10 Best SMS Blocker Apps for Android 2024

You will never know when you need an SMS blocker app on your phone until now. Well, you are here on this page because you need to block messages from certain contacts.

Sometimes, you just want to get rid of all the messages from unknown people such as spam and promotional things.

To deal with those issues, this kind of application will be useful

You can block all of them at once and never get distracted again. Then, the programs listed in this article will be ready to serve you.

Furthermore, just pick one app that suits you and your device.

10 Best Text Message Blocker Apps for Android 2024

You can find lots of apps from other sources. However, we only gathered the best SMS blocker apps in the market. Hence, do not go anywhere but here.

Check out all of these blockers, which one could interest you?

1. Call Blocker – Blacklist, SMS Blocker

Call Blocker Blacklist SMS Blocker


This application can block both messages and Calls. For those who get disturbed by irritating SMS and phone calls, you may need to install this app.

Also, it is a great solution to add any contact you want to your blacklist as soon as possible.

So, if there is a contact or phone number you do not want to answer, just add it to the list. Besides, some interesting features could be helpful to solve these issues.

Contacts in the blacklist will give you no notification or alert when it calls or SMS you. Thankfully, the app does not take lots of space in your memory.

Moreover, the Call Blocker program can eliminate unwanted calls from the blacklist automatically.

If you get an unknown or private number, just block it as you want. Keep the blacklist record as long as you want in your phone.

If necessary, just unlock the number in the list. The messages from blocked contact are still in the storage, just check it whenever needed.

Call Blocker - Blacklist, SMS
Call Blocker - Blacklist, SMS

2. Call Blocker and SMS Blocker

Call Blocker and SMS Blocker

This application of Call and SMS blocker offers you the ease of blocking numbers. Block any contact you want immediately with this app.

The main feature is blocking incoming calls and SMS in the blacklist. Also, any private number that calls your phone will get blocked.

Besides blacklist, this program offers a whitelist. You can fill it with numbers that you will never block. So, it is like secured contacts that cannot be blocked.

Further, make sure you add your friends, family, partners, and kids, to that list.

Meanwhile, one feature you need to try is the one that allows you to block any number except the contacts.

You can only receive SMS and phone calls from people whose numbers are saved on your phone.

However, any new people or friends that have new phone numbers cannot get in touch with you. Moreover, you can block numbers based on their area code, postfix, or prefix.

Additionally, this SMS Blocker app comes with messaging features. It can send MMS (SMS with pictures) and support multi-SIM cards.

Call & SMS Blocker - Blacklist
Call & SMS Blocker - Blacklist
Developer: KiteTech
Price: Free

3. Caller ID Block

Caller ID Block

This awesome program is not just about blocking. Also, it can identify the unwanted calls and messages that you receive.

It is like a True Caller ID application. So, whenever you get calls that you do not know about, this app will display the ID name.

Indeed, this SMS blocker app is the application you need to ensure that you have safe and smart communication with your phone.

The main feature is obviously the Caller ID. It lets you find out who is behind that unknown number. As soon as the call is coming, you will see who the person is.

Another feature to mention is that Default Dialer. It allows you to make a phone call right from the app.

You can even manage the contacts and call history easily. Do not forget to set the Caller ID as the default dialer.

How about the SMS feature? Well, the Caller ID Block app can identify unknown messages automatically.

All the telemarketing and spam SMS will be blocked immediately. Besides, it allows you to send messages in such a fun way.

Therefore, do not forget to set this application as the default app for SMS.

Try the Phone Number Search feature. It will help you to find out the ID of any numbers. The smart search system will give you the result easily.

Caller ID, Phone Dialer, Block
Caller ID, Phone Dialer, Block

4. Key Messages – Spam Blocker, Text Blocker

Key Messages Spam Blocker Text Blocker

This is a Call and SMS blocker that works like a charm. Apparently, the Key Messages app will block text and spam text copy.

So, you will block things that come from unknown numbers.

In this case, this application uses the word text instead of SMS. It means the app would not only block SMS but also any other form of text, such as emails.

The Text Blocker feature will easily block message text prank and any other messages that would give you a clean inbox.

You can apply it based on the numbers, title, content keyword, email, and Wildcard rules. Remove all the spam that gets into your email.

Furthermore, one interesting feature to check out is that Text Backup. You can securely keep all your valuable messages to Google Drive.

Schedule the process to monthly, weekly, and even daily. Thanks to its de-duplication technology, you will not get duplicated messages.

Key Messages comes with a clean and simple interface for the SMS feature. Additionally, find out some other features to explore by yourself.

5. Call Control – SMS/Call Blocker

Call Control SMS Call Blocker

According to the Developer, this app is the number one Call Blocker and Spam Text Stopper in the business.

There are over twelve million users who find this app helpful enough to serve them. It has got a 4.4 stars rating.

Further, it blocks all unwanted calls and SMSs. You can safely back up all phone contacts.

Also, the Call Control can block calls that are likely to be spam. This feature will be more effective for your phone.

Call Control comes with advanced technology and a Caller ID feature. The SMS blocker has a “Do not Disturb” mode.

Thus, this app can block thousands of unwanted calls and messages or spam that are added to the system.

Do not worry! It gives you protection one hundred percent. This program needs permission to work effectively.

You should grant it first to begin using this SMS blocker for iPhone and Android.

Call Control. Call Blocker
Call Control. Call Blocker

6. Hiya

Hiya sms blocker app

Hiya is a rising application that deals with calls, spam, and fraud. It will block, detect, or find the numbers you want.

Likewise, it is such reliable protection for your phone from spoof calls, fraud numbers, and so on.

It comes with a Caller ID to know who calls you. Many people are satisfied after using Hiya. Here are the reasons:

  • Block spam SMS and calls easily and automatically
  • Lookup phone numbers in real-time contexts
  • Detect Fraud numbers with Spam Alerts
  • Protect the phone from viruses
  • Manage the contacts with names and addresses

For your instant protection, download the app right away from the store. If your phone is still using Android 4.4 or KitKat and higher, the SMS blocker feature will not be available.

Therefore, ensure that you have the right software.

Hiya: Spam Blocker & Caller ID
Hiya: Spam Blocker & Caller ID
Developer: Hiya
Price: Free

7. Messages – Messenger for SMS App

Messages Messenger for SMS App

This is a messenger app that can block SMS. The main reason people downloaded this program is to enjoy the messaging features.

Furthermore, it comes with more than 3000 stickers, GIFs, and emojis. So, sending SMS will be much more fun.

You can share photos, audio, and video with family and friends. You can have even set group messages to chat with a bunch of people at one place.

The important part of this messenger is the ability to get rid of spam messages.

Thus, its SMS blocker feature will protect you from distracting and unwanted things. They could consume a lot of space in your storage.

Well, this app will deal with that for you.

Also, the Caller ID feature is present. You can identify numbers easily in real-time. You will know who is calling without even asking.

8. Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

Calls Blacklist Call Blocker

This is a call and SMS blocker that you have to install now. It can easily block unwanted things that are coming to your phone.

Anything private and unknown will not have a chance to get in and disturb your routines. Moreover, calls Blacklist is the application for Spam Blocking, SMS Messenger, and Blacklist.

It blocks the spam calls and messages, such as telemarketing, robocalls, and others.

Additionally, SMS Messenger offers a function just like any other messaging apps. You can send and receive messages easily.

Do not forget to enable an app to start using this feature. Manage the conversations and chats to keep them organized.

Blacklist is all you need to keep the contacts and numbers you want to block in one place. Manage them and make sure all of them will not disturb you anymore.

This lightweight application is packed with powerful features.

After you have it installed on your phone, the only thing you need is the add the numbers to the blacklist as many as you want.

Calls Blacklist - Call Blocker
Calls Blacklist - Call Blocker
Developer: Enchan Li
Price: Free

9. GO SMS Pro


GO SMS was so popular back then. It was still a well-known messaging app in the market. Besides, it got 100 million downloads in the Playstore.

Furthermore, this app became the number one application for sending messages. The user interface is very simple, intuitive, and fun.

Interestingly, this SMS blocker app comes with tons of features. The developer is committed to making a faster and safer application for its users.

You will see how it delivers by installing and using the GO SMS Pro on your phone.

Moreover, this application has two types of features. The first one is the Free-of-Charge. You can use its collection of themes and stickers.

There is a private box to use whenever you need to protect your privacy using encrypted messages.

Meanwhile, the other one is the SMS Blocker. You can get this feature for free in the GO SMS app.

You can block the SMS based on the blacklist and keywords. Also, this app enables you to filter spam messages.

Identifying calls can be part of the free features. Besides, you can automatically categorize the chats that come from strangers. It will make your inbox simpler.

The second lines of features are the paid ones. You can use a set of Premium tools by paying a few bucks.

It allows you to experience the app without ads. Then, it unlocks all the available features without limitation.

10. Truecaller


Truecaller app has two main functions which are blocking SMS & calls and detecting spam. This application is packed with useful features that allow you to identify the incoming unknown calls.

Further, it keeps you protected from unwanted SMS and Calls.

For instance, any scammers, telemarketers, sales, fraud, and more will be kept out of your phone. Millions of people worldwide will update the spam list in real-time.

You are also the one that updates the list whenever you need it.

Moreover, some advanced options for blocking are available. You can block calls and SMS based on similar sequence numbers, countries, blacklists, keywords, and many others.

If the system recognizes the behavior of the incomings, it will block them automatically.

Truecaller provides great organization for an effective interface. There are some tabs for your SMS, Important, Personal, Other, and Spam. You can even add or move it manually.

In addition, one of the best features of this best SMS blocker app is caller identification. It shows you who is calling immediately.

Whether the incoming call is spam or a business, the information will be displayed on your phone.

Truecaller: Identify Caller ID
Truecaller: Identify Caller ID

Final note

After you install the suitable SMS blocker app for your phone, there is nothing to worry about getting distracted and disturbed by unwanted calls and messages anymore.

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