15 Best Countdown Timer Apps for Android and iOS 2024

One characteristic of today’s society is to have busy activities. Too many things to remember will make us miss them. Therefore, the countdown timer app is a critical need.

This reminder app will show you a notification about whatever you are about to do. Thus, enter a daily schedule, dateline, and planned activities to do in the future.

Interestingly, you can use it on various devices.

When you are a computer-based worker, the countdown timer app for desktop will be the best. Meanwhile, Android/iOS-based is the choice for mobile people.

List of 15 Best Countdown Timer Apps for Android and iOS 2024

As discussed above, there are various kinds of countdown timer app that you can choose from Play Store or App Store. However, because of the variety of choices, you may be confused.

Each application has its strengths and weaknesses. In addition, some applications are quite segmented, for example, specifically for exams, weddings, or vacations.

Never make the wrong choice. The following are recommendations for the best countdown timer app for your busy life.

1.      Dreamdays Countdown Free

Dreamdays Countdown Free

Setting the schedules is no longer boring with this free countdown timer app. A charming appearance and ease to use will help you be more excited so that the busy time will not be a burden.

The main advantage of Dreamdays Countdown Free is that it lets you manage voice memos. More than as a reminder, this feature allows users to share them via Facebook and Twitter.

Not just a list of activities, you can also choose one of the diverse categories, namely Anniversaries, Birthdays, Holidays, Life, and School.

If it is not enough, feel free to add the customized one as needed.

To make it easier to recognize past and upcoming activities, you can use the color-coded feature. Using the countdown app with widget has never been better than this.

Dreamdays Countdown Free
Dreamdays Countdown Free
Developer: Guxiu Design
Price: Free
‎Dreamdays Countdown V
‎Dreamdays Countdown V
Developer: Guxiu Design Inc.
Price: $0.99+

2.      Countdown Days App & Widget

Countdown Days App Widget

The amount of busyness certainly makes the eyes tired that you need something to refresh. If so, Countdown Days App & Widget could be the solution.

Besides the four widget options, you can also use personal photos to beautify the look. The stock of images is also available to use.

In addition to the easy-to-change and beautiful widgets, it also has a systematic way of reminding.

It counts days, hours, and minutes to the wedding, holiday, vacation, baby due date, and any special days.

There is also a choice of event repetition as a reminder of various routine events. An after-call feature is also available to show what events are currently in progress or will end.

Countdown Days App & Widget
Countdown Days App & Widget

3.      TheDayBefore


Not only does it remind you of the upcoming events, but you can also calculate your age in detail. Once you set a moment in the countdown app, it will show you how old it is.

In addition, you will repeat reminders for various routine events.

You may also be asked for location access to show the weather conditions ensuring you have a good day during occasions.

But of the many conveniences in it, one of the most interesting is the Story feature that makes it easy for you to write everything.

It can be a mobile diary or the media to pour out any ideas spontaneously.

This application enables iOS users to connect the data to their Apple Watch. It is one of the greatest options of the countdown app iPhone-oriented to take.

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4.      Countdown Widget by Gira Mobile

Countdown Widget by Gira Mobile

If you prefer simplicity, then Countdown Widget will be the best companion. But even though it has a minimalist design, it looks beautiful and classy.

Once you enter an event, this best countdown timer app will count the days, hours, and minute until the event. You can record as many agendas as you want and share them with other friends.

Moreover, you can buy the premium version. Inside this app, there are customization menus and remote backups that make you more flexible. It is also ad-free!

5.      Big Days – Events Countdown

Big Days Events Countdown

As the name suggests, this countdown application helps organize your big agendas, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and many more.

You can make it great with personal photos or free images on Pixabay.

Interestingly, this application is customizable. It is easy to adjust fonts, widgets, photos, colors, and event notifications.

You can also share unlimited events in the database with others on your social media.

If you are busy and have to organize everything, this is your compulsory must-have countdown app for Android.

The stylish design that does not eat up memory will make your day easier.

Big Days - Events Countdown
Big Days - Events Countdown
Developer: Astrovic App
Price: Free
‎Big Days - Events Countdown
‎Big Days - Events Countdown

6.      Time Until

Time Until

Like others, the function of Time Until is an application to help you organize activities and agendas. This countdown app has a gallery with hundreds of free images to enhance your look.

You can also set the display mode according to the surrounding conditions. For example, at night, you can make it brighter or vice versa.

It is also very lightweight; Do not worry about running out of memory and slow smartphone.

The events are always on track because of notifications with alarms as reminders. In addition, you can also know the exact age of the second.

Apart from that, many other features will spoil the users.

This countdown timer app consists of two versions, namely non-premium and premium. You can set unlimited countdowns and use the app without ads.

Additionally, there are more fonts and colors to use.

7.      Online Countdown Days App

Online Countdown Days App

Modern humans have too many things to handle and make them forget many things. Anniversaries, birthdays, and even meeting schedules are sometimes hard to remember.

Therefore, you need a personal assistant who can help you manage all your schedules. With the Online Countdown Days App, you can get help for free.

Just install it, and you will enjoy the multi-function features.

This countdown timer has functioned as a reminder, to-do list, timer, even Pomodoro. You can enter a daily, monthly, or even yearly schedule.

When the due date is near, it will give a notification.

The Pomodoro feature will also help you focus more on the most important things at the current time. Everything is well-organized so that it builds a habit to increase productivity.

Countdown timer Widget App
Countdown timer Widget App
Developer: Timer Team
Price: Free+

8.      Countdown Time

Countdown Time

It is another countdown timer app that lets you get creative. To make it beautiful, you can use various free images in the default.

However, you also display photos from your gallery.

For those who have many activities, never worry about running out of memory or missing something.

This application is well-organized so that it can accommodate many agendas and systematically display them.

How to set it up is also very easy because it has a user-friendly design. Everything will be simple, even though a myriad of schedules piles up every day.

You can also set which priority events to display.

Countdown Time - Event Widget
Countdown Time - Event Widget

9.      Large Countdown Timer

Large Countdown Timer

This app had appeared even when you were still asking whether ‘is the countdown app real in real life?’. But even though the program is old, it still works very well and does not go out of style.

The built-in reminder feature is classic and exists in almost all countdown timer apps these days. But one attraction that keeps it going is the large font that makes it easy to read.

This battery-saving application is also very suitable for various uses, such as during sports, medication time, and even cooking time.

Besides, users might use it as a timer in games. Unfortunately, as an old application, it has some drawbacks.

You cannot use a stopwatch. In addition, the time measurement period is less than 99 hours and is only valid for one session.

Large Countdown Timer
Large Countdown Timer
Developer: MindTheApps
Price: Free

10.  Countdown Widget by Sevenlogics, INC

Countdown Widget by Sevenlogics

Apart from the ones mentioned above, another app that you can choose from is the Countdown Widget.

Likewise, it has a function like other software, namely as a reminder, but with a catchy appearance.

It is a 4×1,5×1 dynamic widget that has multiple countdowns and reminders. You can use many different measurement units, such as years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and heartbeats.

In the premium version, you will get 4×4,5×5 dynamic Widget and ad banner removal. Of course, this makes use more enjoyable.

Countdown Widget
Countdown Widget
Developer: Sunflowr, Inc
Price: Free
‎Countdown  ‎
‎Countdown  ‎
Developer: Sevenlogics, Inc.
Price: Free+

11.  Vacation Countdown App

Vacation Countdown App

Besides daily routines, something like holidays also needs perfect planning. Therefore, find out how many days to the date, what to bring, and other details.

Fortunately, you can get great help from technology.

In addition to vacation schedules, Vacation Countdown App provides various tourist attractions in many cities and enables you to use it as a theme.

You can also get various inspirational quotes to keep you motivated to prepare everything. So that nothing is left behind, use the checklist feature to make sure everything is ready.

Forget for a moment all the busyness of work, and start planning adventures. Let’s use this Vacation Countdown App to make everything perfect!

12.  Ready Set Vacation!

Ready Set Vacation

Apart from vacation countdown timer app, you can also use this app as an option. In it, there are many fun features and keep you motivated to go on vacation.

A menu to count the time remaining for the due date is available. Interestingly, it also contains the latest weather information at the destination location.

That way, you can continue to monitor while preparing yourself. There will be no more missing items or wrong costumes.

A must-have feature is a checklist to make sure you bring enough supplies. Also, get various recommended activities that you can do to pass the time there later.

To keep you motivated, don’t forget to use a variety of beautiful themes as a background. You can also share your holiday portraits via social media.

Ready Set Vacation! Countdown
Ready Set Vacation! Countdown
‎Ready Set Holiday!
‎Ready Set Holiday!
Developer: Cobalt Sign
Price: Free+

13.  Countdown+ Widgets Calendar Lite

Countdown Widgets Calendar Lite

It is another best countdown timer app with unlimited capacity to accommodate all agendas and activities. There is a calendar feature that makes things so much easier.

If you have a lot of to-go events, this countdown app will smartly display them. Thus, you will not miss the schedule. Organizing will also be easier with the choice of colors and fonts.

Interestingly, you can also share your agendas via social media because everything integrates with calendars and various digital platforms.

Do not forget to display your profile picture.

‎Countdown+ Calendar (Lite)
‎Countdown+ Calendar (Lite)
Developer: Apps Beyond
Price: Free+

14.  Wedding Countdown Widget

Wedding Countdown Widget

In the digital era, sometimes you need everything in detail. Mentioning the date of the event is too ordinary.

How about you put it another way?

Wedding Countdown Widget enables you to inform the date in minutes, heartbeats, even kisses! You can replace the terms month and year with unique information as above.

The 4×1 widget app will calculate the amount of time left towards the big day, in this case, the wedding. It also includes various supporting features to make the event a success.

However, it is possible too for anniversaries, birthdays, and other events. Upgrade your app to the premium version for the best experience without ads.

Wedding Countdown Widget
Wedding Countdown Widget
Developer: Sunflowr, Inc
Price: Free
‎Wedding Countdown
‎Wedding Countdown
Developer: Sevenlogics, Inc.
Price: Free+

15.  Exam Countdown Lite

Exam Countdown Lite

Countdown timer app is not just software for business people and vacation lovers. Students can also use it to organize anything about academics, such as examinations.

You can include a test schedule as one of the preparations for the big moment. There are several categories to use with color codes that make it easier for you to classify.

Exam Countdown Lite is a free app but has features for students of all grades.

Furthermore, this application is user-friendly that will help your daily life without adding to the problem.

Even though it is free, you can also get the premium version with more complete features, such as detailed notifications and other conveniences.

Exam Countdown Lite
Exam Countdown Lite
Developer: ROOT38 LIMITED
Price: Free
‎Exam Countdown - School & Uni
‎Exam Countdown - School & Uni


Based on the explanation above, we now know how to organize any activity efficiently. You no longer need to use paper and pen to record everything and then create rubbish everywhere.

However, since there are many countdown apps circulating on the Play Store and App Store, you must choose them carefully.

Above all, the countdown timer app will make it almost impossible to miss the schedule. As long as you use it well, this software will help you improve your quality of life.

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