11 Best Massage Finder Apps for Android and iOS 2024

Having a massage finder app ready on your phone will be very helpful, especially for you who love to take care of yourself.

Thus, no need to travel to a spa or salon to get a relaxing massage. Through an app, you can have it coming to your place.

Many people are just too busy to spare sometimes going to another place just for a massage.

You can use a massage finder app to find some spa-like services nearby. Wherefore, you just have to stay at home to feel the relaxation.

You can enjoy more than just a massage to the entire body. Besides, some services offer other body care treatments.

Just choose what you need to take a rest for a while. It is like going away from busy activities and enjoying life for a while.

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11 Best Massage Finder Apps for Android and iOS 2024

For all busy people, it is the best moment to care for yourself. Hence, get some rest and feel relaxed with a massage.

Is there an app to find massage therapist? The following article presents some of the best massage finder apps. All of them would be packed with a lot of useful features to help you find the best services for yourself.

1. Relaxgo


Relaxgo app is available on Playstore and Appstore. Relaxgo would let you find massage services at home.

Likewise, this massage finder app is professional, simple, and safe to use. It is developed by a company named Relaxgo Ltd. The service is only for users in London and Hong Kong.

This app allows you to book professional services to massage on Demand.

Relaxgo connects you with a certified therapist for the message. So, they will know how to make you relax and release your stress.

Also, it offers comfort and safety in your own place.

There are several reasons why you should have Relaxgo on your phone, especially for those who live in London and Hong Kong.

You just have to do 3 simple steps to complete the booking process.

The therapists that work for Relaxgo are all insured, qualified, and professional. They would bring everything you need to your place.

So, you just wait and get the relaxing massage and other treatment you need.

Speaking of treatments, Relaxgo will make sure all of them are relaxing and therapeutic. It would surely make the customer feel satisfied.

Furthermore, the fees are displayed clearly. There will only be one payment you need to deal with.

Relaxgo - Book A Massage At Ho
Relaxgo - Book A Massage At Ho
‎Relaxgo - Massage at home
‎Relaxgo - Massage at home

2. Zeel In

Zeel In

Want to get some spa-like massage in your house? Download Zeel In app for massages finder and use their services. Then, this app lets you book a relaxing treatment that would come to your place.

For those of your who live in America, this is your leading provider in massage service.

Indeed, Zeel In is named as the Best Entrepreneurial Companies in the States. The company hired over ten thousand massage therapists that are licensed.

They are available in over 85 cities in the U.S. You can connect directly with nearby professionals.

After you book the service, the therapist will come to your house in no time. So, you do not have to go out and find the salon and spa just for a massage.

There are 6 types of massage therapy you can choose in Zeel In, which are:

  • Couples massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Sleep massage
  • Sports massage
  • Deep Tissue massage
  • Prenatal massage

This kind of service provides comfort and safety. These factors become the number one priority. Thankfully, Zeel offers you the ability to choose the gender of the therapist.

So, you can enjoy it more comfortably. For your information, Zeel In massage finder app available for Android and iOS device.

‎Zeel In-Home Massage Therapist
‎Zeel In-Home Massage Therapist
Developer: Zeel
Price: Free

3. Riwigo


This is the number one platform to book Health and Beauty services in Bangkok, Thailand. Further, the best thing about Riwigo is its affordability.

This amazing app offers you discounts to every salon and spa in your area for up to 80%.

Several places offer a discount of 50% every day. Fortunately, you can get the biggest ones in the off-peak times if you are the lucky customer.

Moreover, its users who choose top rated-spas will get some exclusive deals.

Riwigo offers many various treatments such as Thai massage, spa service, fitness, yoga, Ayurvedic, facials, hair removal and treatments, waxing, and many more.

Besides, you can get some other things in Everyday clinics you can find within the app.

You can get the service for yourself at home with a few clicks. First, choose the treatment you want to have.

Then, you can book it (or cancel anytime) for free. After that, just wait for the therapist to come according to the schedule you’ve set.

4. nearbuy


Nearbuy is more than just a simple massage finder app. It is the program to find deals and offers from Restaurant, Spa, salons, Movies, Amusement Park, in your area.

The application is based in India. This lifestyle app has thousands of deals, offers, coupons, and discounts on a lot of places, like restaurants, gyms, movies, parks, buffets, and many more.

Those definitely include spa and massage services.

There are more than 68 thousands of offers and deals that you can find in this app. The application has got all you want. Just name it and they have it.

Nearbuy helps you to save money every time you go to some places. It has a new section where you can get updates on the trending lifestyle in the world.

The feature is called Pulse which lets you catch the beat and feel it.

5. Blys


First of all, Blys is only available in Australia and New Zealand. You can get professional wellness services quickly right from your place.

Also, there is currently more than a thousand therapist available to book within the application.

All therapists are fully qualified and trusted. Do not worry! You might surely get 5-star quality treatment. Blys’s services are available every day from 8 am to midnight.

So, whenever you need relaxation, just book it from this app.

According to over 8 thousand online customers, this amazing massage finder app is rated as the number one wellness application on TrustPilot.

Additionally, the booking process is easy. You just need to book and pay for the service of your choice. Then, you can enjoy the treatment and feel refreshed.

Besides a massage, you can also have personal training for Yoga and Pilates and beauty service come to your house.

For example, you can have counseling, mediation, and coaching for online services.

Blys: Mobile Massage & Beauty
Blys: Mobile Massage & Beauty
Developer: Blys
Price: Free

6. Jaidee In-Home-Service

Jaidee In-Home-Service

Jaide is a popular In-Home service in Thailand. It has simple and easy features to operate. If you are living in this country, just try using its service.

It connects you with trusted providers for Beauty treatments and massages.

Thus, you would refresh your mind and body. The app lets you search for nearby services that would get delivered to your place in no time.

Importantly, check out the ratings before you choose them.

All the therapists that work with Jaidee have gone through a tight verification process. It ensures maximum comfort for the customers.

Besides, skillful therapists will give you the relaxing treatment you need.

Even though it is only available in Thailand, the English language is also available for easy understanding.

For payment convenience, you should use the in-app e-wallet. All the pricing will be in Thai Baht. Thousands of therapists will be ready for your bookings.

Jaidee In-Home-Service
Jaidee In-Home-Service
Developer: Jaidee Online
Price: Free

7. Urban


It is a massage finder app that will deliver the service to your house in seconds. Urban offers the ability to book massage and beauty services easily.

After choosing the treatment, you can pick a qualified therapist. Then, just set the time and place to enjoy the massage.

Furthermore, Urban is available in cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Paris. In those areas, this app will be the easiest shortcut to bring the spa to you.

In less than a house, the therapist will come to your house to relax your body.

A table is the biggest part of messaging. Urban has it ready for the customers. They can enjoy the massage in the right way.

Besides, this app offers beauty, physiotherapy, and fitness treatments.

The booking process will be really easy. Just add your address and pick the service. Then, you may wanna read reviews before choosing the therapists.

After that, you can check when they will arrive at your place. Finally, enjoy the relaxing massage. Breathe and Exhale!

Massage at home | Urban
Massage at home | Urban
‎Massage at home | Urban
‎Massage at home | Urban

8. Soothe


This app is the most trusted wellness application in the world. Also, it becomes the largest on-demand platform.

The app will get you connected with top professionals nearby, every day. All of them are licensed and certified.

Moreover, Soothe offers you with relaxing massage, Swedish or Deep Tissue. You can enjoy it as a way to relax all of your body and release the stress from daily routines.

Let the app choose the provider in your area. It will make sure its customers get the best services.

How about the products used by the therapists? Well, Soothe always give its users industry-leading products.

Thereupon, there is nothing to concern about the products’ quality. Also, Soothe has another offer that you can resist.

There is an optional membership plan called Soothe Plus. You can get unlimited discounts while booking the services.

Thus, you can pick the right plan and packages based on your need. So, download the app to get more information about it.

Soothe: Wellness On Demand
Soothe: Wellness On Demand
Developer: Soothe Inc
Price: Free
‎Soothe: Wellness On Demand
‎Soothe: Wellness On Demand
Developer: Soothe LLC
Price: Free

9. Book Massage Therapists

Book Massage Therapists

A Book Massage Therapist simply offers an easy booking of a masseur online. It has got all you need. Just search for local providers with massage services. Then, the finder feature will help you.

This app can be used as both provider and buyer.

For buyers or customers, you can go to the search bar for local massage finders to find and book therapists.

The app will simply lead you to send a text or call for the service.

Meanwhile, as providers, they can just create a service provider account. Then, upload the details, phone numbers, and email to make an account.

After that, you will be ready to get a call from clients.

Unlike many other apps, you can use Book Massage Therapist in many countries. Just download it and search the nearby providers in your area.

Interestingly, this simple app is very easy to use. You can register or make an account easily for free. Release your stress physically and emotionally by enjoying a relaxing massage.

10. Massage Therapists in My Area

Massage Therapists in My Area

This best massage finder app is claimed to be the most preferable app to find local wellness professionals in the world.

Massage Therapists will let you find not only masseurs, but also acupuncturists, chiropractors, and many others.

Hence, just scroll through the profiles and compare the prices, specialties, and ratings. Choose one therapist that fits your preference and budget.

Initially, remember to read the reviews before choosing the therapist. If you want them to come quickly, select the one that is nearby.

This application has a live chat feature. Therefore, sharing your phone numbers with strangers is not necessary.

Then, just have a conversation and communicate with the chats.

Massage Therapists in My Area
Massage Therapists in My Area
Developer: Mobiblocks
Price: Free

11. Home massage SPA

Home massage SPA

Having a massage service coming to your home is quite popular these days. It is about comfort. Also, there are some other benefits you can get including safety.

You only need to wait for the therapist to come to your house, then you will get the best relaxing treatment.

Going out driving to the salon or spa would only extend your stress and interrupt the relaxation. Otherwise, there is an option to sit back in the comforts of the house right after the massage.

That would be so much better. Home Massage SPA would have all the things you need to book the perfect therapist. Start to experience wonderful relaxation.

Home massage SPA
Home massage SPA
Developer: Vertex Trading
Price: Free

Final Note

After all, pick the best massage finder app that suits you. All of those applications offer their own availability and features. The choice will be easy to make.

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