13 Best Silly Face Apps for Android and iOS

If you need some entertaining apps on your device, consider downloading a silly face app. Then, enjoy laughing at yourself.

Further, it lets you cordially edit your face funnily. Warp, bloat, and stretch the face as you want.

There is endless deformation you can just do to any image. Besides, some of the best funny face filter app programs can deal with videos too. Also, another feature can turn your voice differently.

List of 13 Best Silly Face Apps for Android and iOS

Have a look at these 13 best silly face apps if you are interested in doing so.

1. Face Changer 2

Face Changer 2 app

One of the most popular funny photo apps in the market, the Face Changer app was the number one top trending application of global best in 2016 according to Google Play.

Therefore, it is proof that this app is a must-have thing for your phone. Try taking a selfie-and start the fun with Face Changer 2.

Besides making a silly face, you can swap faces to the favorite characters of yours or between friends. You can add a few items and stickers to complete the result.

There are hundreds of accessories available to add such as funny hats, face parts, silly glasses, and many others.

Moreover, you can add stickers, change backgrounds, and do everything to turn any photo into a funny one. Then, share them with all your friends.

Face Changer 2
Face Changer 2
Developer: Scoompa
Price: Free

2. Face Changer Camera

Face Changer Camera

This funny face changer app is for both photos and videos. If you want a silly application on your phone, it is something to download with simple and functional features.

One of them is the Funny Face Changer Camera. This feature allows you to change the face while recording a video selfie. Select some options and effects in the program such as:

  • Face Warp – Apply funny face warp effects
  • Puppet Face – Use your mouth to animate other faces
  • Face Swap – Live swap faces between 2 people
  • Face Blend – A combination of two faces in one object
  • Chine Face – Turn it upside down
  • Face Mask – filters of animal face and skeleton
  • Face Stickers – Add items like glasses, hats, mustache, and so on
  • Many more coming
Funny Face Changer Warp Camera
Funny Face Changer Warp Camera

3. Crazy Helium Funny Face Voice

Crazy Helium Funny Face Voice

This cool app is packed with features to have fun with. Thus, you can enjoy tons of live face filters.

Also, the crazy Helium app helps you to make funny photos and videos with sound effects. There will be a lot of voices to choose such as a robot, bear, mouse, violin, and of course Helium.

Furthermore, this Funny Face app is more than just making a hilarious photo. It gives you an easy way to make people laugh at funny pictures with sound effects.

4. Funny Face Camera

Funny Face Camera

This silly face app is an awesome photo editor to have fun with. The users can do it by clicking on the screen.

Besides, the funny face app online is very easy to use. You can just take a photo or choose one from the gallery.

Then, choose the sticker and filter you want to apply. After that, add more funny stickers to make it more interesting.

Moreover, do zooming in and out or rotating the picture during the editing.

Meanwhile, there are a huge collection of effects to make your photo funnier. Try the new face effects in the collection. Interestingly, this application is absolutely free.

Funny Face Photo Editor
Funny Face Photo Editor

5. Faces: Funny Face Changer

Faces Funny Face Changer

This application allows its users to make funny videos and gifs for many occasions such as Christmas, New Year, Birthday, and many others.

Thereupon, they can just make one for fun too. Just turn on the selfie camera. Then, take a selfie and add your face afterward. That is it.

Further, it uses funny frames and your face to make videos. You can try adding several items to complete the frame. Likewise, there are collections of hats, hair, glasses, masks, and so on. And also, you can get various hair collection with hairstyle and haircut apps for men and women.

Additionally, the Faces app is an easy Gif and video maker. Create the craziest stuff with your face using this application. The result is going to be way cooler than any emojis and stickers.

Faces: funny face changer
Faces: funny face changer
Developer: Applabel LTD
Price: Free

6. JokeFaces – Funny Video Maker

JokeFaces Funny Video Maker

Clearly, this app is designed to make laugh. If you want to create something humorous, this is the program to use.

Indeed, it is a fun application to create videos. You can choose the available video from various categories.

Swap the faces with the other ones you want in the video. There is an unlimited opportunity to create a lot of videos.

Then take a photo of yourself or anything. After that, Joke Face will turn into funny clips that make you laugh.

Furthermore, there are some great features you need to know before installing JokeFaces. It offers many animations collections and videos.

They will be more coming regularly in the updates. You can share the result right away on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

Additionally, the output would be in High Resolution. Come On, let’s have fun with JokeFaces.

7. Funny Face App

Funny Face App

It is a fun camera app that will make everyone laugh. You can create funny photos and videos with this application.

If you are into caricatures, this one is just perfect. Create the funny version or anyone’s face.

To try the features, get some photos of celebrities from the internet. Then, apply the effects you like.

Additionally, this easy application will give instant results. You can set the intensity of the effect to the desired state.

There are these distortion effects to apply in the photos. This face funny video app is able to detect faces in photos automatically.

Funny face app
Funny face app
Developer: Pixelab
Price: Free

8. Funny Face Photo Editor 2021 Face Changer

It is one of the face filter apps that would create extraordinary pictures. The result of this application would give you thousands of likes on social media easily.

Thereupon, change the photos using funny images and add stickers like eyes, hair, glasses, mustache, and so on.

This funny face changer app is packed with a lot of funny stickers along with amusing effects. Explore various possibilities in this photo editing program.

In addition, there are several features you should try, such as camera face changer, donkey funny mode, old face, and more.

Funny Face Photo Editor-FunApp
Funny Face Photo Editor-FunApp
Developer: Uabrave
Price: Free

9. Ugly Face Booth: Funny Effects

Ugly Face Booth Funny Effects

Ugly Face Booth app would let you make the most exhilarating photos by using ugly details to the result.

Hence, check out the collection of funny or monstrous stickers in the application. Then, select a photo from the gallery and personalize it using stickers.

Explore the collections of items in this silly face app to create your funny photos. You can choose among the hats and hairstyles, eyes and noses, or mouth and beard.

Moreover, there are also some cool categories like Animal, speech bubbles, and Crazy stuff.

10. Photos Alive – Jellify

Photos Alive Jellify

This magical app works just like putting life into 2-dimensional pictures or photos. Jellify is a trending app that makes it possible to make any photo feels alive.

Likewise, it works as simple as choosing the picture, making a few taps, and seeing the result.

You can just choose from various movement patterns that you like to turn into gifs or videos. Thus, it feels like the true silly face app you are looking for.

Additionally, it will turn any ordinary image of a face into a funny one.

11. Funny Face Maker

Funny Face Maker

It is such an amazing tool to make funny and nice pictures. Hence, you can add effects, adjust the color, crop, resize, add frames, clone, draw something on the picture, and so much more.

Interestingly, there are so many effects to explore.

This funny face maker offers some amazing features like replacing various face parts on the image.

Besides, you can choose among various special eye types like cats, zombies, cartoons, staring eyes, and so on. Change the noses and hairstyles too. Then, the result would be extremely funny. But you can try eye color changer app to get various eye color effects.

Funny Face Maker
Funny Face Maker
Developer: Roboticsapp
Price: Free

12. Banuba: Funny Face Swap Filter

Banuba Funny Face Swap Filter

This photo editing app is available for iOS users. It is the number one app in several countries. Thus, enjoy using those thousands of unique face filters to make a beautiful selfie.

Also, it is your choice to make your photo funny or beautiful. Banuba offers one of the coolest experiences in selfie photos and video.

Indeed, one reason to download this app is its tons of masks, filters, and stickers to use. Or maybe, you can try apps to add stickers to photos for Android and iOS.

13. LOL Booth

LOL Booth

LOL Booth app works in an instant. It would turn a face into a funny artwork. Therefore, add the amazing effects in the app and make outrageous pictures.

Moreover, there are plenty of unique face mutations and effects to try. It is a guarantee in making other people laugh.

So, to get the fullest experience of the app, you may need to purchase its subscription plan at a good price.

‎LOL Booth
‎LOL Booth
Developer: Appcano LLC
Price: Free+

Final Note

Actually, there is nothing you can find in the Playstore or Appstore, a silly face app. It is more like a photo editing application that can make funny faces. Well, all of the best ones are on the list.

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