7 Best Free Golf Games for PC 2024 You Must Play

There are many sports games that you can play on your PC, one of which is golf. Then, there is many free golf game for PC that you can play. All of these golf games have their uniqueness to suit your preferences and needs.

7 Best Free Golf Games for PC 2024

You need a golf game recommendation that is fun, entertaining, and engaging. Then, some of these golf games also offer a real golf game by applying advanced physics. Here is the best free golf game for PC that you should play right now:

1. Golf Clash

If you like playing golf on PC, this game is the right choice. This is because this game lets you play multiplayer golf games in real-time. You can install this free golf game for PC on Mac OS and Windows 7 to XP.

You can also play this golf game developed by Playdemic for free on the Android OS. On Google Play Store, more than 10 million users installed this game. Many people play this game because it has many interesting features.

For example, there is the real-time Quick Fire 1v1 challenge feature. This feature allows you to play with other players from all over the world. In these challenges, you will face random players or your friends in various leagues, hole after hole.

Another feature is real-time multiplayer, which lets you play against real players from around the world in real-time. Then, the Leaderboard feature will list players based on their line of achievements. So, through this feature, you can compare your abilities and progress with your friends.

This free golf game for PC also has 4 types of levels, such as challenge mode, teleportation, moving parts, and hole n one. Moreover, to master your golf game skills and become a Golf Clash King, you can play the Beautiful Courses feature. That way, you can unlock new and exciting levels, beautiful and challenging courses, and much more that can keep you entertained throughout the game.

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2. Mini Golf Club

mini golf club

For those of you who are looking for free golf games for PC that look minimalist, you can choose this game. So you’ll see a very simple environment, with a splitting and textured sea, and solid golf holes for you to navigate. However, the game behaves realistically in terms of ball movement and contact.

In this game, the hole design is also like a golf hole in the real world. You can even feel the configuration. Moreover, the point of this game is that you have to complete each hole in the shortest number of strokes possible. Various obstacles can make it difficult for you to play this game.

For example, outrageous rumps and jumps, rotating parts of the ground, holes through to the sea below, and others. This is a free golf game for PC, but you will find some banner ads between the golf holes. Then, you will also find interstitial full-screen ads in this game. If you find it annoying, you can remove the ads by paying 1.29 Euros for app purchases.

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3. Mini Golf Stars 2

mini golf star 2

Do you like playing golf on PC? This is an interesting and fun free golf game for PC for you to play. In this game, you can get the experience to play on 4 types of unique golf courses and experience the extraordinary game. You will not feel bored playing this game because this game will add new holes every month.

There are more than 150 unique holes with difficulty levels from easy to almost impossible for you to beat. To get an exciting experience in playing this golf game, you can also play Castle Courses.

Straightforward, precise touch controls that allow you feel the green and sink the clutch birdie putt for 3 stars. Then, each star you earn will help you to open more than 100 holes and get power-ups. Meanwhile, to test your skills and to see if you have what you need, you can use the 1 Hole Shootouts feature.

Moreover, this game allows you to experience multiplayer tournaments. You can play zPoint and climb to the top of the leaderboard. In addition, in addition to PC, you can play this game on Android. There are more than 5 million users have installed this game on Google Play Store.

4. Professional Golf Play 3D

Professional Golf Play 3D

This is a free golf game for PC that you must play. Professional Golf Play 3D displays realistic animations and graphics so that it is comfortable for you to play. You can also practice various golf techniques through this game.

By playing this game, you will have the experience of playing golf on a realistic golf course. In this game, you can play the shot by controlling the touch mechanic to provide power and swipe to play the shot. Moreover, this game allows and to play 9 holes complete with an international PAR Score System so that you will feel the real golf game.

So, this game allows you to choose players, golf courses, and also golf equipment. You can also choose real-time weather, such as cloudy, rainy, or sunny days. Moreover, how to play this game is quite easy, you just have to choose a player and then adjust your player.

Choose a golf course, weather, and golf equipment that support your game. For powerups, you can touch hold and swipe to play the shot. However, you still have to be aware of the wind factor and water pools as game obstacles.

5. Super Golf Land

Super Golf Land

For those of you Windows users, you can play this free golf game for PC. Even though the game is in a 2D style, the gameplay is just like real golf. You can put the ball into the hole marked with the red flag. When playing this game, you will be able to see everything that is happening on the field because the game is presented from a side view.

The uniqueness of this game is that the main character reminds you of Stickman. The character will stand next to the ball and in his hand carries a stick of the original shape, size, and weight. So, even though this game doesn’t feature anything special in terms of object and design details, you can still feel the real golf game.

Despite the simple design, this game applies great physics concepts. Its presence is expressed not only in the ball’s flight path after a stroke but also in how the pattern behaves when on sand, grass, or water. So, when your ball lands on the sand or falls into the water, the ball will stop immediately.

Then, when your ball is lying on the sand, you need to try harder to hit the ball. Moreover, to control the game of golf, you can adjust the direction of the stroke in the lower-left corner of the screen. Meanwhile, to choose the strength, you can press the button in the lower right corner of the screen.

In addition, this game allows you to play three game modes and several locations. However, to be able to unlock the location, you must prove your abilities in the previous location. Although this game has unique graphics, the quality is still decent.

6. Golf Star

Golf Star

Feel the thrill of playing this free golf game for PC. This game features realistic graphics with professional golf techniques. The simulation is also supported by real physics-based games. Starting from the ball impact angle, terrain elevation, wind, temperature, and other factors are applied to capture the real swing physics perfectly.

This game allows you to become a professional golfer. Then, you can also choose from more than 15 techniques that you can use, such as fade strokes, draw strokes, and chip strokes. There are various game modes in this game, such as Multi-Mode. It allows you to compete with golf players around the world in real-time.

There is also a Single-Mode that you can play to complete various missions and become a better golfer. Surprisingly, in this game, you can participate in weekly world championship matches. If you win, you can get amazing prizes.

This game is not only available on PC but also for Android. Moreover, this game has been installed by more than 10 million users and has received 4.2 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store.

7. World Golf Tour

World Golf Tour

This is the greatest free golf game for PC you will ever play. Also, the game features full punch play at Bandon Dunes, Chamber Bay, Pebble Beach, and more. Then, this is a complete golf game because it is equipped with the best GPS and 3D technology.

Through this game, you can compete head-to-head against your friends in multiplayer games. This game also allows you to have live chat, which makes this game, even more exciting. You can play a single-player full 18-hole punch game. Alternatively, you can also play a 9-hole quick golf game that is closest to the hole.

The advantage of this game is that there are free tournaments including the Virtual US open, WGT Virtual Tour Championship, and others. Moreover, you cannot only play World golf Tour on PC but also Android and iOS. This game has been installed by more than 10 million users on the Google Play Store and gets 4.1 out of 5 stars.

What Is The Best Free Golf Game for PC?

There are several golf games that you can play on PC, but the best game is World Golf Tour. This game has complete features and makes your golf game more exciting and realistic. Then, there are more than 15 million players around the world who love this game.

World Golf Tour is a top-rated 3D online sports game, as you can see on Golf Channel, Fox Sports, and NBC Sports. Not only playing golf, but you will also feel a complete and accurate golf simulation experience. This is because World Golf Tour is built with the latest 3D technology and GPS.

What Golf Game Works on Windows 10?

For those of you Windows 10 users and golf game enthusiasts, you need to know about this information. This is because not all free golf games for PC can work on Windows 10. However, all the golf games mentioned above can work on Windows 10.

So, you can choose one of the 7 golf games according to your preferences. This is because one golf game with another golf game has its uniqueness and features. Moreover, all these golf games are free for you to install on Windows 10.

Is Golf Free on Steam?

As you know, Steam provides many games that you can play online, including golf. There are more than 180 golf games you can play on Steam, but not all of them are free. Of the seven golf games mentioned above, only 2 games can be played on Steam, namely Mini Golf Club and World Golf Tour.

Unfortunately, to play Mini Golf Club on Steam, you have to pay around USD 6.62. As for the World Golf Tour, you can play it for free on Steam. Then, to use some of the features that can improve your golfing skills, you can make purchases starting from USD 1.72.

What Is The Best Free Golf Game App for Android?

There are several golf games that you can play on Android, including Golf Star, World Golf Tour, Golf Clash, and Mini Golf Stars 2. If you ask what is the best free golf game app on Android, the answer is World Golf Tour. This is because you can access this game not only on Android but also on PC and Steam.
This golf game is very realistic, almost close to playing real golf. Then, this golf game allows you to play with other players around the world so that the golf game will be much more exciting. There are many amazing features, such as golf courses, head-to-head multiplayer mode, top golf mode, golf tournaments, and others.

That’s an interesting review about a free golf game for PC that you can play. All of these golf games have specifications that you can adjust to your preferences. Then, there are some of these games that you can play on Steam or Android.

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