Discord: Breaking Boundaries and Building Communities

The emergence of Discord in today’s tech and gaming infested world is somewhat of a godsend. Discord was founded by Jason Citron and Stanislav Vishnevsky; their creation of Discord was fueled by what went wrong in their personal attempts at creating social communication platforms and is now a major hit.

The platform went on to make its name in the world and soon enough what started as a communication tool for gamers and streamers branched out to become a social communication tool for everyone, everywhere to use.

Building Communities

DIscord Building Communities (1)

Discord helped immensely with gamers, streamers and influencers everywhere in building their platforms and growing their communities. It is now so much easier to communicate with everyone, and there’s a sense of personal connection when everyone interacts with each other.

With Discord’s continuous growth and capabilities, the distance between fans and their favourite streamers and big shot gamers are pretty much closed in. The communities born out of Discord are close-knit and strong communities that in turn support their favourite people with intensity.

The platform allows fans to get closer, meeting in real life and forming support groups when things get hard. Some of them feel safer within the community they’ve built through Discord than their own families – which says a lot!

When someone new enters a server they are presented with community rules which are personalised, kind of like house rules. This prevents any unruly behaviour or toxic people from destroying the community. It’s a great way to stop trolls from ruining a good thing.

Your Favourite Socials in One

DIscord Your Favourite Socials in One

As a platform, Discord has merged the beloved perks and features of social giants into one convenient place. It started as a communication tool for friends to play games with each other, but it has now evolved into a platform that allows for so much more than just communication.

With its server boosting capabilities, Discord could easily handle a large community of users. The live streaming capabilities of Twitch, the video calling and chat functionality of Skype, and the outlook or vibes of Reddit are all features that could be found on the platform.

Plus, Discord earned its hype for being a place where Reddit communities of Diablo and the World of Warcraft come together to strategize and play their games. These subreddit communities were where it all started, and due to its functionalities, more and more gamers tapped into Discord for ease of communication.

The Pandemic and Isolation

Discord your placed to talk

As the gaming industry and community’s growth skyrocketed as a result of the pandemic and lockdowns, so did Discord’s success. Especially with the rise of viral game Among Us, the use of Discord shot up as well.

Those who are new to games jumped onto the bandwagon to communicate with their friends from far away as they navigate new gaming worlds. As the platform is user friendly, it was easy for newcomers to adapt to its functionalities. For most newcomers, Discord was known as the communication tool for gamers, and they embraced it as such.

Discord helped people cope with being apart from their loved ones as well as those in isolation during the lockdowns. The humane touch of the platform is what shines a spotlight on it, and will continue to do so.

More Features with Discord Nitro

More Features with Discord Nitro

As Discord continues to grow, it will naturally add more features to its platform to innovate and ease its users. That’s where Discord Nitro and eventually Discord Nitro Classic were introduced.

Discord Nitro is a premium subscription service that allows users access to more features on its servers as well as server boosts. Nitro Classic has the same functionalities as Nitro, but without the server boosts.

With the inclusion of these subscriptions, streamers and gamers can do so much more for their communities. If you’re interested, you can get your Discord Nitro subscriptions from OffGamers by clicking here.

And of course, these premium subscriptions are not for everyone. Discord is a pretty good platform on its own without any add ons if you’re not looking to create your own community. The Nitro option is just something they came up with for those who need it and want to expand their reach.


Overall, Discord continues to bring people together in its close-knit communities and ease of use. Gamers and non-gamers are now familiar with its interface and functionalities. It is a great platform for streamers and influencers who wish to grow their community in a close-knit environment.

Hopefully, Discord would continue to do good for its users and continue to create a positive place for communities to thrive. Here’s to stronger communities and ease of communication for everyone!

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