14 Best Soundboard Apps for Discord 2024

If you are looking for the best soundboard app for discord, you have come to the right place. As we know, it is like a must-have app for gamers.

Discord is currently becoming the most popular voice chat application in the market. Besides, it offers a great way to connect with the squad while playing the games.

It can even be an app to hang out with friends virtually. There are so many things you can do with this application, such as creating servers, adding bots, and many others.

Further, having fun with voice effects is a very exciting thing to do in Discord. The effect can only be available if you have a soundboard app.

You can make customization to your voice and make it sound better.

Moreover, it gives you a chance to apply special effects and make your voice unique and funny. If you want to sound of great quality, a good microphone and sound card are needed.

Importantly, download the application first. Which one? Pick one of these best soundboard for Discord.

14 Best Soundboard Apps for Discord 2024

A lot of soundboard for Discord are available in the market. If you are an experienced online gamer, you will know what you need.

Meanwhile, for beginners, you might easily select one of the applications listed below.

We provide all the best soundboard apps or software with many great features. Thus, they will make you sound the best in Discord.

1. Resanance


This is one of the most popular soundboard for Discord that you can download for free. Paired it with Discord and use all of the available features.

Furthermore, all of them are very useful to upgrade and improve your voice sound quality.

Set up hotkeys in the soundboard. So, it is going to be easier to apply some effects quickly. Then, Resanance offers a lot more.

If you do not like hotkeys, you can use the button deck instead. Likewise, this Discord soundboard app provides you with output audio to more than one device at a time.

You can even adjust the volumes for each device. Resanance support files like Mp3, Ogg, Wav, and FLAC.

Additionally, no need to pay for everything. Several key features that you have to check out are:

  • According to the user suggestions, the software will update constantly
  • There a lot more features are about to come
  • It lets you play to multiple devices at once
  • The volume can be set on each device
  • It works on all programs and games that has a mic input, that includes Discord
  • The app offers you the freedom to add as many buttons as users want
  • Change the size and add borders easily
  • It works on all Windows from 7 to 11.

Besides Discord, people use Resanance for Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Twitch, Teamspeak, and many others.

2. Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice Changer

Make your voice sounds different with effects in this software. It is such a great soundboard app for Discord.

Clownfish Voice Changer goes with a system level. Then, you might use this app after installing the program on your laptop or computer.

Moreover, Clownfish Voice Changer is simply an app to change your voice. When you installed it, the app will be intact with your system.

So, every app that uses the mic or similar stuff will get an effect. You can have a modified voice in Discord, Skype, Hangouts, Ekiga, Mumble, etc.

Besides voice-changing effects, this soundboard app gives you Music Player, Sound Player, and Virtual Studio Technology plugin support.

Those are more than you need in a voice changer program.

Inside the software, you can see the main window which contains a selection of active voice effects. Click it to enable the effect.

It will be colored while being active. For example, pick “Alien”, your voice will sound weird like an alien.

You can even set a custom pitch within the program.

Additionally, you can get into that main window after you open the “Set Voice Changer” option in the menu.

Try the Music Playlist feature to get background music on the mic. After that, add the music from other sources like Youtube, or Vimeo.

3. Soundpad


This soundboard for Discord is pretty similar to Resanance. However, the downside is that the app is not available for free. Therefore, you have to purchase it to use the features.

Unlike Resanance, Soundpad is like an editor and a recorder on your computer.

It comes with professional features like voice normalization, custom hotkeys, voice and sound recorder, device and mic toggling, etc.

Moreover, try using the normalization feature. It helps you to deal with volume levels that are not consistent.

So, you can normalize the level automatically. There will be no more hassle. This feature will make sure the audio file has the same normal volume.

Also, the sound editor feature is the important one in Soundpad. It allows the users to record sounds during games Discord chat.

4. EXP Soundboard

EXP Soundboard

For those who do not want to deal with something complicated, this soundboard offers you such great simplicity.

Everything seems to be easy in the EXP soundboard. Also, it is more like a barebone.

It offers two different sound streams. The first is the virtual audio cable and the other one is for speakers.

If you want to use it along with the Discord app, a virtual audio device is needed. There is one unique feature that would very useful in using this app.

The application allows you to set additional audio files as part of hotkeys to each of the files.

There is an audio converter within the app that would let you convert audio files. So, the result will be whether in Mp2 or Wav format.

Furthermore, start downloading EXP Soundboard for Discord from the Source Forge website. It supports almost all kinds of MP3s and WAVs.

If you enable the Mic Injector, it allows the mic to pass into the virtual cable for audio. Also, it has a save feature.

Meanwhile, for the virtual audio cable, you can download the VB-Cable driver for Windows or Mac, according to your device.

5. JN Soundboard

JN Soundboard

Another soundboard app for Discord is known for its simplicity. It handles many formats of audio, including WAV, MP3, WMA, and AIFF.

Besides, all of the features in JN Soundboard are highlighted by the one-click capability.

This free software is available for Windows 7, 8, and 10 users. JN Soundboard comes with an intuitive interface you can easily operate.

In addition, it is clean and user-friendly. You will not find any difficulties in operating this application.

There will be a list of keys on the left side of the menu, whereas the button on the right allows you to add, edit, and clear the lists.

The main concept of JN Soundboard is to let you play preloaded audio clips with a single click.

However, you have to understand that this free soundboard for Discord does not have an editor to cut and enhance the audio.

So, you have to do those stuff on some other applications. That will not be a problem if you already have a fixed audio file.

Your Discord chatting would be much more effective with JN Soundboard. This app also supports playing sounds over the mic. Use a virtual audio cable driver to achieve it.

This soundboard app will let you play amusing sounds from your favorite videos with their hotkeys.

6. Voicemod


It is a soundboard app for online chat apps and games. Also, this program adds custom sound effects to many programs and games like Discord, Skype, Fortnite, Valorant, Among Us, and many others.

Importantly, this soundboard is free for windows.

Gamers and streamers, it is your time to shine. Voicemod provides an audio library that is filled with sound presets.

Further, you can choose the audio according to your needs or occasion. For example, scary sounds will be perfect for Halloween.

Just add your own stuff from the storage if you cannot find the sound. The customization capability in Voicemod lets you do your own thing.

This app comes with all the things you need to get perfectly-timed sound reactions.

Moreover, Voicemod has claimed to be the most perfect soundboard for discord. It will let you be the life of the chat in the app.

The sounds and effects in this soundboard will just make a great impression virtually. It levels up your kind of roleplay and has fun among friends.

Additionally, Voicemod makes you sound like a pro.  Just press the button and you’ll have the best reaction.

7. Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer

Change and improve your voice sound with Voxal Voice Changer. You will definitely sound great in any app that needs a microphone.

A lot of choices to check out are available. You can opt to change your voice into something funny such as alien, ethereal, robotics, and anything you want.

Further, Voxal Voice Changer app is available for free if you use it to do a non-commercial thing. If it is for something commercial, download the paid version.

Likewise, the price is affordable and worthy enough to fulfill your needs for a great soundboard app.

The Main Features:

  • Sound Effects can be applied to any audio file
  • Real-time application of effects via microphone
  • Save and load effect chains for voice improvement
  • Complete library of vocal effects.
  • Works with all applications and games
  • Low CPU usage
  • Simple and Intuitive program

Discord is one of the apps to use with this soundboard. If you want to set up a custom voice, it can be applied while you are talking.

Furthermore, it works with any headset and microphone.

Add background music or sounds while chatting. It will get into your microphone. For example, you can make your surrounding sounds like a busy office.

So, everyone would think that you are currently on at work.

8. Soundboard Studio

Soundboard Studio

Unlike the previous programs that are available only for computers or laptops, this soundboard is made for iOS or iPhone users.

It provides sound effects, voice-over, and music beds. You can even trim the end and start of the audio files.

The features are quite enjoyable and very useful. This free iPhone application is the professional soundboard app for your Discord chat or streams.

Thankfully, this app is fast and versatile. It applies specific and advanced properties. You can customize the appearance and playback of your audio files.

The program allows trimming the end and start of the tracks. There is a waveform diagram displayed to help you out.

Set a loop to let it repeat endlessly until you stop it. One of the main reasons why you should use a Soundboard Studio is because it is fully featured.

Besides, it comes with all the professional tools that are reliable to give you great performance.

9. Mixere


Take a look at this excellent soundboard app for Discord that you can download for free. It provides more control over the audio you play.

For your information, Mixere is designed as a mixer for live performances. It’s not specifically a soundboard but it can be used as one.

If you aim for simplicity, this is not your cup of tea. As you can see, Mixere comes with full of features. The interface is quite complete, especially for beginners.

However, the features will be very useful for professionals that want it to be better than simple playback.

Moreover, there are unlimited tracks available to choose from. Play many of them at once, whatever you want. Hence, Mixere has that ability for you.

One important note, this is not the program for people who just want to play audio files. It does not come with hotkey support.

The user interface is not so simple at all. To connect it with Discord, installing a virtual audio device is required.

For those of you who want to work on something complex, Mixere is your software. It can create mixtapes and Dj live on the server of Discord.

10. Podcast Soundboard

Podcast Soundboard

A podcast is a very specific word for a name of a soundboard program. Well, this is a fully-featured soundboard designed for podcasting and streaming.

If you plan to install it on your computer or laptop, this ultimate companion for podcasters and streamers is ready for you.

It is available for 7.99 dollars. This soundboard will give you a great sound to engage with your audience.

The Podcast soundboard supports a MIDI keyboard. You can use your keyboard to trigger the sounds.

Meanwhile, global shortcuts are available to apply the background sounds. The user interface is responsive and it supports a split-screen.

Further, the volume control can be set up individually and globally. Set up color-coded sounds to get them easy to operate.

Also, it offers a trimming feature where you can cut the sound.

Podcast Soundboard is also available for a much cheaper price, 2.99 dollars on the Appstore. For iPhone users, you download it right away.

11. AV Voice Changer

AV Voice Changer

This software is also known as AV Voice Changer Diamond. It helps you to improve your voice on other chatting apps like Skype and Discord.

It comes with a recorder, editor, and Morpher. Also, this application is a paid one.

You can enjoy the 14 days trial version. There will be limited presets available. To get the full features, make a payment and be a premium user.

12. Morphvox Pro

Morphvox Pro

This is software from Screaming Bee that you can use as a soundboard for Discord. It is available for purchase.

However, you can download the demo or trial version to see what Morphvox has to offer.

This soundboard app for Discord will take your voice-changing experience to a whole new level. It is packed with superior voice-learning technology.

The algorithms are just superb. Your voice will be heard with an ultra-quite background cancellation while talking.

This is probably the best-paid software for your Discord chatting and streaming.

13. Jingle Palette

Jingle Palette

This Discord soundboard is designed as an instant player for playing a jingle on a radio station. It gives the users a great possibility to set up many jingles ready to be played.

By clicking on one of them, it plays the audio.

Moreover, they call this soundboard program a palette because you can set the jingles organization in a form of a pallete.

If needed, you can just switch the pallete all you want.

This program is free to download. The interface is quite old-fashioned but it is good enough for beginners.

Indeed, some professional radio stations are still using this in their broadcast.

14. Blerp


Blerp is popular as the best meme audio maker in the market. Also, it is claimed to be the number one audio meme soundboard bot for Discord.

It will play any sound clip to your discord channels. You can begin by adding the bot to your server.

Then, log in with your discord account. Then, finish the step by clicking “Authorize”. You can play sounds to your server directly from your smartphone and laptop or computer.

You need to click share to let the Blerp bot join the channel.

Besides, Blerp lets you create and organize all the sounds on their website. There is no need to install any application, just use the soundboard discord bot.

Final Note

For all the gamers and streamers, you can pick the best soundboard app for Discord for your device. Make sure it suits your style of streaming.

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