14 Best Car Customize Apps for Android and iOS

If you are interested in cars and all the things related to them, you will love to have a car customize app on your phone.

Customizing or modifying a vehicle virtually would be a lot of fun for some people. Thus, you will do everything to get the best result.

Thereupon, for car enthusiasts, these apps are very interesting. They can enjoy virtual modification through their phone. It could be just for fun.

Furthermore, they can also use the program to know what customization suits a certain car. So, you might see the design before applying it to your real vehicle.

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List of 14 Best Car Customize Apps for Android and iOS

We have found the 14 best of car customizing or modifying app for Android and iOS device to try. Check them out!

1.  Car Mechanic Simulator 21

Car Mechanic Simulator 21

Enjoy being a car mechanic virtually using this simulator app. You will find some iconic cars in old barns or from orders. Then, the users would enjoy turning a broken and unused car into a working one.

Likewise, you can try fixing all the parts such as the engine, brakes, gearbox, suspension, and exhaust. After repairing, the track allows users to give it a test ride. Then, get rid of the dust and dirt to get a new look.

Next, you can even repaint the car if necessary. In the simulator, you can sell the cars you have restored. Moreover, begin the next restoration project and become the ultimate mechanic.

Recently, the team of developers brought a new big update to the game. There are new game modes, cars, and features.

Download : Android | iOS

2.  3D Tuning

3D Tuning

If you want an easy pick, 3D tuning is one of the most popular car customize apps. Therefore, there is no need for much consideration.

Just download it and build your own car from scratch online. Indeed, many users are quite satisfied with the results of this game.

Besides, you would not get bored after a long time playing. That is because the app offers a thousand different cars you can choose to modify, enhance, and upgrade.

Additionally, what makes 3D Tuning so special is that it looks realistic. It is such a perfect car customize app for pc and android.

Just choose the car you want. There is no limitation in brands or countries and new products would be available in the car market regularly.

Then, replace any part such as wheels, bumper shades, headlights, mirrors, and some others.

Moreover, all the cars that you have been dealing with will be kept in the virtual garage within the game. Get back and continue the modification process anytime as desired.

Download : Android | iOS

3.  Rebaixados Elite Brasil

Rebaixados Elite Brasil

The game’s name is inspired by a specific country. Likewise, it is a demoted car game where the users can customize not only the car but also the character.

Meanwhile, an option to lower the car down to the floor is available. That would be sick, right?

When you are driving and run out of fuel, go to the gas station nearby. Interestingly, this game only weighs 65MB. It is super light for a car customize app.

Also, this app offers many features that include personalize and modify the vehicle.

The realistic physics and interactive elements in the game would make the customization more fun. Moreover, the character is just so enjoyable to deal with.

Download : Android | iOS

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4.  Car Mechanic – Realistic Job Simulator

Car Mechanic

Make a great restoration to the used cars in your virtual garage with this cool game. Therefore, many car enthusiasts would love to play it. Make all of them look brand new by repairing and repainting.

Pick the used car you want to restore. Then, you can start to clean and polish it to perfection. Take new parts to replace the broken ones.

Paint the body for a fresh new look. After that, test the performance.

This would be very satisfying for car lovers because they have a chance to make restoration without a risk.

Further, achievement is the key to keep up the spirit of playing games. Car Mechanic provides a lot of locked cars that are ready to get unlocked anytime.

As you play the game, you will find new possibilities and tools to use for a better experience. There are over 30 detailed cars and two garages you will manage.

Download : Android | iOS

5.  Fix My Car: Custom Mods LITE

Fix My Car Custom Mods LITE

Get a stock car and start a customization project. It is a Fix My Car app that gives its users the ability to repair every car available.

However, in order to get the best gameplay, you need to download the full/paid version.

This one is the Lite or free version of the game. You can still play it to the end but the user needs to see some advertisements to continue the journey.

Additionally, this car customize app will help its users to learn about automotive stuff like performance upgrades, modifications, and so on.

Find the right tools and order the needed parts to complete your car modification. Thankfully, it features over 60 upgrades and objectives to do.

Further, you can explore many cool environments. Then, get ready for an enjoyable ride.

Download : Android | iOS

6.  Torque Drift – Customize Your Car

Torque Drift

This one is such a great racing game to play. Then, you will enjoy drifting all over the road and customize your car to its maximum performance and look.

After that, upgrade any car you want in the garage and show everyone who is the top racer here.

This car customize app is quite different from the previous ones because it allows the users to create a car entirely.

Build the vehicle into the smallest detail. Likewise, you can select the design, color, body, and specs to match your preferred style.

In the game, you need to find sponsors like Red Bull, Monster, or other brands, in order to get credits for ordering the parts.

Furthermore, what makes this game special is that you can join the real online competitions after completing all the stages before.

Download : Android | iOS

7.  Tuning Club Online – Multiplayer car racing 3D

Tuning Club Online

It is a unique driving game that works in real-time with an internet connection. Tuning Club Online is for playing with friends and other competitors worldwide.

Meanwhile, try various modes that consist of a free ride, chat with friends, drift mode, speed race, crown, bomb, and many more.

An essential feature is the tuning for both engine and body. Therefore, this game is on the list.

You can apply some parts to the car such as body kits, bumpers, spoilers, hoods, skins, vinyl, and many more. Change the tires and wheels to your desired models.

The engine tuning feature will be a lot more fun. You can build an engine to suit your style of playing. Have some rare parts which offer unique qualities to upgrade the car.

In addition, there is more stuff ready for you.

Download : Android | iOS

8.  NFS Heat Studio

NFS Heat Studio

If you are familiar with Need For Speed, you will l know what this app is all about. Thereupon, this game was made to welcome the release of the NFS Heat in 2019.

It is a street racing video game that many gamers were waiting for.

Anyone who knows about the console game would love NFS Studio that provides all the amazing NFS cars. Also, you can customize and make them as a collection in this game.

Further, the games can unlock the most iconic cars by completing the challenges. The most important thing is that you have to log into the EA account to get it into the console game.

Download : Android | iOS

9. Overdrive City

Overdrive City

It is a tycoon game that everybody would enjoy. In the Overdrive City, you can build a car town as great as you want.

Also, the racer career mode in the game might be fun and challenging. The tycoon city will be ready for your management to grow it to become the best.

Further, what Overdrive City offers to its gamers:

  • Build and Collect the Cars
  • Create the Ultimate Car Town
  • Become a race champion
  • Play with Friends
  • Acquire Real Licensed Cars from Popular Brands

There will no limit in creativity in customizing the vehicle. So, choose the suitable paint colors, vinyl, and upgraded parts to build a perfect car to be the top champion.

Then, the first thing people would notice about this game is the concept. It is not just about cars but also building a city.

Download : Android | iOS

10. Car Master 3D

Car Master 3D

Make your dream of becoming a car mechanic comes true with this 3D game. You can play the role and start tuning up vehicles in your professional garage virtually.

Thus, customers would come to your place and ask for modification.

After getting the money from the customers, you can use it to upgrade the workspace, purchase tools, and unlock new options.

Car Master 3D is a full-scale car repair game that automotive enthusiasts would love to play. So, turn the old rustic buckets of bolts into an amazing restored car.

Moreover, it will be pretty challenging to do a complete renovation of every customer’s car.

Download : Android | iOS

11. FormaCar Custom 3D Tuning – Customize & Build a car

FormaCar Custom 3D Tuning

It is a 3D Tuning vehicle application that includes a configurator, automotive news, customization, and a catalog.

After building a car in this game, you can test the performance by going for a ride. If you are searching for entertainment, FormaCar has it all.

With the AR mode within the app, it is going to be easy to build and modify a car to your own style. Besides, this program is like a mechanic simulator for you to turn any car into any other version.

Interestingly, the creativity and possibility are limitless.

Download : Android | iOS

12. Tuning Voyagen Quadrado

Tuning Voyagen Quadrado

Unlike the other car games, this one deals with a very specific car brand. This game is all about turning a Voyagen Mark 1.

It is a famous Brazilian classic car. Hence, this program will be the perfect app for car lovers.

If you have a plan to buy the car, it is a must to download and check out this Tuning Voyagen Quadrado. So, you can do anything to the car before the purchase.

Moreover, there will be more facts you will learn about the car.

Download : Android

13. Tuning Car Racing by Process Games

Tuning Car Racing by Process Games

For a complete experience of tuning car game, Process Games provide 8 different cars, racing maps, one big city, and the playful mini-games.

Then, that is what you get when playing this. If you use some low featured phones, do not worry. This car customize app will compatible with it.

There are more than 50 types of modifications you’ll have within the game. Let us talk about the playful mini-games.

Indeed, they are actually casinos or Gambling, such as Blackjack and Roulette. You will enjoy them besides the race and modification.

Download : Android

14. Retro Garage – Car mechanic simulator

Retro Garage - Car mechanic simulator

This game is all about retro cars. It entertains the players by becoming a mechanic that turns old vehicles into having a brand-new look.

Then, you will deal with more than 50 parts in three categories which include body, engine, and chassis.

After the repair, check your car’s performance on the track by doing some tests. You can either add the car to your virtual garage or sell it to get some in-game cash for the repair cost.

Download : Android | iOS

Finally, feel the experience and satisfaction to upgrade and improve the car’s quality and value. Pick the car customize app that matches your style of gameplay.

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