is Invoice Simple. This app is great because it provides templates of receipts that people can choose from. You can choose to use the available templates or customize them as you need.

Another great thing about Invoice Simple is that can generate receipts with taxes. You can choose to insert the taxes in each item or as a total. To make it look professional, there is also an invoice payment term that you can add to the bottom of your receipt. After getting a receipt, you print or send the receipt to your email or social media.

With many features that it provides, people can create invoices in seconds and save time. All the receipts that you have made will also be saved in the app. Therefore, if you need the same receipt, you can just download your old receipt and edit it as you need.


3. Smart Invoice Maker by Billdu

Smart Invoice Maker by Billdu

Another similar app that has been used by many businesses is Smart Invoice Maker by Billdu. The app only provides 5 different templates. However, these 5 templates are enough to give you a good and professional-looking receipt.

If you happen to like the design but need some changes, then customize the receipts by changing the color and size of the fonts. You can also add a logo of a company on the receipt, to make it look more reliable. Or planning to make it look like you paid with a credit card? Then add a signature on the receipt too!

After completing the receipts, save them so you can use them later. Then print or email the receipt to give it to the person in charge. However, to enjoy all the features on the app, you will need to proceed with the in-app purchases.


4. Invoice 2go: Easy Invoice Maker

Invoice2go Easy Invoice Maker

If you’re looking for an app that can help you make professional invoices, then download Invoice 2go. By using this app, you’ll be able to make invoices for your business in an easy and fast way. The app provides 8 templates that you can use and customize. If the template is not good enough, then add a company’s logo or image to make it look more professional.

In the receipt, you can also add the type of payment that people use. The app provides PayPal, cash, and credit cards. However, if there are other options for payments, you can add them to the invoice. Like other apps, after making the invoice, you can easily send the receipt to the buyer or company by social media or email.


5. Quick Receipt

Quick Receipt

Looking for a quick way to make an invoice? If so, then try using Quick Receipt. The app that is only available on Android is a quick way to make fake receipts that will help you get a reimbursement from your company. It offers everything you need, from various templates, customized logos, and names of companies to additional services.

After making the receipt, you can save the outcome in any document file including a PDF. Then, you can either share it on email or social media or just print it out. If your company happens to use different colors of receipt, don’t worry because this app also provides different colors apart from black. Therefore, you can still get your reimbursement by using this app.


6. Tiny Invoice

Tiny Invoice Estimate Maker

A fake receipt maker app that is only available on the iOS device is Tiny Invoice. Compared to other apps, iOS users love this app because it can make detailed receipts that will make them look like a real ones! How is this possible?

Well, the app provides various templates that people can choose from. From the templates, users can change the fonts, and size to the colors of the sheets. Then, they can also add a company’s logo onto the invoice to make it look more real. So, with the many tools it has, users can make a receipt based on their taste and needs.

However, one of the best things about this app, is that is simple and easy to use. From the first tap, you will get information and steps on how to create a fake receipt. Then, just follow the steps to get the real-looking receipt.


7. Cash Receipt

Cash Receipt

One of the best and most recommended receipt maker apps on Android is Cash Receipt. Overall, this app can make fake receipts just like other apps. It provides templates that people can use and edit. However, what makes this app the best is the great features that it has such as a plumbing formulator, and fake marks for great outcomes.

The first feature that people can enjoy from this app is the plumbing formulator. Using this app, you don’t need to convert any calculations because this feature will help you out. The app has more than 120 formulas that will help you calculate when you are entering numbers for a fake receipt.

The next feature that is a favorite to many people in the fake marks. So, on top of the receipts, you can add fake marks such as canceled or paid. If you want to make it look professional, add a signature of the company on the top of the receipt, like most businesses.

When you have finished the design, then save the receipt and download the file. You can download it as a PDF or as other documents. Then send it by email, SMS, or other social media, just make sure that it is safe.


8. Receipts: Create, Print Mail

Receipts create print & mail

Another simple yet useful app that will help you get fake receipts is Receipts: Create, Print Mail. All you need to do is enter all the information that you want to show and inset a logo of a company. Then you can see a preview of some receipts on the app. Click one of the apps, save it then send it as an email or a message.

However, this app is not free to use. When you use the free version of this app, there will be a sample mark on the receipt. If you want to get rid of this mark, then you will have to upgrade the app to a pro app.


9. Receipt & Invoice

Receipt & Invoice

For those who need to add additional information on the receipt, but need to make it look real, then download Receipt & Invoice. This is one of the apps where you can add additional information such as remarks about the items, and taxes to the payment method. Despite being additional information, the system will help to make it look neat on the templates.

Not like many apps, Receipts & Invoice also provides signatures on both sides of the receipt. So, other than the buyer, you can add the signature of the seller too. When you have finished making the receipt, you can easily save the file in a PDF or excel file. With these formats, you can send the file easily through email or messengers.


10. Make Receipt

Make Receipt

The last fake receipt maker app on the list that is recommended for iOS users is Make Receipt. To make a receipt in this app, all you need to do is fill in the information related to your expense. Then, choose the format you would like to use. There are plenty of templates available, from café receipts, and gas fuel station receipts to travel receipts that you’ll need from a taxi driver.

You can also add logos and change the fonts if they are just not right. Then don’t forget to save and download it to give it to your company. However, to enjoy all the features in this app, you will need to upgrade your member status to a premium member. If not, there will be a watermark on each receipt you make.


Is There a Way to Make Fake Receipts with a Phone?

Luckily all the apps above are available for smartphones. Therefore, whether you are using an Android or iOS system, you can make fake receipts using the apps above. All you need to do is download one of the best apps above then type in the information that you would like to show. Then choose the best template and download or send it to your email.

If you’re planning to make a fake receipt using your phone with these apps, then make sure there is no watermark. Most of the apps have watermark especially if you are using a free version. So before giving it to your company, make sure to recheck the receipts.

Is Making Fake Receipts Illegal?

Making fake documents is normally illegal and categorized as fraud. However, for some reasons and purposes, companies need to make fake receipts to prevent fraud, especially when there is an audit. This normally happens because a store or the service that they use does not give out receipts. To be able to report the expense, companies must have receipts, therefore they make fake receipts.

Therefore, making fake receipts is illegal if you are planning to use them to get money in the wrong way. However, they can be helpful for companies in certain situations, especially when the service they use doesn’t provide receipts. So, make sure to use them for the right purpose.

Final Note

Using a fake receipt maker app is not illegal, as there are many options online. However, you must make sure that you use them correctly and wisely. If you use them for the wrong purpose, then you can get banned and arrested.

To make sure that you make a good-looking receipt, make sure to choose a fake receipt maker app that has many kinds of templates. Also, choose apps that allow you to customize the template, so it looks like the output you need. Last, make sure not to put too much information on the receipts as most receipts have simple designs.

So, for those looking for a fake receipt maker app that can help you make real-looking receipts, then try the top 10 above! Not only do they look professional, but they have complete features that will help it make look better. The process of making the receipts is also very easy, so no need to worry for those newcomers.

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