Overwatch vs Paladins: Which One is Better for You?

No one will refuse the state that technology has such a big role in society, nearly in all aspects of our life. The online game becomes one proof that technology has huge control in our daily life as online games have become the most well-known entertainment in the last decade. Game development has improved so much in these late decades because of the game developers’ hard work.

Statically, there are more than millions of gamers actively playing online games every week. The data is recorded in America and for more specific, it is also recorded that almost 97% of kids and teenagers are playing online games in America. The average duration of playing games recorded is 13 hours just for a week. This data speaks about how high interest of the young generations put in online games.

The data shows that a game becomes such a likely business and no wonder that many new game developers work hard to create a brand-new game. Overwatch vs Paladins is some examples of popular games lately. Released in 2016, both of these games have some similarities which make gamers are questioning about these games. Are these two games similar? Find out the answer down here.

What are the big differences between Overwatch vs Paladins

Some aspects lead to the idea that Overwatch vs Paladins is similar, such as the style of gameplay, the back-story, the characters, and the appearance. Besides, the challenges and competitions in both of these games are also similar, just like most of the other games which have the same genre. Another similarity comes from the monthly update of these games and how these games upgrading in each update.

When you are showing interest in these games and want to win this game, the gameplay needs to be well-prepared. You should set up a team with the best members you can choose. It is undeniable to say that these games are similar, but for some points, both games are different as well. Here are some of the differences.

  • Esports becomes the main focus of the Overwatch game while providing enchantment on the game becomes the focus of Paladins.
  • Overwatch is likely creating more different collections to upgrade their characters. Paladins is focusing on the improvement of the gameplay mechanics.
  • The storyline is such an important aspect presented in Overwatch, that is why they work hard to keep improving it, while Paladins are not putting their best intention into the storyline.

Overwatch vs Paladins Game Overview


Nearly after the realize of Overwatch in 2016, Paladins were also released in the same year in September by hi-rez studios. The first-person shooter becomes this game’s genre and it will lead the players for having such a great experience as a shooter master. A new character will be introduced in every monthly update and it is a free game to play.

You, as a player, need a team to accomplish some missions in the game so that you can pass the new levels. There were monthly events at the beginning of the realize date and it included some gorgeous maps, the abilities of the character, and some numbers of cosmetics to complete the game. 42 unique characters are provided in Paladins and they have their unique abilities and characters.


One of the most popular game genres is the first-person shooter with multiplayer gameplay, and that is also the genre of Overwatch. 31 amazing characters are provided in Overwatch and gamers may choose one for their avatar. Just like Paladins, Overwatch is also scheduled to have a monthly update that brings something new to complete the setting and characters in the game.

The characteristics of the characters in Overwatch have various ranges in speed, strength, and special abilities that are helpful for the gamers to play the game successfully. In every update that would be done monthly, there would be events that provide new skins as well that can be used to make the game more interesting. Some particular characters that have been chosen in role-queue are provided in competitive mode. That case will make the game more challenging and interesting.

Moreover, Overwatch is such a legendary game as it provides various cosmetics available in this game. Overwatch also allows gamers to modify their avatar using sprays or they just design the avatar to be the one they want. Some emotes are also provided by this game to express the player’s feelings and you do not need to worry because these effects will not affect the gameplay.

Storyline comparison of Overwatch vs Paladins


The main topic of the Paladins’ storyline is focusing on the conflict that happens between two main characters; the Paladins, the heroes in the game, and the antagonists in the game; the Magistrates. It begins when one member of the Paladins; Paladins Karne doing bad things that destroy the process of mending peace in their world, the realm. He ran off and gathered some Paladins’ ex-members to form a group called the Magistrates.

The main goal of Paladins is good at first that they want to make sure the peace in the whole realm. As the story goes by, the Magistrates become greedy and they want to take control under their hands. When karne discovered powerful crystals, everything just turned to be worse because later he determines to find the rest of the powerful crystals for himself. That way will bring him to be the most powerful man in the realm that no one will defeat him.

It is such hard work for the Paladins because the Magistrates members and karne just become stronger and it is harder for them to defeat the antagonists. But it does not mean that it is impossible to fight the antagonists back. The Paladins keep gathering their power and spirits to bring peace back in the realm. Do you think the Paladins will be able to win the fight?


Let’s find out how much Overwatch vs Paladins is similar to each other by discovering Overwatch’s storyline. You might be surprised at how interesting the Overwatch storyline is after knowing it. The interest of the Overwatch storyline focuses on how a group of guardians called Overwatch defeat an evil organization named Talon to keep the universe in peace.

The battle seems hard for guardians because they have nothing to defeat Talon. While Talon is busy showering the world with crisis, Overwatch members are nowhere to be seen all around the planet. The problem is getting worse when the main antagonist character of the game, Gabriel Reyes, becomes a member of Talon. He has determined to spread worse anarchy all over the planet.

His action leads Overwatch’s scientist leader to decide on recalling his friends, the ex-members of Overwatch to get back and take action to defeat Talon. One of the characters you have chosen will be one of the heroes in Overwatch and work together to bring back the peace of the planet. 31 characters are available in the game and they have an amazing unique skill that can be fitted to your favorite character. The multiplayer mode in this game allows players to play in a group with their friends.

Graphics comparison of Overwatch vs Paladins


Paladins give such a fun experience to the gamers with a bright world even though it presents a low-end system for accessibility of the game. Talking about the graphic, Overwatch vs Paladins, this game still needs some improvement and more development to present a better appearance.


The maps in the Overwatch game have a wonderful visual effect and so do the features and breath-taking scenery in the game. Moreover, the storyline also has been completed the game even more interesting. Overwatch won the best game in 2016 for reasons because more than a million gamers play this game.

Playable characters of Overwatch vs Paladins


As mentioned before that Paladins has 41 characters with their unique characteristics, gamers might choose one as their avatar. Those characters are named champions and the game classifies them into some groups which are 11 front lines, 10 flanks, 9 supports, and 14 damage characters. Paladins provide gamers first-shooter games that can be played with online multiplayer gameplay.


Comparing the characters Overwatch vs Paladins, Overwatch has 31 different characters options. The multiplayer mode allows the player to group up to six players. Those characters in this game are known as Overwatch heroes. Some unique characters in this game are cowboys, modified humans, gorilla scientists, and dead guys.

Tanks, support, and damage are the classifications of the Overwatch characters. The Overwatch game allows the player to join in mysterious heroes mode when they desire to improve their character’s skills, besides, the players may resurrect their character if the character dies once.

Overwatch vs Paladins: Gaming options

Both Overwatch vs Paladins are different yet still similar in some ways. Unluckily, Paladins provides fewer gaming options than Overwatch does. One of the examples is in Paladins, players should proceed with the consignment gently. If you want to win the game in multiplayer mode, your team needs to accomplish the option of onslaught up to 400 points.

Overwatch vs Paladins: Choosing and changing a character


From 41 different available characters in Paladins, players may choose one of them to be their avatar from the beginning of the gameplay. The avatar chosen cannot be changed into the other one because they have been locked. The possible way for players to change their avatar is by quitting and get back to the game again.


It is happy news for Overwatch players because they are able to exchange the avatar, but mysterious heroes mode is excluded. When they reload character options display, their avatar will be changed if they want to. The possibility of the change is available until the 31 different characters have been used.

Cross-platform gameplay: Overwatch vs Paladins


The cross-platform is available in Paladins so that players’ consoles can play together with their friends using other platforms such as the pc platform. However, this game cannot be played by players with the same platform. For example, pc game players cannot play Paladins with the other players using the same pc game.

Gameplay type of cross-platform is such an interesting idea about Paladins. However, this game will be more interesting if the same platforms gameplay is also available to play together.


At first, during the first year of Overwatch’s release, this game consistently holding monthly events and arranged arcade mode mostly every week. The variety of game modes is freely customized by the players and it is also free. For the cross-platform gameplayer, the game developers are still working to develop the game more.

For now, Overwatch players need the same platform gameplay to be able to play in a group. Console players can play with other console players, not the other platforms. The game will be more interesting if it is possible to play the game with cross-platform gameplay.

Game loading time: Overwatch vs Paladins

Talking about the game loading time of Overwatch vs Paladins, the faster one is Overwatch. Paladins developers need to work harder to beat Overwatch as Overwatch is faster in loading time. While opening Paladins, players will not directly go to the game but they are led to see the champion selection that takes the game longer to load.

Player-base or game fans

The player base of Overwatch vs Paladins, the one that has more player base is Overwatch. Paladins allow the players to have a battle with ai characters and players are also able to purchase the game for ps4. When they do so, they will be able to modify the 15 champions and also the base game.

On the other hand, Overwatch is not free because players need to pay to get this game. The coins and diamonds in the game are actually can be used to unlock the locked heroes in the game. It is also possible for players to purchase $25 for a champion pack to catch more luxurious items.

Moreover, if it is your lucky day, you may join the special events held on pc platforms and possibly get the cheap pack. This lucky time is mostly be held during a holiday. But for console players, this is bad news because the events are rarely held on that platform so they should purchase anything they need.

FAQs Overwatch vs Paladins

Which game is better: Overwatch vs Paladins ?

Comparing Overwatch and Paladins to find out which one is better seems to be easy but it is not. Both games have their uniqueness and special characteristics. It is based on your desire to choose which game you think is better for you to play.

Overwatch has such an amazing storyline completed with amazing features, graphics, and everything. Besides, Paladins also presents a great storyline and features that you may not find in other games.

Are Paladins better than Overwatch on 2021?

Each of you might answer this question differently as every individual has their preferences. It is agreeable to say, Paladins surpasses Overwatch by realizing that paladin is costless and some of its features are unique and could be found in Overwatch. But if you see thoroughly, Paladins also still needs improvements on some aspects such as the loading time, the graphic, and the storyline.

Overwatch could be a great inspiration for Paladins developers as Overwatch has amazing features and presentations. Moreover, it is right to put Overwatch as an inspiration because this game has won the best game category in 2016.

Is Overwatch the same as Paladins?

For some points, it is seen that both Overwatch and Paladins are similar as already explained in this article. However, it is also distinctly stated that both games are also different as mentioned above. Both of these games might bring the same genre but their focuses are quite different. So, the answer to the question is no, Overwatch is a different game with Paladins.

Did Paladins copy Overwatch?

It needs tons of processes behind to create a great game such as Paladins that we might never understand. Paladins game developers have been working hard to discuss, prepare and develop this game. The inspiration might come from other great games such as Overwatch but Paladins is not the copy of Overwatch.

Are Paladins worth playing on 2021?

Back to your preferences, if you like this kind of game, you will be excited and interested in playing this game.

Is Overwatch dead on 2021?

Up to the middle of this year, the game developers still did not update anything about the game, but Overwatch is still active right now. It can be seen on more than 10 million players playing this game.

Final Words

It is free for everyone to list their favorite games based on their preferences. Both Overwatch and Paladins are different yet similar on some points. Each of these games has its special characteristics and uniqueness. But the important point is that these games bring such wonderful experiences for players while exploring the universe in these games.

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