15 Best Checkbook Apps for Android and iOS 2024

Installing a checkbook app is very important to monitor your daily expenses. Likewise, there is an array of bills, utilities, and subscription-based services to pay.

Therefore, keeping good control of your money and budgeting is so crucial.

You may consider having at least one checkbook application on your smartphone to effectively check and control the expenses you make.

Thus, it is very useful for you who want to save funds for something.

There is no need to manually calculate all the things you spend. The system will do the automatic calculation.

Further, you can even make some investments, set a budget, and register the expenditure. According to the features within the app, you can do many things.

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15 Best Checkbook Apps for Android and iOS 2024

There are 15 checkbook applications listed below. These apps have been sorted by trusted reviewers. So, you will only explore the best programs.

Thus, no need to search for more from another source. Just pick one that matches your need.

1. Home Budget with Sync

Home Budget with Sync

This is a paid application available on Android Playstore and also iOS AppStore. Otherwise, you can even download the desktop version from another source.

Well, HomeBudget is like a tracker of your expense.

The app is designed to help the users to trace how much they have spent. That includes bills, income, and account balances too.

Hence, you can even analyze the expense and income on daily basis.

Home Budget comes with two main features. This checkbook register app that syncs between devices is packed with an integrated set of features.

So, the bill can become the expense automatically when you pay. It is the same as the account balance.

Meanwhile, the second main feature is the Family Sync. This advanced capability will allow you to have several devices to work with.

They are in a group of devices that will have a single budget to spend. So, anyone in the family could see all the information on expenses.

One more thing, this free app has a lite version. However, it comes with limited features. It is a great thing as a demo for the soon-to-be users.

Home Budget with Sync
Home Budget with Sync
Developer: Anishu, Inc.
Price: $5.99
‎HomeBudget with Sync
‎HomeBudget with Sync
Developer: Anishu, Inc.
Price: $4.99

2. Balance My Checkbook

Balance My Checkbook

It is an application that simply balances your checkbook. Hence, due to having this app on your iPhone, you will no longer be surprised to know about your expenses.

Also, the users will always know exactly the condition of their account balance.

The app works automatically. You just need to input the expenses and income. This application will do the rest and you will see the result.

Then, download it for free in the Appstore to know what this application is all about.

Balance My Checkbook can save you time because of its ability to auto-complete, search powerfully, and schedule transactions.

As users, they will be kept up-to-date with the tracking and syncing with all the information you can get.

Moreover, this checkbook app is simple to use. You can really just get to use the app in a minute. There is a chance to make your own types of transactions.

So, everything can be done quickly with its Fast Support.

You can use this app within the same budget by syncing with up to 4 users. To be able to have that opportunity, you should deal with the monthly subscription.

Besides, there will be many benefits that include No Ads, Lock Screen, and Unlimited Accounts.

‎Balance My Checkbook
‎Balance My Checkbook
Developer: LingsDesigns
Price: Free+

3. Goodbudget


This application is formerly known as, the Easy Envelope Budget Aid. Now, it has got a shorter and more eye-catching name, GoodBudget.

Indeed, this application is a program to manage your money and track any expense. Thus, it is a great app to support home budget planning.

According to mass media, this app is recommended by Experts. Also, it becomes the Top Quality which is placed on rank number 3.

There are over 3 million people have downloaded the app. Well, it is very trusted.

This application is full of features. You can sync the app across multiple phones, including the web.

Furthermore, you and the others can work together to manage the expenses. Here are what you can do with GoodBudget:

  • Track the expenses quickly
  • Check the Account Balances and Envelope
  • Save budget for the future
  • Schedule the transaction
  • Split the expense with the other
  • Choose budget period
  • Add income
  • Transfer funds between accounts

Additionally, you can do more things with GoodBudget. All features would make all the things about budget easy to manage.

Since it is a free checkbook app, there will be ads and limitations you will face. However, get rid of them all by subscribing to the premium plan.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

4. Checkbook HD

Checkbook HD

Checkbook HD is best checkbook app for iPhone that will give you a quick and simple method to manage your personal finances. This program offers easy to sync with another device.

Furthermore, it says HD because the display and interface are very satisfying. The app is simply a luxurious version of a checkbook application.

You can manage all accounts and check the balances anytime you want in one place. That is because you track every single expense you have made.

Then, you have two options to do it.

The first option is to input the entries manually to change the balances. Meanwhile, the second one is to use your banking records.

It can be done by importing the OFX file from the Bank.

For account management, you can have an unlimited amount of accounts to keep track with. Also, there is a running balance column and accounts reconciliation.

The app supports several currencies according to your country.

There is a chance to restore the records from the previous accounts you have deleted. The restoration feature will just help you with that.

In addition, the users might see the reports in a form of a bar or pie chart. It will be so much easier to read.

‎Checkbook HD: Personal finance
‎Checkbook HD: Personal finance

5. Expense Manager

Expense Manager

This expense and the budget tool will give you an experience of managing your money with simple, stable, and intuitive applications.

Besides, it is full of useful features to help you with that. Everything you need is available.

You will have ease in managing a checkbook, budgets, and expenditures. This app is one hundred percent free.

Interestingly, you will not be charged for anything within the application.

Otherwise, it is not only about keeping track of incomes and expenses. Also, you might trace the depts, mileage, and tax.

For easy tracking, split transactions into distinctive amounts and classifications. This program enables you to get a picture of a receipt to ensure.

Moreover, organize the budget and bill with the Expense Manager. Set an alert for the payment, so you will not miss the time for paying them.

Besides all the things about managing incomes and expenses, this free checkbook app also comes with useful tools.

You can use its currency converter, calculators, note, and shopping list.

Expense Manager
Expense Manager
Developer: Bishinews
Price: Free

6. My Check Register

My Check Register

This app is like the modern substitution of the old paper check register. Then, how does it work? It is similar to the transactions registered in the checkbook.

Now it is on your phone, you will not lose it.

The app allows users to know how much they have left in the account. Also, they will know precisely where all the expenses come from.

You can do it by simply entering all the transactions you make right after doing them. So, the app will show you the balance you have left.

Check out all of these features:

  • With one register, you can share it to multiple phones
  • set the transactions in month or week
  • The credits or debits will be in different colors
  • View the cleared items easily with the checkmark field
  • for easier entry, it can remember transactions
  • Search the entire registry for transactions easily
  • Protect the data with a passcode
‎My Check Register
‎My Check Register
Developer: Jambo Group LLC
Price: Free+

7. Spendee Budget & Money Tracker


With Spendee, you can save money easily. This free application for budgeting is quite popular with almost 3 million people have downloaded it.

Thus, you can use this app to track the expenses and optimize the budget on daily basis.

When people know their financial habits, it will be easier to stick to the goals and organize what is important.

This money manager app will show you where your money goes.

Therefore, connect Spendee with the E-Wallet, online banking, or coin base. Then, you will check everything at the same place.

Moreover, the optimization of spendings will be so much easier.

You can have the spending in categories. Stick to your budget. The app will give a notification of the progress.

So, you can still maintain a positive result for your cash flow.

Spendee is packed with a lot of helpful features like wallets, shared finances, labels, multiple currencies, budgets, dark mode, secure data sync, and web version.

Its award-winning design makes Spendee become a must-have application for your phone.

This app allows you to embrace awareness in your finance. It will be your best friend to deal with your financial stuff.

Further, some tips and tricks are available within the app.

Spendee Budget & Money Tracker
Spendee Budget & Money Tracker

8. Mint


Mint offers everyone a fresh way to manage the budget. With this smart app, you can reach your goals in finance with the custom budgets and the insights you make.

Therefore, this application will make a great subscription manager for your lifestyle.

Also, it gives a track to your expenses without paying a fortune. You will be able to see the monthly bills, grow savings, build good habits, and create budgets.

It is claimed to be the number one app in the market to deal with personal finance and budgeting.

You can control your money sources in this single application. Monitor all the balances and transactions.

You can check the expenses monthly and control the spending. There is a bill reminder to let you know the payment date.

For those who want to stick with the financial goals, mint will help you with that. Additionally, some actionable tips are available for the users.

See and celebrate your progress with the features available in this app.

Mint: Budget & Track Bills
Mint: Budget & Track Bills
Developer: Intuit Inc
Price: Free
‎Mint: Budget & Expense Manager
‎Mint: Budget & Expense Manager

9. Checkbook – Account Tracker

Checkbook Account Tracker

It is another easy-to-use and fast checkbook application to install. This program will ease you to trace the charges, credit card, and expenditures.

Then, all the things about money will be tracked.

You do not have to use the paper register for checkbooks anymore. Also, with one balance, you can sync with two or more accounts.

Check out the calendar to search for transactions on a specific date. his app provides you with the excellent experience of managing your money.

You can review all the income and expenses with reports and charts in a beautiful design. Set the period within a year, a month, a week, or a day.

Furthermore, before using the app, give permissions for storage, contact, and camera.

Checkbook - Account Tracker
Checkbook - Account Tracker

10. Volkron Checkbook

Volkron Checkbook app

This ledger will help anyone to keep track of their bank accounts. Thereupon, Volkron Checkbook app will let you manage the finances in a much efficient way.

Monitor the deposits and payments every day. So, you can control the budget and expenses effectively.

Moreover, enjoy the elegant and intuitive design that will be easy for everyone to operate. This app supports multiple number formats and currencies.

Make sure it has the one for your country. Automatically, it inserts the decimal separator.

Furthermore, there is a chance to backup and restore all the data with a help of online providers like Dropbox and Google Drive.

If it is not enough, just use your internal or external storage.

However, the premium one offers you more features. You can have security PIN protection, an automatic backup, and export in CSV format.

Volkron CheckBook
Volkron CheckBook
Developer: Volkron Development
Price: Free

11. Free Checkbook Ledger

Free Checkbook Ledger

You can deal with transactions easily with Checkbook Ledger app. Users can make a lot of accounts, as many as they want.

Likewise, it can be saved as Savings, Bank, and Credit charges. Then, set the balance easily to control the expenses. The list will be seen with the respective balances.

To know about the transactions in detail, check out the ledger view. You can mark the cleared transaction with a green color.

Additionally, the useful calendar view helps you to overview the balance to date.

Transfer the funds easily to other accounts. You can export the data in a .xls file. Back up and restore it whenever needed.

Personalize the design with a comfortable size of fonts.

Simple Checkbook Ledger
Simple Checkbook Ledger
Developer: Teelu Apps
Price: Free

12. Checkbook


This app is simply named Checkbook which explains what it is all about. It is a perfect application, to begin with. There is a book titled “Amazing Android Apps for Dummies” written by Daniel Begins.

One of the apps listed in the book is this one.

People with poor money management do not know that they are like giving the bank free money from charges.

It is time to stop. Now, you can keep everything on track and know every expense in your account balances.

However, the overdraft fees and nonsensical charges can still be there. Well, you have to commit to always keeping track of the transaction with this Checkbook.

So, there will not be any of those issues anymore.

Price: Free

13. Checkbook Plus

Checkbook Plus

It is a modern checkbook app that is made to quickly and easily manage daily transactions. The interface is what makes this application so special.

Furthermore, it is simple and sleek. It makes everything done quickly.

Checkbook Plus will assist you to track many accounts at once. You can quickly edit, delete, and add transactions.

The recurring transactions can be in a schedule. Once you are done with several of them, just hide them away.

Download Checkbook Plus for free with some premium features such as PIN code, Default account, and Widgets.

Besides, you can buy a plan without an advertisement. It comes at a low price.

14. Check Writer – Print Checks At Home

Check Writer Print Checks At Home

No need to spend more money on bank checks, this app has it all. Also, it is designed to serve you to simply write and organize checks.

It lets you print them at home or right from the phone without ordering checks from the bank.

The check writer app will let you track your checkbook. To start using this program, you should not make an account.

Simply click the application and start organizing the checks.

15. Clear Checkbook Money Management

Clear Checkbook Money Management

Last, but not least, a Clear Checkbook Money Management. The name of the app simply tells you what this is all about.

It is a web-based app that connects with the ClearCheckbook.com website. You can manage the finances with it from anywhere.

Importantly, to use this app, it needs an internet connection. Keep in track with your budgets, expenses, and bills.  Are you having a hard time writing bills? It’s time-consuming and stressful to have a bill to pay every day? Just installing bill reminder app that can be used to easily solve these problems.

Final Note

Above all, it is time to take full control of your expenses with those applications above. Hence, having a checkbook app on your phone is very important.

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