14 Best Measuring Tape Apps for Android and iOS 2022

Nowadays, you need to use measuring tape apps to measure the space or other dimensions. You can turn your smartphone into one.

You do not have to measure everything manually in this era of technology. Therefore, the actual measuring tape is no longer needed.

Furthermore, some measuring jobs would be easily done using a distance measurement application. It is possible to get the right measurement just by using the virtual features inside your phone.

However, it might be unbelievable for some people.

Thus, pay attention to the applications listed below. They will be your virtual partner to measure everything you need.

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List of 14 Best Measuring Tape Apps for Android and iOS

If you are looking for a great app that will act as a measuring tape, you are in the right place.

Thus, we provide you with all the best measuring tape app which Android and iOS users can download. So, let us take a look.

1. Ruler App – Camera Tape Measure

Ruler App Camera Tape Measure

The name of the app simply tells you everything. This application definitely acts as a ruler for real. Likewise, it is a camera tape measure that is pretty powerful because it uses Augmented Reality.

So, make sure your phone has the required ARCore technology.

Furthermore, you can tape measure the real space in front of you using the camera. Aim the things you want to measure.

Then, use the tool. You will see the measurement of everything that appears on the screen.

Inside the AR measuring tape tool, you can choose to see the line, distance mater, angle, area and perimeter, path, height, or volume.

  • Line is the linear sizes in cm, ft, yd, mm, or inch
  • Distance meter will show you how far the object to the device
  • Angle will measure the corner on 3d planes.
  • Volume shows the size of the objects
  • Path calculates the path’s length
  • Height is simply displaying the height of an object or plant to the detected surface

Also, there is a photo AR ruler tool that will tape measure your space accurately using photos. So, you can take a picture of a space, you will get the measurement for the entire thing.

Before you start measuring things, you have to know about the requirements and guides. It will be available in the measuring tape app.

Ruler App: Camera Tape Measure
Ruler App: Camera Tape Measure

2. Smart Measure

Smart Measure

This tool is a part of the Smart Tools Collection. It helps you measure the height and distance using the trigonometry system.

Likewise, just stand up and press the shutter to use this measuring tape app. To get an effective measurement, you must aim the camera at the ground, but not the object.

For example, if you will get the distance measurement from yours to someone, the camera’s position should be at the shoes.

After that, you will see the height by moving the camera up to the head. Hence, to get the right measurement, you have to go to the calibration menu.

Furthermore, the main features of Smart Measure are feet and meter distance, virtual horizon, sound effects, material design, and screen capture.

However, the Pro version is available if you are bothered by the advertisements. Indeed, it offers other features like camera zoom, and Width and Area measurement.

Additionally, as part of the Smart Tools Collection, it is recommended to have the other tools for distance, the Smart Ruler and Smart Distance that offers different sets of function.

Smart Measure
Smart Measure
Developer: Smart Tools co.
Price: Free

3. GPS Fields Area Measure

GPS Fields Area Measure

Just like the name implies, this free tape measure app uses a GPS to deal with measurements. This simple application comes with unique features.

Besides, it allows you to manage the area, distance, and perimeter.

Many users use GPS Fields Area Measure to find out the distance of their fields. They can mark the points and share the maps with friends.

Therefore, without looking for other measure tape applications, this one can help to simplify the process.

So, what this application has to offer? You can mark the distance or area quickly. To pin the placement accurately, use the Smart Marker Mode.

Further, with the GPS capability, you can auto-measure an area by walking and driving around the space.

GPS Fields Area Measure
GPS Fields Area Measure
Developer: Farmis
Price: Free
‎GPS Fields Area Measure Map
‎GPS Fields Area Measure Map
Developer: Rento UAB
Price: Free+

4. Ruler by NixGame

Ruler by NixGame

This application acts as a ruler. Likewise, it helps you to measure things with various units which include mm, inches, and centimeters.

Also, you can calculate a length, straight line, area, thread pitch definition, caliper, and some others.

This is such a functional tool and that is easy for any kind of smartphone and tablet. You can use the measure online ruler to measure distance.

Its measurement is accurate. Furthermore, the app comes with a stylish design and easy interface.

The calibration is very simple to apply. Besides, there is a graph paper that comes with horizontal and vertical lines.

You can measure anything with Ruler by Nixgame in 4 modes, level, point, line, and plane.

In addition, for those who are not good at English, you can check whether your language is available within the tape measure app or not.

Developer: NixGame
Price: Free
‎Ruler -
‎Ruler -
Developer: Aleksei Evgrafov
Price: Free

5. CamToPlan – AR tape measure

CamToPlan AR tape measure

CamToPlan will allow you to measure just almost everything. Also, you can get a measurement of things both horizontally and vertically.

Indeed, it is like a virtual ruler and measuring tape for your daily life. Thus, make sure your phone already has an ARCore and augmented reality available.

With your camera, draw the lines in 3D for the measurements. The name literally says what you need in using this application.

Then, anyone can measure everything like a professional by using CamToPlan instead of a measuring tape or a ruler.

This best measuring tape app can be used by casual users, real estate pros, construction workers, gardeners, landscapers, builders, cost estimation professionals, and the building industry.

CamToPlan can measure in metric and imperial units.

Interestingly, you do not have to remove furniture to get the right distance. The app can still work even the target is hidden under furniture.

However, some types of tiles might be hard to measure. So, the accuracy will be in question. If you want to get a precise measuring, you have to come closer to the target point.

6. Tape Measure – Measure with your phone

Tape Measure Measure with your phone

This best measuring tape app for iPhone is claimed to be the most advanced one in the world. It is packed with a complete feature that you will ever need.

The users of this application are DIYers, homeowners, developers, contractors, real estate agents, many more.

Thus, it shows you how trusted this program is. The app itself comes with advanced A.I. technology with computer vision.

Your iPhone will turn into a hub of tools in digital form. Tape Measure provides snap & chain measurement, height, level, floor plan, and area measurement tools.

Further, this application is only suitable for users who have iPhone 6s and above. If you use an iPad, you can get some of the features, the level tool, and a flashlight.

However, some of the tools might be unavailable without a Pro subscription.

After purchasing the pro version, you can use all the tools and features. Also, it gives three days for the free trial.

‎Tape Measure™
‎Tape Measure™
Developer: Level Labs, LLC
Price: Free+

7. AR Plan 3D Ruler – Camera to Plan

AR Plan 3D Ruler Camera to Plan

It is simply a Tape Measure, Floor Plan Creator, and Ruler. This innovative app uses augmented reality to measure room quickly.

Such technology will make the virtual measuring tape possible. Hence, it allows you to measure on real-world surfaces.

Moreover, AR Plan 3D Ruler will make the measurement process and floor plan creation much faster and easier.

This application will let you measure the perimeter and height in a form of metric and imperial units. Doors and windows will be easier to measure with this app.

It can be a great floor planner to deal with a classic floor plan. Then, store all the measurements in the archive.

Many users that have this app installed on their phone seem satisfied with the result which is pretty accurate.

Also, the 3D view gives a good comprehension of Geometry.

AR Plan 3D Tape Measure, Ruler
AR Plan 3D Tape Measure, Ruler

8. Ruler App – Measure length in inches + centimeters

Ruler App Measure length in inches centimeters

It is one of the measuring tape apps that you can use just like the real one. This program is such a great app for both phones and tablets.

Additionally, it helps you to measure in inches and centimeters with a beautiful display. Just tap on the screen and start using this ruler to find the size of all objects you want.

This free application is fast and responsive. Also, it comes with a beautiful modern design that will work perfectly on your smart devices.

You can get the measurement in imperial and metric units. The easy-to-use interface will let everyone use it.

If you want to get back to your latest measurement, just go to history. Meanwhile, the length can be copied to the clipboard so you can pass it on to another application.

The caliper tool is multi-touch. You will find it very intuitive.

When you find out the measurement is not accurate, go to the calibration menu. Then, measure it again one more time.

Ruler App: Measure centimeters
Ruler App: Measure centimeters

9. Ruler – Bubble Level – Angle Meter

Ruler Bubble Level Angle Meter

Bubble Level and Angle Meter are what this app is all about. These two functions will help you measure the width and length of an object by using the protractor.

Therefore, set up the three points to keep the lines on the object border.

When it comes to detecting the vertical and horizontal aspects, it is up to the bubble level. These are the key features within the app:

  • The measuring process is fast and easy to operate
  • It provides the measurement accurately
  • To adjust the position, it locks the measuring interface
  • The files can be named before saving
  • It measures objects from photos
  • The displayed measurement is clear
  • The numeric angle is visible
  • The angle in degree

Calibration is not necessary when using it because the ruler is precisely designed.

If you use the bubble level, you have to calibrate it first since it uses some kind of virtual bubbles in the water pipes.

This ruler app is available for measuring at home, construction, site, etc. So, download it now.

Ruler, BubbleLevel, AngleMeter
Ruler, BubbleLevel, AngleMeter
Developer: 1 Bit
Price: Free

10. Moasure – the smart tape measure

Moasure the smart tape measure

It is one of the free measuring tape apps that you can download. However, this one is not compatible with all phones.

To find out whether your phone is good enough for the app, download it. After that, the system will check the sensors and confirm after you open the program.

Moasure is convenient and easy to use. It has a ruler, tape measure, protractor, and goniometer that can go for up to 300 meters or 1000 feet.

Furthermore, all of those functions are in one simple app.

It will display the height or distance between the two points. Also, Moasure shows the angle measurement.

Technology in this best measuring tape app used to show precision is accelerometers and gyroscopes. Besides, those are found in space-rocket systems.

This application can measure the length, height, and width of objects. In addition, the user can check the distance and dimensions of an internal room.

However, this one has downsides. The distances will be limited to 300 meters and 1000 feet.

Moasure – the smart measure
Moasure – the smart measure

11. ImageMeter – photo measure

ImageMeter photo measure

ImageMeter will measure anything in the form of an image. Hence, it will show the measurement of things in the photos.

You will see the angles, areas, and text notes. Indeed, it offers an easy shortcut instead of drawing a sketch.

Just take a picture of buildings to plan your projects. Then, insert the required measurements and add notes right on the image.

All pictures will be saved in the device’s storage.

If you have a Bluetooth laser distance measurement device, you can connect it with the ImageMeter. This application has a unique feature that you cannot get from the other measuring tape apps.

It can measure within the picture after you do the calibration with a reference object of recognized size.

You can measure the dimensions of spaces that are hard to measure. Thereupon, the system in this app will deal with all perspective foreshortening.

ImageMeter - photo measure
ImageMeter - photo measure
Developer: Dirk Farin
Price: Free

12. Angle Meter

Angle Meter

When it comes to a simple tool to measure angle or inclination, this app is the one to install. The system works with arctangent or gravity between two axes.

This application will give you the results with accuracy which depends on the quality of your phone’s sensors.

The features will make the measurement process a lot easier. You have a chance to measure the angle on surfaces.

Therefore, you should not measure it parallel to the ground. The two orientation axes will be available by moving the device left and right or back and forward.

Also, there is an option to save the measurements in the archive. It is in a form of charts and lists.

Angle Meter
Angle Meter
Developer: Smart Tool Factory
Price: Free

13. EasyMeasure – Camera Distance Measurement App

EasyMeasure Camera Distance Measurement App

Similar to some of the previous measuring tape apps, EasyMeasure will show you the distance to objects that appear on the camera.

Throw away your tape measure or ruler, have this on your phone instead.

Then, if you want to measure something, just simply aim the camera at the surrounding object. It displays the distance on top of the image.

Besides, this application is for seeing the width and height. With this intuitive and easy-to-use program, you can enjoy its 3D AR camera that has an overlay grid.

Additionally, the system of measuring in this application uses trigonometry for an accurate result.

EasyMeasure - Camera Ruler
EasyMeasure - Camera Ruler
Developer: Caramba Apps
Price: Free

14. My GPS Tape Measure

My GPS Tape Measure

It is one of the GPS measuring tape apps that calculates the distance pretty accurately. It comes with a simple procedure.

Just simply click a button and save the current location. This program is not for small or indoor places.

Moreover, it is designed for big things outside. The GPS really helps to determine the position and size of a place.

The app allows you to share the distance through messages and social networks. The measurement will be shown in both metric (meters, kilometers) and imperial (feet, miles).

Above all, the most accurate tool is still the real one. The virtual tool can also be accurate but you need to get the perfect precision. Check out the reviews, first.

For those who are ready to measure things inside or outside the house, download one of those measuring tape apps.

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