15 Best Teeth Whitening Apps for Android and iOS 2022

Using a teeth whitening app to hide your imperfection is like a shortcut you may need. While taking a picture, everyone wants to look good.

However, the teeth often do not appear as white as you would expect. Hence, to get that amazing smile, just do it in an instantly within a few taps.

Therefore, on this page, we have presented some of the best teeth whitening apps to help you with that.

Even though it is only in photos, you will absolutely love it.

How Can I Whiten My Teeth In A Picture?

To whiten your teeth in a picture, some photo editors will help you out. Likewise, you can download various applications from your phone.

All of them are teeth whitening app free.

Also, some of them offer their upgraded version. Thus, you can get more exciting and useful features by paying a few bucks.

Otherwise, these applications are not specifically about whitening the teeth. Some main features let you improve the quality and design of your photos.

List of 15 Best Teeth Whitening Apps for Android and iOS

There are so many teeth whitening apps available in Play store and App store. Therefore, selecting one app that is suitable for your devices might be very confusing.

Well, we have gathered some of the best ones in the market. Then, simply opt for among these applications and install one as needed.

1. BeautyPlus


There is a reason why BeautyPlus is the first app on the list. It is probably the most favorite application for photo editing on Android.

Besides, millions of users have chosen to deal with both photos and also videos. Additionally, it is packed with a lot of tools, effects, filters, and other functions for your editing.

Furthermore, BeautyPlus allows its users to express themselves and their unique style with the AnimeCam camera.

It is the camera feature that can turn anyone into a funny anime character. Also, there are a lot more filters and frames you need to check out.

It features the Teeth Whitening tool to show your perfect smile in the picture.

Meanwhile, the photo editor feature gives you just about anything you need. Remover tools allow you to remove any unwanted objects in the background.

You can also enhance the pictures and retain every detail as easily as a single tap.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

2. Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie

This app is really what the name told you. Likewise, it is such a sweet photo editing program. Then, there are many cool features to try.

Therefore, any selfie photos can have sweet results. Check out the selfie camera that is packed with beauty effects.

There are thousands of pretty stickers available to dress up the image.

To make the photo more pop, art filters are ready to take the stage for you. After that, try using the Makeup camera to retouch the face.

Besides the camera, you may check out the tools in the photo editor feature. In this part, choose to whiten the teeth and brings out the beautiful smile you have got.

Smooth the skin easily with a single tap.

However, remove all the unwanted things on your face with the remover tools. Acne and pimple will be no longer on your face.

As a result, you can have a clean and beautiful face with a perfect smile.

3. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect

When it comes to selfie photo editing and beauty cam application, this one is the best teeth whitening app.

Indeed, YouCam had been downloaded million times. Also, it has all the tools for editing the picture and making it more beautiful.

Further, you should try the amazing collages, filters, effects, retouch tools, fonts, frames, stickers, and many others.

Users like this app are because of the free part. Hence, no need to pay anything to use YouCam.

With this program, you can take perfect pictures and edit them within a few taps. That includes whitening the teeth.

Moreover, there is no chance to have ugly smiles. This teeth whitening app for photos will guarantee you have the most perfect smile in the world.

4. Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro

It says pro which means this photo editor will give you a result as great as professional photographs. Likewise, this powerful application offers many great filters and effects to check out.

Interestingly, it has pretty much anything you need on your phone.

You can become a professional quickly using this application. There are some key features in this Photo Editor Pro. Then, try the one-tap auto-enhance.

Besides, you can upgrade the look of your photo using a single tap.

It has a great collection of photo filters, frames, effects, stickers, and many more. Is there something to whiten the teeth?

Definitely, you just have to find it out by exploring the features and tools within the app.

Photo Editor Pro
Photo Editor Pro
Developer: Zentertain
Price: Free

5. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

The slogan of this app is an easy and fun photo editor for everyone. The features in Adobe Photoshop Express deliver the words really well.

Indeed, this product comes from a well-known developer.

It is like a mobile version of Adobe Photoshop on your computer or laptop. Also, it is packed with mobile-friendly features that are perfect for your phone.

Moreover, this app can do anything to your picture including whitening your teeth. There are more manual tools than automatic ones which mean endless possibility.

Key Features:

  • Perspective Correction
  • Noise Remover
  • Blur Application
  • Style Personalization
  • Hundreds of Effects, Looks, and Filters
  • Stunning Pic Collages
  • Quick Fixes
  • Photo Import and Sharing
  • Advanced Healing

In addition, Adobe offers you unlimited possibilities in photo editing with its premium option.

Thus, you can purchase the subscription for a few bucks and do a lot more things to your photo with no limitation.

Photoshop Express Photo Editor
Photoshop Express Photo Editor
Developer: Adobe
Price: Free
‎Photoshop Express Photo Editor
‎Photoshop Express Photo Editor

6. AirBrush


AirBrush is an easy photo-editing app. Therefore, you have got to install it on your phone. It comes with user-friendly tools for retouching.

Furthermore, you can enjoy its cool filters that give you the natural and beautiful results you have ever wanted.

Then, AirBrush allows you to whiten the teeth and brighten the eyes. It will take the smile to the highest level.

The system knows to make the teeth naturally white. So, it will not be too bright which would make it looks fake.

Also, the app enhances the eyes and makes them brighter.

7. Pixlr



With the Pixlr app, you can unleash your creative minds to edit photos easily. Thereupon, download the program for free from the store.

Thankfully, no need to create an account or logging in with your email. Then, just install it and start the editing process.

After the edit, you can share the results easily to your social networks, such as Email, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Moreover, do not forget to use hashtag #madewithpixlr to get featured in the Pixlr feed.

Check out some of these features:

  • Create photo collages beautifully
  • Adust the color instantly
  • Use double exposure
  • Create photo effects with Stylize
  • Bring out colors using the splash effect
  • Remove Blemishes easily, including whitening the teeth
  • Apply a range of effects
  • Add text to photo
Pixlr – Photo Editor
Pixlr – Photo Editor
Developer: Pixlr
Price: Free
‎Pixlr Photo Editor - Retouch
‎Pixlr Photo Editor - Retouch

8. Perfect365


This app is one of the most popular apps that would transform your ordinary photo into something amazing.

In addition, you can even call it the best teeth whitening app in the market because of its lines of features.

The reason why Perfect365 becomes the best is that this application is designed by expert artists and in-house Beauty Squad.

Furthermore, there are a bunch of tools for makeup and beauty that you can customize according to your own style.

For example, that includes shadows, lipsticks, liners, and more.

There are unlimited choices for color that you can pick from its very own Pro Color Palette. Then, try making unique combinations for your photos.

However, if you just do not know what to do, do not worry. Some video tutorials would guide you step by step.

9. LightX Photo Editor


Perfect your selfie portraits white LightX Photo Editor App. Therefore, it will automatically whiten our teeth right away.

So, simply search for the tools and try the effect. Besides, you can also manually smoothen and sharpen your image.

Meanwhile, various filters are available so that you can pick them for your selfies. Want to have different hair colors?

Thus, just change it to your desired tone. To set the focus more on the object, try the background blur mode.

Moreover, you can change the background to any image you want. Apply color splash photo effects to have a different approach for photo editing.

Then, merge the photos to create something new as a result.

10. Fotogenic


Yes, everyone is photogenic. Fotogenic app gives you the proof. Just download this application and see it for yourself.

There is a bunch of awesome features that could lead you to that. Also, it suits any level of photographers, from beginners to experts.

Anyone could create a work of art using Fotogenic. Then, the Beauty feature in this app gives you the ability to have dazzling white smiles by whitening your teeth.

Moreover, create a unique text effect using the Text on Path tools.

Check out the speech bubble to make the picture more fun and memeable. Also, hide the unwanted parts with mosaic.

Well, there are a wide array of other features to try. You just have to explore it yourself.

Fotogenic : Face & Body Editor
Fotogenic : Face & Body Editor
‎Fotogenic : Photo Editor
‎Fotogenic : Photo Editor

11. Facetune2


Facetune2 is like your personal makeover studio to get you that Instagram-worthy looks within a few taps.

Then, you will be ready to share it on a social network.

This award-winning Facetune application for photo editing gives you a great collection of effects. You can get all of them updated regularly.

So, you can always be up-to-date when it comes to trends. Besides, enjoy changing the filters, applying the tools, and retouching the effects to your images.

Easily, whiten the teeth and give your face a flawless smile.

Thankfully, Facetune2 offers you amazing professional tools for makeover along with its image correction ability.

12. BeFunky


Another popular program to check out, you will enjoy the features in BeFunky. This well-known photo-editing app is the most feature-filled photo editor you could ever find.

Then, it is packed with so many powerful tools.

Importantly, signing up is not necessary to apply features to your photos. There will not be disturbing ADS, watermarks, or any other requirements to enjoy the feature.

Furthermore, everything will be free, you can just begin editing.

Head up to the touch-up edits to get to the teeth whitening feature. Also, these edits will allow you to remove flash spots, fix the blemishes, reduce the red-eye, and many others.

Photo Editor by BeFunky
Photo Editor by BeFunky
Developer: BeFunky
Price: Free
Developer: BeFunky Inc
Price: Free+

13. Perfect Me

Perfect Me

Let us perfect your selfie portrait with this Perfect Me app. Indeed, it is photo-editing for the face and the body.

You can beautify the face by removing the acne and smoothening the skin. There will not be any unwanted things on your face.

Besides, you can adjust the features of your face. For example, whiten the teeth to nudge the smile.

Meanwhile, the nose bridge can get taller using the feature. After that, perfect the shape of your face by reshaping the eyebrows.

For the body, make it slim and skinny by reshaping it in the photo editor. You can apply long and beautiful legs to your body in the picture.

Further, for men, apply a needed muscle on the stomach to gain six packs abs.

Perfect Me -Face & Body Editor
Perfect Me -Face & Body Editor
Developer: ryzenrise
Price: Free
Developer: BeFunky Inc
Price: Free+

14. Visage Lab

Visage Lab

This application is like your own professional beauty lab. It allows you to edit your portraits and make them more beautiful.

Visage Lab offers you some great features which include automatic face retouch, skin, and eye makeup, and of course teeth whitening.

Who needs a concealer when you have all the things to hide the imperfections inside the App. Thus, you can have a beautiful face and an amazing smile.

‎Visage: airbrush photo maker
‎Visage: airbrush photo maker

15. Pixl


Get the best look in the photos with Pixl. This new face photo editing application will retouch your image and remove the blemishes it has.

The program gives you the sweet and perfect look as easy as tapping on your phone.

In the photo, you will look like a model from a beauty magazine or posters. There will be a perfect portrait with a beautiful smile.

‎Pixl: Face & Red Eye Corrector
‎Pixl: Face & Red Eye Corrector

Final Words

Finally, you must be ready to get your amazing smile with that clear white teeth. Thanks to the teeth whitening app of your choice.

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