15 Best Cut Paste Photo Apps for Android and iOS

Our smartphones offer a variety of features that we use every day, including taking beautiful photos. Cameras on phones have also come a long way and they now can take amazing photos that are on par with results from professional cameras. Still, sometimes we need to edit the photos, and this is why using cut paste photo app becomes important.

There are many reasons why people edit their photos that are taken with smartphone cameras. They might want to add some fun elements to the photos. The setting of lighting needs to be fixed. Or they just simply want to retouch a photo and make it look more attractive. A solution for all those needs is to use apps that are available for smartphones.

The development of technology in the last few years has also changed the features of those apps. Some of them even have amazing facial recognition or automatic processing that can make the editing process much easier. But a simple cut and paste function might not be available in most of them.

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List of 15 Best Cut Paste Photo Apps for Android and iOS

In this article, we’re going to show you some of the best options of cut and paste photo apps for Android and iOS that you can use to edit photos and make them a lot more fun.

1. PicsArt Photo Video Editor

PicsArt Photo Video Editor

The fact that PicsArt has more than 150 million users all over the world is a testament to the great features they offer. Their Photo Video Editor is one of the most popular apps on smartphones. If you don’t want to install many apps to edit your photos, this should be the first app to try.

Some of the main features of PicsArt Photo Video Editor include Background Eraser to get rid of unwanted background in photos, Remove Object to clean up and erase some elements on the photos, adding fun texts, various filters, and many more.

This app is also a prime choice for an easy cut and paste photo editor because it will allow you to simply choose an object and then cut and paste it to other photos.

Download: ANDROID | iOS

2. Cut Cut – Cutout Photo Background Editor

Cutout Photo Background Editor

A boring background can make a photo look unappealing, no matter how you set the lighting or your pose. Cut Cut can make your life easier by getting rid of that boring background and then setting a new and more interesting one.

This app reaches this goal by offering a background removing process using artificial intelligence, which means your photo will look better with just a few touches on your smartphone screen.

The AI also lets the users select and cut out an object in the photos, and then paste it somewhere else. After that, users can add fun elements such as stickers and filters for photo personalization. Users can also share the images as WhatsApp status right from the app.

Download: ANDROID | iOS

3. Cut Paste Photo Seamless Edit

Cut Paste Photo Seamless Edit

One of the earliest players in cut and paste photo editor for Android is this app. It has since gathered a huge following, partly due to their ease of use. While it might not offer the most complete features compared to others, it is still pretty decent in achieving some editing goals.

The main feature for cutting and pasting photos together is to isolate the front object from the background, and then automatically cutting the object to be pasted on other photos. Some users reported that the result is not so tidy, but using transparent texture for the new background seems to be able to solve this problem.

But be wary that this app can show a lot of ads in its interface. It might get annoying sometimes when you’re trying to edit your photo files.

Download: ANDROID

4. Cut Paste Photos

When you’re using this app, there are two ways for the picture editor cut and paste feature to get a result that you want. The first one is using the help of artificial intelligence to automatically select an object in your photos. The AI will detect where an object is located and then cut everything that shouldn’t be a part of a photo.

Meanwhile, it also has support for magnifying glass which can be used to fine-tune the automatic process. The usage of both can give you a clean object to be pasted on a new photo.

Download: ANDROID | iOS

5. PhotoLayers〜Superimpose, Background Eraser

PhotoLayers Background Eraser

The main feature that this app offers is the ability to turn unwanted backgrounds to be transparent. As a result, you can then replace the old background with new ones to create a concept of look that you really want. This cut paste photo app is one of the simplest to use.

The great thing about this app is that you can combine around 11 pictures and create a composition with objects from those images. This means you can use this handy and simple app to create a professional-looking photo.

Download: ANDROID | iOS

6. Photo Editor with Background Eraser-MagiCut

Photo Editor with Background Eraser-MagiCut

Popularized as a powerful image editor, MagiCut offers a long list of features that can help to crop and paste pictures along with other amazing features. As usual, it has AI to streamline the editing process to be easier.

Aside from the automatic process, MagiCut also offers various stickers, emojis, frames, and other elements if you want to bring the beauty of your photo to another level. And if you want to repair the look of old photos, this app also has a color adjustment feature to restore old family photos.

Download: ANDROID

7. Cupace – Cut and Paste Face Photo

Cupace - Cut and Paste Face Photo

You might find it hard and redundant to re-edit and re-cut your photos because you forgot to save them. But with Cupace, you don’t have to do that anymore. This cut paste photo app has a feature in which you can save all of the faces you have cut from photos in the past. Therefore, when you need them again, you don’t need to repeat the process from the start.

Furthermore, this app also has zoom mode, where you can zoom in and tidy up the cutting left by the automatic process. You can also add texts to the image and then send it to various messaging platforms. The high reviews left by more than 100,000 users are proof of how useful this app really is.

Download: ANDROID 

8. Background Eraser: superimpose

Background Eraser superimpose

If you’re looking for an app where you can cut and paste pictures together for smartphones running on iOS, then this app might be suitable for you. Background Eraser makes it possible for its users to simply select a “Target” to remove some areas with a similar color. It’s really helpful to get rid of backgrounds that have mostly the same color.

Meanwhile, the result can be cut and then adjusted with various settings, such as fixing the brightness, saturation, shadows and highlights, and many more. The zoom-in ability can also get all the way to the pixel level, which can give you maximum accuracy for editing photos with fine small details.

Download: iOS

9. Auto Photo Cut Paste

Auto Photo Cut Paste

There are many methods on how to cut a picture and paste it into another that you can use, and this app offers each and every single one of them. You can opt for Manual Erase or Lasso Erase for the more traditional method that will give you full control of the cutting process. Meanwhile, you can also ease the process by using Auto Erase that will automatically isolate an object for cutting.

Aside from various editing methods, this app also offers various backgrounds to be used for photos. The themes range from beaches to urban. You can also have fun with the Face Swap feature where you replace two faces with each other.

Download: ANDROID 

10. Adobe Photoshop Mix – Cut out, combine, create

Adobe Photoshop Mix

Adobe is the biggest player in the image editing software market and they are still giving their users lots of tools for it, including the new Adobe Photoshop Mix.

This app is a much lighter version of its desktop counterpart, which will give the users some of the main features included in full Photoshop. Those features include a cut paste photo effect where you can create surreal imagery by combining different objects from different photos.

Users can also adjust the color setting such as brightness and contrast. Meanwhile, the availability of a non-destructive editing process will leave the original file of your photos unchanged no matter how many times you edit it.

Download: ANDROID | iOS

11. Cut Paste Photos & Video Frames

Cut Paste Photos Video Frames

Choosing a cut and paste video app should always depend on your needs. If you want to edit both photo and video files, this app might be suitable for you. From your photos, you can simply select an area, and the app will suggest the borders of the whole object to extract them. Meanwhile, you can also get a frame from a video file and use it as a photo background.

This app has already been installed by more than one million smartphone users to create posters, personal photos, photo collages, and many more just by using a few original photo files. And while you’re at it, it also has powerful features to edit your video files without needing access to a full desktop.

Download: ANDROID 

12. Background Eraser: Auto Photo Background Remover

Background Eraser Auto Photo Background Remover

As the name suggests, this app is mainly used to remove a background from a photo. You only need to choose which file you want to edit, and the app will do the work with ease.

You can then continue the process by choosing a new and better background from the apps collection that consists of more than 10,000 high-resolution images. If you want to create a professional visual as if your photo was taken with expensive cameras, you can also set up auto blur for the background.

Photo Frame and Photo Collage make it easy to create a collection of photos by just simply pasting them in the same file.

Download: ANDROID

13. Cut Paste Photo Seamless Editor with AI


Cut Paste Photo Seamless Editor with AI

Cut paste photo app should always have artificial intelligence features built into them. This app has a Neural Network that can learn from the behaviors of its users when they’re doing editing. This means that the app will get better from time to time to make it easier for you to extract an object from a photo.

Other than that, Face Swap can give you a funny look on photos by cutting the face of someone and then pasting it on someone else. If you have photos where there are many people in the background, this app will help to remove them and make it seem like you’re the only people in it. This is really useful for vacation photos where you visit a place with many people.

Download: ANDROID

14. Cut Paste Photos Pro Edit Chop

Cut Paste Photos Pro Edit Chop

Even though they use the word Pro in their name, most of the app’s features are still accessible with a free account. You can use your iOS device to cut various objects from different photos to bring them together in a new composited and merged photo.

The easy and simple UI will also make it easier for you to change the background, for which they have more than 40 HD images to choose from. This app can also share the edited images to your social media accounts.

If you want to access the full Pro features, the app offers three different subscription models that start from USD 5,99 per month to USD 34,99 per year.

Download: iOS

15. Cut Paste Photo Blender

Cut Paste Photo Blender

Not only useful, this photo cut and paste app can also be very fun and engaging to change the appearance of your photos. You can cut a face from a photo and apply it to the body of a celebrity. You can even use other objects such as buildings as a place to paste the faces on.

While this app can be used for free, subscription models are also available where it will give users new picture updates that can be used to improve their photos.

Download: iOS

As you can see, there are many best cut paste photo apps that you can choose, regardless of what kind of OS you use in your smartphone. Most of them offer the same feature to cut an object and then paste or merge it in a new image. But there are also some other features that are unique to one particular app. If you want to get supplies of new backgrounds or image elements, you can also opt to pay for one of the subscription plans.

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