8 Best Food Delivery Apps That Accepts Cash for Android or iOS 2024

Nowadays, it is undeniable that e-money plays a crucial role. However, due to many conditions, a food delivery app that accepts cash is still very much high in demand.

Indeed, cashless transactions are more convenient and safer. Given that cash potentially bring disease, using e-money is a wise choice, especially during a pandemic like now.

But in fact, not everyone has a balance left in e-wallets. Various conditions make people inevitably have to save their money in cash. If you are in such a position, there is no need to worry. Currently, there are still some services from the food delivery that accepts cash in near you.

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List of 8 Best Food Delivery Apps That Accepts Cash for Android or iOS 2024

Due to various reasons, several companies cannot fully implement the cashless system in transactions. Because of this, some of them still maintain the old ways of paying.

But you also need to be careful in choosing a food delivery app that accepts cash. Make sure your transaction is safe and comfortable. The following are a few recommendations:

1.      Uber Eats: Food Delivery

Uber Eats Food Delivery

When you ask something like, “What is food delivery that accepts cash near me?” then Uber Eats is the answer. This software allows you to order food from thousands of restaurants in the US.

This app is a partner with various well-known local and national restaurants in the US. Therefore, no matter where you live, it is quite easy to find dishes.

Apart from being a cash food delivery app, it also provides various other flexible options. You can choose the no-contact option so that you do not need to touch the driver directly.

You can put cash in the specified place with this method. Meanwhile, ask the driver to place orders at the fence, lobby, or other location according to the agreement.

Overall, this application is quite complete in providing services. You can choose the delivery time for the order to match the user’s schedule.

­­It is also very easy to use. Do not forget the real-time order tracking feature that allows you to monitor where your food is.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

2.      Swiggy Food Order | Online Grocery | Delivery App

Swiggy Food Order

The other food delivery app that accepts cash is Swiggy. Not only order meals, but you can also use them to buy groceries and other necessary items online.

With a wide selection of foods, Swiggy promises hygienic protocols in the order delivery process. The network is extensive so that you can use it throughout the India.

Regarding payment, users can choose various offers, ranging from prepaid, cash, credit, and many more. The company and some parties facilitate the payments.

Even if you are satisfied with partner service, you can also give tips as you wish. All of that does not include various discounts and attractive offers for users.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

3.      DoorDash – Food Delivery

DoorDash Food Delivery

When opening the home, it says that the payment is Apple Pay or credit card. DoorDash is also a superior food delivery app that accepts cash.

This application does have a payment system that makes the user convenient. Even though you prioritize cashless transactions, you can still shop even when your e-wallet is empty.

There is no minimum order or charge policy if the price of your order is too low. This application provides lower service fees, up to $ 0, for delivery, of course, under certain conditions.

Another convenience is a fast service and the choice of no-contact delivery as desired. Besides, you can also set the delivery schedule to suit the user’s mealtime.

Then what about the available food? Relax; DoorDash has many partners that allow you to order thousands of types of food from various restaurants in the US.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

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4.      Deliveroo: Takeaway Food

Deliveroo Takeaway food

When you feel hungry but are reluctant to leave the house, one question that will arise is, “is there any cash food delivery near me?” Well, why not try Deliveroo: Takeaway Food.

As written on the application page, this is software that helps you do takeaway food at affordable prices. Interestingly, you can even do the cash on delivery.

Users will enjoy a wide selection of delicious food from various restaurants around you. Fast food, dietary meals, or traditional dishes will arrive in a minute.

Remember that you can also get discounts that help save on daily expenses. What a great offer to choose, right?

Like most delivery applications, Deliveroo also uses GPS which allows you to track orders. If the food is almost there, a notification will appear so you can get ready immediately.

Interestingly, you can set when you want to receive orders. That way, everything is ready to eat according to mealtime. One more thing, you can also shop for vegetables from here.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

5.      Grubhub: Local Food Delivery & Restaurant Takeout

Grubhub Local Food Delivery

There are many reasons why many people have Grubhub as their favorite food delivery app that accepts cash. One of them is the low price.

There are many discounts, rewards, and conveniences that you can get when making transactions. However, most importantly, you do not need to have a bank account or e-wallet balance.

Besides being able to pay for Grubhub cash orders, many food choices will spoil the users. They might order based on their needs and tastes, of course, easily and safely.

Remember that you can also enjoy attractive discounts. One of the offers is getting the first time while making a transaction. You will get voucher code information to get the promo.

Even if you are not a first-time user, attractive discounts will still apply. There are various free delivery offers with a certain maximum limit which will save expenses.

Grubhub itself offers two ways to subscribe, namely regular and premium. The second will provide more benefits at a fairly affordable price.

One more thing, you can also give donations via this app.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

6.      Seamless: Restaurant Takeout & Food Delivery App

Seamless Restaurant Takeout Food Delivery App

Although there are many restaurants with delicious menus in New York, not everyone wants to leave the house. If so, you can use technology and order via the app.

Seamless is a food delivery app that accepts cash. Thus, in payment, you don’t need to be confused about filling out your balance or making transfers via an account.

Another benefit of this app is getting a point for each transaction. The more often you order, the more accumulated points you can use to shop again.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

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7.      Delivery.com: Food, Alcohol, Laundry & Grocery

“Is there any food delivery cash payment near me?” Again, that question will arise if you are in a location that cannot leave the house and need something quickly.

If you are in that condition, Delivery.com will be the best food delivery app that accepts cash payment. This software allows you to get what you need quickly.

As noted on the homepage, fast serving is the commitment this app promises to the user. This software is to provide solutions for those who are in limited time for getting the food.

If you use this application, you can order food and shop for your daily needs in the same app. It also enables you to buy alcohol online, but with some restrictions.

Apart from shopping, this application also serves laundry. Hence, you don’t have to walk far to the location. Just order from your smartphone, and you can get your clothes cleans easily.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

8.     Railrestro – Order Food In Train

Railrestro Order Food In Train

If you often travel by train, you will know how difficult it is to get good food during the trip. Some people will think something like ‘cash delivery payment near me’ is impossible.

However, Railrestro understands traveler unrest. It is more than a food delivery app with cash as it also enables you to order when you are on the train.

Do not worry about starving because the food is terrible but expensive on the train. Use this application, and you can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes from various regions you pass.

How to order and pay is easy. Even though you can make cashless transactions, this application will also accept cash on delivery from you. Here are the instructions:

  • Open the app and enter the train name or PNR Number. After that, the application will check which station you will pass along with the schedule.
  • After that, the system will provide menu recommendations that allow you to order. Choose your favorite food.
  • For payment, choose the menu that suits you.
  • Wait for your food at the station ordered.

Additionally, another benefit of this application is that it can still be connected even if the internet is offline. It is great, considering that sometimes the signal suddenly disappears on the train. Unfortunately this application is only available on Indian railways.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

Those are some recommendations for a food delivery apps that accepts cash to choose when you are out of balance. Of course, every choice brings its pros and cons.

Apart from those mentioned above, there may be other options that you think are cool. You decide which one is the best.

Keep in mind that there will not be an app that is better than another. If everything is as needed, the results will be optimal.

Finally, that also applies when you choose a food delivery service app that accepts cash. Learn the specifications first and analyze which one suits your needs. Thus you can get the maximum benefit.

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