13 Best Flashlight Notification Apps for Android

A flashlight notification app allows you to acknowledge incoming messages and calls quickly.

Therefore, whenever the phone receives notifications, the flashlight would blink several times according to the settings.

So, you can set the number of times for the lights to blink. When the phone is on vibration and silent, the flashlight would be a great way to let you know about the notification.

Furthermore, there would be no ringing that could irritate you.

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List of 13 Best Flashlight Notification Apps for Android

Here on this page, you can find some of the best free flashlight notification apps to let you enjoy having those features on your phone.

1. Flash Alerts 2

Flash Alerts 2

This flashlight notification app is available on the Playstore since 2013.

Indeed, the app is like one of the pioneer applications that deal with flashlight notification. This program would blink the phone’s flash whenever it receives a call, SMS, or app alert.

Interestingly, the app becomes very helpful for a user who has a disability of hearing. It can also increase the convenience of its users.

Initially, ensure that this Flash Alerts work properly on your device. Then, the flash notification app needs access to work.

What are the main functions? Obviously, the flashlight would blink a few times when the phone has a call, text messages, or other notifications.

The frequency of blinking can be set by the users. Meanwhile, the Pro version of this app is available to get the full experience and features.

Flash Alerts 2
Flash Alerts 2
Developer: MegaWave Software
Price: To be announced

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2. FlashOnCall PRO 2021

FlashOnCall PRO 2021

FlashonCall PRO 2021 offers its users the brightest and fastest flashlight when they receive SMS, calls, and notifications.

Then, you can personalize your alert in the setting menu. It works on any side flash, standard back, front, or both of them.

Besides, the flashlight notification app also works for third-party applications in the device.

For example, every time you get messages, comments, and likes from social media, you can set the flash to blink and its schedule.

So, it will not turn on whenever you need peace.

Moreover, FlashOnCall is also quite energy saving which is why it would be okay for this app to work in the background for a long time.

FlashOnCall PRO 2021
FlashOnCall PRO 2021
Developer: Evgenii Chernov
Price: Free

3. Flash Alert: Call and Sms

Flash Alert Call and Sms

For those who need flash notifications on SMS and incoming calls, the Flash Alert app would be a great assistance.

Also, this application enables you to turn on flash notification for Whatsapp.

This was once an exclusive application for iOS users. Also, it is now available for Android users.

This free flashlight notification app will get you quickly answer any call and reply to any text messages. So, you will not miss any vital communications. It is a very important program for your phone.

Key Features:

  • Flash Alert on Calls
  • Blinking flash on SMS
  • Shape device to disable the light
  • Flash on Social Media app notifications
  • Silent Mode to turn on the LED light
Flash Alert : Call and Sms
Flash Alert : Call and Sms
Developer: 3W Studio
Price: Free

4. Flash Alerts on Call and SMS

Flash Alerts on Call and SMS


Whenever a call, a message, and notifications are coming, the flashlight will blink. That is because you use this flash notification app.

Further, this app is very useful for important or busy people who do not want to ignore a message or a call. When it is dark, the function becomes crucial.

Then, apply some adjustment to the speed of light when blinking. The frequency can be slow and fast according to your preference.

Besides, there is a turn OFF function that can save the battery life when it is getting low.

Flash Alerts on Call and SMS
Flash Alerts on Call and SMS
Developer: Flash Team
Price: Free

5. Flash Alerts on Call & Alerts on App Notifications

Flash Alerts on Call Alerts on App Notifications

The app was first released in 2013. It was a huge success flash notification for all because millions of people install this application.

Likewise, there is a ‘Do Not Disturb’ Style feature where you can actually turn on the flash alerts for only several contacts individually.

Besides, another use of this app is to light up the party. If you are having one, this program would act as the LED or DJ lights.

Moreover, users can control the intensity of the alerts. So, set it up to the needed state. If you are actively using WhatsApp, the notification of the app can make the flash blinks too.

Flash Alerts on Call & Alerts
Flash Alerts on Call & Alerts

6. Flash On Call 2019 Flashing Alerts & Notifications

Flash On Call 2019 Flashing Alerts Notifications

This one is a simple android app that would work with camera flash to make an alert. It is just like the other applications on this list.

Otherwise, it has interfaces and a different set of features. If you like simplicity, this is the one to download.

Furthermore, the flashlight alert is fully customizable. You can set the amount and speed of flashes to your desired frequency.

Indeed, the alert can be different between incoming calls and SMS messages. Whenever you need it, turn off the flashlight notification.

For the efficient energy of your phone battery, you may only activate the flashlight notification when it is dark. Otherwise, use the battery saver mode within the application.

Flash On Call 2019 Flashing Al
Flash On Call 2019 Flashing Al

7. Flash Notification for All App

Flash Notification for All App

This is another choice of application that deals with flashlight alerts. However, it is not just about the incoming calls, messages, or notifications.

When new notifications come, the flashlight would start to blink. You can set the amount of blinking and its start time.

Moreover, it is a lightweight app, so you do not have to worry about wasting a lot of memory space on the phone.

For the record, this app might not work on some devices, try rebooting it.

Flash Notification for All App
Flash Notification for All App
Developer: manzy
Price: Free

8. Flashlight Alert on Call / SMS

Flashlight Alert on Call SMS

Such a smart application to give alerts every time you get incoming calls and messages, we are talking about this great app.

The flashlight will blink whenever there is a notification coming to your phone. Furthermore, the device in silent or mute mode during the night would be very helpful.

Turn the flash on and off anytime you want. Use it depending on the situation. However, there is no need to activate the flashlight on a bright day.

Thereupon, share this program with other people who would need it. Besides, the user-friendly and easy-to-use UI design would be very helpful and comfortable for everyone.

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Flashlight Alert on Call / SMS
Flashlight Alert on Call / SMS

9. Flash Notification On Call, SMS & App Notification

Flash Notification On Call SMS App Notification

When you have calls, messages, and notifications, the flashlight will blink. According to the settings you have set, you will know what to do about those alerts.

Also, this application has an advanced setup to regulate the blinks based on the apps, contacts, time, battery, and ringing mode.

Hence, it is such a perfect program to use when you are at work. Whenever you think ringing mode will be a disturbance, use this Flash Notification.

Besides, you can set a different frequency of blinks for SMS, calls, and apps notification. So, you will know which one is crucial to get a quick answer.

10. Flash On Call SMS Alert

Flash On Call SMS Alert

If you are used to having your phone in silent or vibrate mode, you may try something new. How about changing the alert with a flashlight?

Make use of that lighting feature in your phone. It would be very useful to notify you whenever something coming.

Additionally, there are several key features that this application has to offer. When you are around darkness, this app can work as a torchlight.

Besides notifying you of incoming calls, the blink alert also works on missed calls.

The simple interface is easy to operate. What are you waiting for, try the flash blink alerts and change the way you react toward notifications.

Flash On Call & SMS Alert
Flash On Call & SMS Alert
Developer: Studioapps
Price: Free

11. Color Call Flash- Color Phone Flash, Led Torch

Color Call Flash Color Phone Flash Led Torch

Unlike most of the flashlight notification app products in this list, Color Call Flash offers you something different.

Interestingly, it has a feature called Color Flash which customizes that flashlight for notification.

This great app comes with bright and fast features. Also, the interface and options are simple to use. Its power-saving system is friendly to your battery.

Thus, there is not any missing important calls and messages anymore.

Flash App: Color Flash Alert
Flash App: Color Flash Alert

12. Flash Alerts on Call and SMS – Flash Notification

Flash Alerts on Call and SMS Flash Notification

Similar to all the recommended apps on this page, this application will blink the flashlight when having calls and SMS.

Then, the users are able to turn on and off the service manually whenever necessary. If you already have it on your phone, the material and easy-to-use interface is very comfortable.

On Android 9.0, the flash blink work during night mode. Also, you can change the speed of flash alerts based on personal preferences. When the battery is low, just turn off the feature to lengthen the life.

13. Flash Alerts LED – Call, SMS

Flash Alerts LED Call SMS


Take control of your device’s notification right now. This flash alerts LED app can manage and customize the flashlight’s blinking as the alert.

Therefore, there will be no worries about missing calls or messages anymore.

Create custom flashlight blink patterns for specific calls or messages to identify who is calling without even checking the phone screen.

Otherwise, when you do not need the flashlight alert, you can turn it off in an instant. Use the power button for that.

Additionally, one special feature of this app is the ability to share your patterns with family and friends. So, they can also use the same alert you have designed.

Flash Alerts LED - Call, SMS
Flash Alerts LED - Call, SMS

Final Words

When your phone in silent or vibrate mode, there is a high possibility you do not know any calls or SMS coming.

Therefore, with a flashlight notification app on your phone, the built-in LED light will blink a few times to get you to notice. You will never miss any important notifications anymore.

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