12 Best Vibration Apps for Massage (Android & iOS)

In this hectic and stressful life, many people suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, and other psychological related problems such as sleeping difficulty, inability to concentrate, high temper, etc. These will later cause some physical issues, like muscle tension, dizziness, exhaustion, and many more. That’s the background story of why some came up with vibration apps for massage.

Traditionally, people will choose to go to a relaxation center to have massages, meditation, spa, and other relaxation activities. But what if you don’t have time? Many people eventually give up without doing anything. They can’t spare the time to go to a relaxation center, but there are no other options available to help them get rid of the stress.

But don’t worry! Now, there’s a solution for that. This time, you can have vibration apps for a massage right in your phone to help you have some relaxation without leaving your home. These vibration apps can choose a busy individual who wants to get a quick peace effortlessly.

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List of 12 Best Phone Vibration Apps for Massage (Android & iOS)

There are still some other benefits you can get from these kinds of vibration apps. So here are the 12 best phone vibration apps for massage available in Android and iOS, such as:

1. Massager Vibration App : Strong Vibrator 4 Relax

Massager Vibration App Strong Vibrator 4 Relax

Many people believe that women’s and girls’ ups and downs of emotions are affected by their hormone. It is simple. They need to relax their mind and calm down. The problem is it is not always easy for everyone.

Women and girls who find it hard to relax can download and install this vibration app for a massage that can be used for relaxation purposes. The app is user-friendly with an amazing user interface. The app is compatible with various devices. And you can use this either just for relaxation, meditation, or even massage.

There are four modes available that you can change anytime you want. The nature sounds are highly recommended to improve your sleep quality, such as rain on a window, drizzle in the forest, cicada singing, croaking frog, thunder sound, ocean wave sound, wind sound, and many more. You can use the timer feature to help put you to sleep and turn off your phone based on the set time. And yes, you can use this app offline or without the Internet connection.

Download : ANDROID

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2. GVibe: Strong Vibrating Massager App

This is another vibration application that you must try. There are ten modes available to help with self-massage and body relaxation. And even more interesting, this app can produce intense and strong relaxing massager and vibrator. You can use vibration on your phone created through this app on your head or overall body.

There are many features available including lock feature, screen brightness, and password protection feature. You can turn on/off the vibration according to your needs. There are many vibration variations like slow, medium, or fast vibration, heartbeat vibration, bouncing ball, full speed, and random vibration.

You can also choose between the slow pulse and medium pulse massager. This vast range of vibration and massage choices will make this app one of the best options for you.

More than 2M iOS users have downloaded the app. And now, Android users can also make use of this because this app is currently available in the Play Store.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

3. Vibrator Phone Massager

Vibrator Phone Massager App

This app offers a more pleasing result than other vibration apps. And as a vibration app, this is very versatile: you can use it to relax your mind after a hectic day, help you meditate, calm your baby before sleep, and even help you improve your muscle pain after hard training. You can use this iPhone app to help you with different meditation techniques.

The app is quite user-friendly and straightforward, but the functionality has been improved to meet your relaxation needs. The new fun partner activity feature can make your relaxation activities even more enjoyable. With this feature, you can have your partner control your device. This feature makes this one of the best vibration apps for couples in the market.

You can subscribe to get unlimited access to all features and also have various benefits with unlimited usage. And the current subscription prices are relatively affordable. Having 4.6 stars out of 5 in the Apple Store has proven this app to be one of the market’s best vibration apps.

Download : iOS

4. iMassage U Vibrating Massager

iMassage U Vibrator & Massager

This vibrator app for iPhone combines the vibrator motor and the Taptic machine to create strong vibration for your relaxation needs. There are ten different vibration patterns that you can choose, and you can set them continuously. The on/off button makes it easier for you to use this app.

The vibration can be used for the body massage to relieve your neck and other muscle pain. You will get better sleep too. And yes, your baby will also love this app because he/she can sleep soundly every day.

Another feature that is really user friendly is the “two-finger tap to turn off,” that prevents you from turning off the app accidentally. What’s more annoying than an app that accidentally turns off while you’re in relaxation mode? And this app is also the first vibration app for Apple Watch.

Download : iOS

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5. Extreme Vibration App

Extreme Vibration App - Vibrating Massage & Relax

Do you want to relax after a hard day at work? Or do you want to just slow down after exhausting household chores? Or do you just want to calm your baby and help them sleep better? As one of the best Android vibration apps, this app got all you need.

There are 4 modes available and you can set your interval level. This app is totally free and the developer promises that this app will remain free in the future. You can still use this app offline or without an internet connection. And more importantly, it is very user friendly and easy to handle.

This vibrator phone massager has low battery consumption so there’s no need to worry about waking up in the morning with a “low battery” warning. This is also compatible with any android version and display resolution.

Download : ANDROID

6. Body Massager Vibration App

Body Massager Vibration App - Strong Vibration

This app is another recommended vibration app to help you get rid of all your stress. There are three built-in vibrator settings that you can use to choose your own vibration type. This vibration can be used to massage your body or neck and is helpful to improve your sleep quality.

This app also claims to help treat your cellulite and wrinkle, stimulate hair growth, and build stronger bones. And by using this vibration app after hard training, you can calm down your sore muscles.

The further good effects of using this app include raised metabolism, boosted fat burning potentials, and stimulated the production of helpful hormones. And this app can also work in the background or when you turn off the phone screen. Plus, it is very easy to download, install, and use.

Download : ANDROID

7. Perfect mobile massager +

Perfect mobile massager

This app is another phone vibration app for Android and iOS, available for users around the world. This app is relatively new in this field. But the developer keeps improving the performance, power, and function of the app.

The vibration offered tends to be soft if compared to other apps mentioned here. So, it is suitable for those who prefer soft vibration. This app has been a viral sensation online especially among younger users.

Though there may be still some weaknesses, the developer promises to keep improving the performance of the app through updates. You can just check it periodically to check if there are updates available for the app.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

8. Best Vibrator PRO

Best Vibrator PRO

This app will be a personal Massager that will heal your backache and other problems related to tight and tensed muscles. The app offers almost unlimited vibration modes to help you choose your own pace.

You can still use other apps while using this app because this app can work in the background. And the vibration will still continue even if you turn off the screen of your phone.

You can set the length of the vibration based on your needs. And if you want some pauses between vibration, this app also offers that feature. And if you don’t want people to know that you’re using a vibration app, this app can mask up as Simple Calculator. Isn’t that cool?

Download : ANDROID

9. Body Massage Vibration

Body Massage Vibration

This vibration phone app for massage also offers vibration using the help of your Android device like other apps mentioned here. What’s more interesting is that this app makes animation based on the vibration mode you choose.

There are a total of 9 different vibration modes in this app. You can set the continuity and the delay of the vibration or the deepness and the speed of the massage. There is also a Crazy Massage mode option for you who wants something that’s a little bit crazy.

Download : ANDROID

10. Vibrotto – Free Vibrator and Massage

If you want to try another level of pleasure, you can try this vibration app. This one is pretty new on the market but has come up with some interesting features. There are various methods available in the app, so you can choose one that fits your needs.

The battery consumption is relatively low so you don’t need to worry that you will run out of battery while in the middle of doing other activities on your phone. The app is also very user friendly.

The vibration app download is also relatively easy, like other apps mentioned here. And the good news is it is free. But if you want to add some features or functions, there are some purchase options you can choose based on your needs.

And if you want to have some privacy while using this app, your wish will be granted. There is a button to make the razor sign appear if you feel there are people that may be curious about what you are doing.

Download : ANDROID

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11. Strongest Vibrator

Like its name, this app offers a strong vibration from your phone. You can use the vibration to massage your body or neck and release some stress and tension. For girls and women who want to have the best vibrator that is handy every time they want it, this app is the answer.

The vibrator app helps turn your phone into a powerful vibrator phone massager. It is very user friendly and easy to control. You can integrate the app with your smartphone features to produce different types of vibrations and massages. You can get access to this vibration app free download on the Play Store.

If you don’t have time to go to a massage center, this app can help you with the body massage and help to reduce pain in your body, like neck pain or other muscle-related pains.

Download : ANDROID

12. Vibratize: Body Massager Vibration App

Another easy way to convert your mobile phone to a vibrator is by using this app. It is very easy and does not require you to spend any money. Yes, this massager vibration app is totally free. So, all you need to do is download the app and install that on your phone.

This app will help you release your stress and relax the tension in your body and mind. The premium soothing music available in this app will help you feel relaxed. And it will make you enjoy the massage even more.

There are actually two benefits to this app. You can listen to the music to relax your mind and you can use the vibration to massage parts of your body that feel tensed or sore. There are also multiple vibration modes that you can choose based on your needs.

Download : ANDROID

Those are some of the recommended free and strong vibration apps for massage available on iOS or Android. You can have your own conclusion to choose the best app for you based on our brief article above. You can have your own trial and error and when you have found the one that suits your needs, you can stick to that or maybe even have a subscription to get the most benefits.

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