20 Fun Basketball Games for Android 2022

Get ready to have some fun with the best basketball games for Android. Then, if you have a passion for this popular sport, you are in for a treat.

Furthermore, basketball is known worldwide. Fans really love watching their favorite teams and players in action on TV or live from the venue.

Also, some people would love playing basketball. In this era of technology, it can be done virtually.

Do not bother going out and playing it on the field. You have the power to install the game into your phone and enjoy the basketball.

Additionally, basketball games are so much fun. Even though it is going to be the same as real sports, it would really become your source of entertainment.

Many applications provide the players with a decent gaming experience right on the phone’s screen.

20 Best Basketball Games for Android

We have gathered a lot of Android-based basketball games from all places. Thus, the applications listed here are all the best in the market.

So, let us get to it and pick the one you are excited to play right away.

1. Basketball Stars: Multiplayer

Basketball Stars Multiplayer

Basketball Stars is currently one of the most popular Android basketball games in the Playstore. Likewise, you might play it online with other users.

Indeed, this sports game offers authentic gameplay to show your skills and fakes to beat your opponent.

Further, experience the gameplay all in real-time. It offers realistic 3D Graphics that are very satisfying to the eyes.

You can have your customized virtual player with various places to play in. Besides, try two modes of the games.

The 1v1 matches let you test the dueling instincts of each other. Meanwhile, for a much simple game, you can do one-on-one shootouts.

Moreover, those two modes are so much fun. Playing through the games, you will get some rewards and unique items.

Therefore, that is the beauty of playing games, right?

Basketball Stars: Multiplayer
Basketball Stars: Multiplayer

2. NBA Live Mobile

NBA Live Mobile Baskteball


Electronic Arts have brought you their all-time favorite mobile basketball games. Also, this game has everything you have asked for to play basketball virtually.

It is packed with complete features. Build your own version of a superteam in the NBA and choose the path of greatness in the industry.

In addition, opt for drafting teams from rookies to legends. Then, the team can compete in campaigns and NBA events.

Besides, tournaments would be available every week. Every day would be a competitive day for your NBA Basketball team.

It offers you things that fans have ever dreamed of.

Check out the LIVE TODAY features. You can see some available events on the map. Complete the daily objectives to get into the competition.

Tokens are there to collect. So, you can get players you want for your team.

Since it is affiliated with the NBA, the database of players is complete and official. You can even get into the special events every month to become the best player in the world.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball
NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

3. Basketball Battle

Basketball Battle


If you are not interested in such complicated games that consume big data, check out this arcade one. This simple game is super fun.

Indeed, the arcade-style battling can make everyone enjoy Basketball. The moving and shooting are so easy.

You can even dunk on people, how cool is that?

Try the cross-overs and step-backs which are pretty nasty. Do not worry, it is not about battling in one place.

Also, some competitions are available. Compete in tournaments in over a hundred courts. Thereupon, check out the online Live Events to play with other users from different countries.

Further, manage the team and customize the look and upgrade the ability.

Play with friends on one device with a split-screen feature. Beware, it has many advertisements. Thus, it is recommended to buy the premium plan.

So, you can enjoy the game peacefully.

Basketball Battle
Basketball Battle
Developer: DoubleTap Software
Price: Free

4. Bouncy Basketball

Bouncy Basketball

If your phone just cannot handle something in HD and 3D, try having this Bouncy Basketball. The graphic concept is 2D and Pixel art.

Interestingly, it will not take a lot of memories. In this fun game, asking your friends to beat you is challenging.

Do not worry, you can also play against the computer if your friends are unavailable. Try doing slam dunks.

The screen will be shaking and it seems a lot of fun. Then, set the time to 30, 60, or 90 seconds for each round.

Playing the game with up to 30 teams is possible. You can unlock this feature and enjoy the playful basketballs.

Also, it combines addictiveness and random fun. Even though the graphic is only in 2D, it will give you satisfying gameplay.

Bouncy Basketball
Bouncy Basketball
Developer: Dreamon Studios
Price: Free

5. Dude Perfect 2

Dude Perfect 2

Dude Perfect is a well-known YouTuber for its trick shots. This game represents those actions. Likewise, tons of crazy levels are available to beat.

Then, you only have to shoot the ball.

The challenges are about the way and obstacles you are going to be facing. It comes with amazing cartoonish graphics with stunning artwork and animation.

It has sounds that would make the shots seem very real.

Furthermore, you can unlock some special levels and challenges after finishing some of them. It will give a power-up to your gameplay.

Several new characters and costumes will make everything more and more fun.

Dude Perfect 2
Dude Perfect 2
Developer: Miniclip.com
Price: Free

6. Ketchapp Basketball Games

Ketchapp Basketball Games

Probably, this is one of the most simple basketball games for Android on this list. It is all about shoutouts.

Likewise, you can simply swipe the ball to hoop the score.

The basket, the ball, and you are in this game. Therefore, check out some different balls to improve the fun.

You can get them by collecting stars.

There is a chance to compete with other people online. You will make a good Ketchapp Basketball star.

So, improve your skills and become the master of this game.

Ketchapp Basketball
Ketchapp Basketball
Developer: Ketchapp
Price: Free

7. ESPN Fantasy Sports

ESPN Fantasy Sports

ESPN is such a popular sports channel worldwide. The company has a game available in the Playstore for free.

Further, you can create a fantasy sports league. It is not just for Basketball only. Thus, create it based on your passions, football, baseball, or hockey.

Play the game with the standard rules, or you can make your own. Draft the fantasy team filled with all your favorite plays.

Indeed, it is not actually a game that has graphics and gameplay. It offers a different kind of fun.

ESPN Fantasy Sports offer you the satisfaction of drafting your team, getting the rankings & analysis, predicting the winner, following the players all season, and customizing the teams.

ESPN Fantasy Sports
ESPN Fantasy Sports
Developer: Disney
Price: Free

8. NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20

For console players, NBA 2K20 is a well-known game. Therefore, many basketball fans know and play it for sure.

This best Android basketball game offers you features with great gameplay, graphics, and customization. Hence, it feels like controlling a match in real life.

However, the mobile version will be a bit different. The system will be matched with the capability of a mobile device.

Otherwise, the players still might get more fun.

You have to try the Streets Mode to play the 3-on-3 style of basketball on the street. It is not even available in the console version.

9. Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Just like the ESPEN fantasy sports, this is the Yahoo version. It seems to be the first fantasy sports application in the business.

Moreover, you can play, draft, and manage all the leagues and contests you want. Setting up a Basketball league in this app will bring your satisfaction in managing your fantasy team.

Just log in and get the best experience after getting a Yahoo account. For more outstanding features, purchase the Fantasy Plus.

There will be some premium tools and analyses by basketball experts. Also, check out the video chat feature and draft players together with friends.

Yahoo Fantasy: Football & more
Yahoo Fantasy: Football & more
Developer: Yahoo
Price: Free

10. Dunk Shot

Dunk Shot

It is one of the basketball games for Android that is only about shots. Thereupon, just grab a ball and do the dunk. That is it.

Well, it is an arcade game that everyone would love to play. Get some new balls after completing a few levels.

Furthermore, get ready to become the next start on Dunk Shot. Enjoy the unlimited action of basketball.

Dunk Shot
Dunk Shot
Developer: Ketchapp
Price: Free

11. NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Game

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Game

It is one of the basketball games for Android made by 2K. Unlike the 2K20, this one is only available in the mobile version.

It offers an authentic NBA action and plays right from your phone. Hence, play basketball like a pro and build your NBA all-star team.

Further, you can do a lot of things including drat the NBA superstars to your team, collect cards, build a dream roster, and step on the court with 5v5 or 3v3.

Also, there is a PVP feature for real-time experience with online friends.

Earn the available rewards by completing daily objectives. Here are all the modes you can play in NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Game:

  • 3v3 freestyle basketball
  • 5v5 matchups
  • Real-Time PVP multiplayer online
  • Customization of player
  • Courtside Pass
  • Exclusive rewards
  • Graphics quality like a console game
  • Authentic gameplay and action

12. 3on3 Freestyle Basketball

3on3 Freestyle Basketball

It comes with a concept of real-time Basketball MOBA game. This game is something you have probably never played before.

Additionally, it combines hip-hop with anime graphics in a streetball competition. The 3v3 half-court game and 1v1 matchup are the key features in this game.

Besides, the game modes to play are varied. While playing, you will also be accompanied by hip-hop music.

You can see unique street graffiti in the background on the field. It is one of the real-time basketball games for Android.

Thus, you can communicate with other players instantly.

Check out the awesome moves during the gameplay. The moves would be something you have never seen before in any basketball match.

3on3 Freestyle Basketball
3on3 Freestyle Basketball
Developer: Uminton sports
Price: Free

13. Basketball FRVR – Dunk Shoot

Basketball FRVR - Dunk Shoot

It is another fun dunk shoot game that everyone loves. Thus, show off your shooting skills with friends and family to beat the high score.

This simple basketball game for android is done just by swiping up your finger on your phone’s screen.

At your fingertips, you can shoot, control the direction, and score points. If you miss one, start over right from the beginning.

It offers you a relaxing casual experience. Therefore, it is a great game to kill time.

If you want it to be more challenging, join a competition among friends to find out who is the best shooter.

Basketball FRVR - Dunk Shoot
Basketball FRVR - Dunk Shoot
Developer: FRVR
Price: Free

14. Fanatical Basketball

Fanatical Basketball

The game is called Fanatical Basketball because it is made for the fanatics of this sport. If you are one of them, install this Android basketball application right away.

Also, this is the immersive basketball game, one of the best.

The game offers cool animations from realistic 3D graphics. Then, the players use a smart touch control system to play.

Further, there are over 30 teams available with customization capability. For a simple matchup, use the quick game mode.

The league matches mode is the bigger one.

Fanatical Basketball
Fanatical Basketball
Developer: CanaryDroid
Price: Free

15. Basketball Fantasy Manager NBA

Basketball Fantasy Manager NBA

Another NBA-related basketball game is called a Fantasy Manager. Likewise, if you like managing a basketball team, you can start now.

Further, fans might have their own opinion about which players to draft, how the strategy should be, and what colors should the team wear, and so on.

Well, this game gives you everything. You can become the best basketball manager. Also, this app is so popular.

Thankfully, you can play this NBA game without being connected to the internet.

However, the game will not have the gameplay of basketball. It is just about how you can manage things. So, all the NBA players are presented with cards.

16. Street Basketball Association

Street Basketball Association

Street Basketball Association
Street Basketball Association
Developer: ShakaChen
Price: Free

Street Basketball Association offers you the hottest experience while playing this game. However, you will not get stunning graphics or quality gameplay.

You cannot say that the game is no fun. Otherwise, it gives you all the needed stuff for a simple basketball format.

In addition, there are 5 game modes to play in this application, quick game, league, three-point matchup, cups, and training mode.

Two multiplayer features are available, the local and online modes. Via the internet or Wifi, you can compete in one on one matches with your friends.

You can choose among three difficulty levels. Also, the controls are simple and powerful.

Street Basketball Association
Street Basketball Association
Developer: ShakaChen
Price: Free

17. Basketball Slam 2021

Basketball Slam 2021

There are over 10 million downloads that this Basketball Slam 2021 has achieved. It brings fun to all fans.

Additionally, this app is an arcade-style basketball game that is zany and quirky to entertain you.

Enjoy the 2v2 and 1v1 game modes they feature amazing gameplay with epic moves and dunks. While playing, you can also hear the witty commentary voice.

All the basic components needed in basketball are available in this app.

This game is filled with stars from PBA (Phillippine Basketball Association). All the stats, likeness, and abilities come from that official database.

However, do not worry, you create a player with your own image.

Why PBA? According to the experts, it is the second oldest professional basket league in the world. It comes right after the NBA. That makes sense.

Basketball Slam!
Basketball Slam!
Developer: Ranida Games
Price: Free



It is a mobile basketball game based on a global phenomenon, a Japanese anime called SLAM DUNK. Therefore, everyone who loves basketball would be familiar with this character.

Therefore, if you are a fan, download this game right away.

You can play a basketball game in a Real-time 3v3 matchup using all the original characters from the anime.

All the skills seen on the series are also playable.

Moreover, play the national tournaments with your own team. All the likenesses are official from the Toei Animation.

Revive the classic story that you enjoy the most in SLAM DUNK.

19. Stickman Basketball Game

Stickman Basketball Game

This is a fun Android basketball game that you have to experience. Stickman Basketball Game offers you fast-paced gameplay along with an amazing atmosphere and animation.

Thus, you will witness some insane actions with simple controls.

Play various events and cups to step up to the upper rank. Furthermore, the basketball concept is actually quite similar to the others.

Indeed, the most unique thing about this game is the characters. All of them are stickmen. They look so much fun. Download it right now.

Stickman Basketball 3D
Stickman Basketball 3D

20. Basketball Kings: Multiplayer

Basketball Kings Multiplayer

Who wants to be the king of basketball? Hence, this multiplayer mobile game will give you the chance. The gameplay and concept are quite addictive.

You can feel it by yourself. Then, opt for the six modes in this game. Although they are difficult to master, all of them are easy to play.

Also, the courts are unique and very interactive.

Meanwhile, there are rooms to visit for multiplayer mode. So, become the king of kinds in Virtual Basketball and join the fun.

Basketball Kings: Multiplayer
Basketball Kings: Multiplayer
Developer: Mynet Games
Price: Free+

Finally, for all of the fans, it is time to pick among those basketball games for Android. Which one is your style?

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