10 Best See Through Clothes Apps For Android and iOS

See through clothes apps is a solution for all of you who love to know a bit more about other people. In this modern era, people like to get entertainment by using their smartphones. There are so many applications that are offered to you and you can use the application for free. You can download the application and then install it into your smartphone.

For all of you who usually search for sexy photos such as plain photos on the internet, you don’t need to do that again. Although there are some sexy photos and images of girls in skimpy swimsuits, or wearing underwear and some other mature contents that you can find on the internet, you can be more creative by creating your own natural undressed photos.

You can create your private photos by using the XRay device or you can use See through clothes apps that you can find in some app stores. Not all apps are good for you, here are ten apps that are recommended for you and can be used for fun. You can download one or more than one application below that is suitable with your needs.

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10 Best See Through Clothes Apps For Android and iOS

1. XRay Cloth Scanner Simulator

First app that you can choose is XRay Clothes Scanner Simulator. It is best see through clothes app that can tell your friends that you have supervision and you can see all things hiding their clothes. This app can be used as an excellent prank for your friend. This app offers you a fun way to check out your friend’s true gender too.

You just need to take a photo of your friend and then you can see directly what is hiding behind her bra or chest hairs. You can make your friend shocked. You need to tell that it is only a joke after that. You can download this app in a very easy way now.


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2. Body Scanner

Body Scanner is the next see through clothes apps that can be chosen as the best app to see all things behind the clothes. It is available for free on your android devices.

You can take the photos of your friend’s body part, his or her breast, and then you can select the most appropriate bare breast too from the database display that was offered to you. You can make like a photo album on the adult website. When you finish with all things, you can tell your friend about a surprise. There are some trick options that you can choose and you can make it like it is a real photo.

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3. Sexy Booth Free Makes You Hot

You can download Sexy Booth Free Makes You Hot as your see through clothes app. For all of you who like to make your life brighter and funny, you better use this application. You can try to create your photos by using this scanner and tell your friend that you have a sexy photo for him.

What do you need to do when you use this app? You just need to point the camera on the Android smartphone at your target and then you can choose body parts of modes or other options inside of this app. This app is a free app for you. It is simple to use.

4. XRay Body Scanner Simulator

See through clothes app that you can choose to download is XRay Body Scanner Simulator. This app is a recommended XRay app to try. When you use this app, you only need to use your phone to function and do your first XRay photo.

You don’t need to leave your home because you can take XRay photo from all places and anytime you want. There is no need for radiation. When you use this app and want to get better accuracy, you need to select the body part with your camera. After that you will get a real image taken with this best XRay app.


5. XRay Ghost Scanner

For all of you who like to create a prank for your friend because your friend is afraid of ghosts, you can use this  XRay Ghost Scanner. This app is a great app that is made with the sensors for your android devices to identify ghosts near you.

What you need to do is simply download and install this app and then you can have some spooky fun. You can install this app and then start to find the target and then press the “Scan” button to start to see the scary thing.

When you use this app, you can simply share the images with your Facebook, Instagram, or other social media accounts. It is time to make Ghost prank.

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6. Super XRay

You can choose to install the Super XRay Camera for the best see through clothes app. By using this app, you will be able to display XRay scanned body parts and then see in the real-time video. You can easily see the hand’s skeleton or other parts of your body.

How to use this app? When you like to use this app, you just need to simply launch the app and then air the video camera on your target. Please make sure that the fingers must be wide apart. This app will be able to work better when you have a target with contrasting color as the background.


7. Cloth Scanner Simulator

You can try this Cloth Scanner Simulator to see physical details about your friends. This see through clothes app will ask you for some clarification, for example the gender and body parts that you want to see. This application can be used as an imitation scanner too.

You will get data and then you can access the XRay Scanner. To get all things that you want, you need to activate imagination. You can get a shape that most likely matches with your targeted friend’s shape. This application is free to use and you can install it easily too. It is time for you to know more about your friend’s fact by using this app.


8. Cloth Scanner – Body Scanner Simulator

You need to try this Cloth Scanner – Body Scanner Simulator. This best see through clothes app is often called a cloth remover too. It is a fun app for Android that is easy to use too. By using this app, you can create the most creative prank to your friend.

As we can guess from the name of this app, by using this app, you will be able to see what’s hiding behind the clothes. You who want to see other people with no clothes can try to download this app and then start to install on your smartphone. You will enjoy using this app and make a great prank for your friend.


9. Audrey Body Scanner Cloth Free Camera Prank 2020

Audrey body scanner cloth free camera prank 2020 can be chosen for all of you who like to create pranks. It is easy to use see through clothes app and it is not a real body scanner because what you will get is a scanner prank app. There is a scanner machine in this app and what you need to do is just touch the scanner button.

It is a funny app to try. Most people love this app because it is free and it can give them entertainment. It is time for you to try to use this app too. You can get happiness when you try to use this app.

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10. Girls Cloth Remover – Body Show Prank Audery 2020

This app is just for fun see through clothes app that you can try. You can choose this app for all skin colors such as girls with white skin, red skin, black skin, and some other skin colors. You can see the detailed body parts of men and girls by using this prank app.

It will be easy to remove clothes as a joke. And please keep in mind that it is just for fun. There are some features that you will get when you install this app such as adjust half body photo, save photos on the gallery, easily share your photos, and some other features. You can get this app for free.



It is easy for you to create pranks and see all behind the clothes of your friends. Seeing all things that you never see before will make you feel happy and fun. You can also create a small surprise for friends by using this app because some of the apps are made with some best features to make you more creative and more fun.

You can read more reviews of some apps above so you can choose one that is suitable for your needs. All apps are free to download and install on your smartphone. It is time for you to download one of 10 best see through clothes app.

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