15 Best Credit Line Apps Like Grain Credit 2022

The Grain application is available to help you build and fix credit easily and quickly. Then, many people use this app as a source of emergency funds and credit builders. But now there is an app like Grain credit that you can use as an alternative.

15 Best Credit Line Apps Like Grain Credit For Financial Management

Some of these applications will help you manage wealth, credit, and also investments in just one screen. So, the financial management process is no longer confusing for you. Here are 15 apps like Grain credit that you can download on Google Play Store and App Store:

1. Earnin


If you want to get cash before payday, you can use this app. Earnin allows you to get an advance on your paycheck because it can link your bank account with the app. So, this app will charge you for the advance when your paycheck comes in. You can earn money with no administration fees, no additional fees, no interest, and no credit checks.

Moreover, you just need to give a tip that suits your ability (between USD 0 to USD 14). The way to get started using this application is very easy, you just connect your bank account and add a credit card. Then, also add the employer where you get your paycheck. You have to verify your work email or if you don’t have one, you can activate location permission.

Then, this app will automatically add earnings to your Earnin account when this app sees you are at your work address. The app will also verify your debit card, bank account, and working hours. You can withdraw cash up to USD 100 per day and USD 5000 per paycheck. On payday, this app will debit your account for the money you chased out.

2. Acorns


One similar apps like Grain credit that you can use is Acorns: Save & Invest. This application allows you to track your investments. There is a Round-Ups feature that allows you to invest your spare change. This app will automatically invest your money into a diversified portfolio of ETFs.

If you want to invest for retirement, you can use the IRA feature and this app will recommend the right plan for you. Then, you can invest for your child by using the UTMA/UGMA investment account. So, this application can adjust the type of investment you want, ranging from short-term to long-term.

All you have to do is answer a few questions and the app will do the rest. Another advantage if you use this application is that you can use it for free and the monthly fee is so affordable. You only pay according to the level of the account you open. Furthermore, on the Google Play Store, this application has a 4.3 rating and has been used by more than 5 million users.

3. Current

Current Modern Banking

If you are looking for another credit line apps like Grain credit, this app is perfect for you. This is because this application is a complete financial service to improve your financial and credit status by utilizing your bank account. If you use this application, withdrawals are free at more than 40,000 ATMs, making it easier for you.

The app has a direct deposit service so you can get your payments two days faster. For all your purchases, this application will give you points and prizes that can benefit you. All you have to do is choose the gifts you like and the shops you frequent. Then, this application will give you attractive rewards because you spend there.

Opening an account in this application only takes two minutes and there is no minimum balance. Then, the app will send your new card for free. More than 1 million users have used this application and if you want to install it, find this application on Google Play Store and App Store.

4. Personal Capital

Personal Capital

Through this application, you can monitor all investments; plan your retirement, and also your finances. Personal Capital is another apps like Grain credit because it can provide a complete overview of your financial portfolio.

This application also helps you to manage and track your finances in a smart way. Hence, by using this app, you can see all your accounts in one place. You can see your total expenses and income in all your accounts from month to month using this application.

So, you don’t need to install many applications that confuse you just to give you an overview of your complete financial portfolio. Moreover, if you want to use this application, you can download it on the Google Play Store or the App Store for free.

5. Unifimoney


This application is included in the list of best apps like Grain credit because it incorporates your checking account with your credit line. If you register with Unifimoney, this app will give you a high-interest checking account, Robo investment platform, as well as a credit card. This app also allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies and precious metals, including gold and silver.

So, this application also allows you to earn passive income both short-term and long-term. If you are a beginner investor, you are suitable to use this application. This is because this application can simplify and unify all your accounts. If you want to use it, you can download it for free on the App Store.

6. Tellus


If you are looking for an app like Grain credit, you can install this app. Tellus allows you to increase your credit and manage your financial portfolio. In addition, this application is also able to manage the investments you have.

You can grow your money with 3.00% APY. Then, you will earn a daily compound interest of 3% APY if you open a high-yielding cash account through this app. So this app is perfect if you invest in the stock market and also own real estate.

This is because Tellus can help you with the portion of a home loan that is useful for property management. Many people use this application because Tellus can be the best property management assistant and allows you to manage rental properties contact-free from anywhere.

Through Tellus Manage, you can also easily collect rental properties online and get notified about late payments. You can also create and post listings on several rental property websites and find renters who qualify for you.

7. MoneyLion


This is one of the line credit apps like Grain credit because it gives you a savings account as well as a checking account. Then, this application also allows you to access mobile banking, investments, cash withdrawals, and much more. Through the RoarMoney feature, you can get payments up to two days early with recurring direct deposits.

You can earn up to USD 250 and not have to pay monthly fees and troublesome credit checks. There is also a Round-Ups feature that allows you to automatically invest your change from purchases into your MoneyLion investment account. Through this application, you can also get a low APR loan that you can use to build your credit.

However, to get access to loan development credit, you are required to pay a monthly fee, which is very affordable. You can deposit your paycheck into a checking account and this application will determine the amount of loan you can take.

The good news is, this application has low-interest credit loans, making it perfect for you to build credit. Moreover, there are more than 1 million users who have already installed this from the Google Play Store, but you can also get it on the App Store.

8. Brigit


If you want to spend money wisely or save money, you can install this application. Through this app, you can get an instant cash advance of up to USD 250 with no interest, no processing fees, no transfer fees, and no tips. There is no mandatory minimum or maximum payment period; you can pay it when you can afford it.

This application will pay the advance via debit card instantly and pay back on the date you set. In addition, this application also allows you to build credit while saving without any security deposit and without any credit checks that sometimes burden you. Improve your score to help you gain access to a more affordable credit card, personal loan, car loan, or home loan.

Moreover, this is an apps like Grain credit because you can also manage finances using Brigit. This app can give you an overview of your spending habits so that you make a better budget. You just need to connect your bank account with this application. Then, you can get this application for free on the Google Play Store, which has been installed by more than 1 million users.

9. Possible Finance

Possible Finance app

Another apps similar to Grain credit that you can try is Possible Finance. It is a multipurpose finance application that allows you to gain access to an emergency fund. Then, through this application, you can also increase your credit and get back your lost money in unfair fees and other charges.

Then, this application also allows you to get access to up to USD 500 through a loan that you can pay in installments without any interest. You don’t need to worry because this application will not check your credit score. So, through this application, you can get money quickly when you need it.

10. Chime

Chime Mobile Banking

This is a banking application that is guaranteed security because to access it there is two-factor authentication, using FaceID or TouchID. You can enable instant transaction alerts and daily balance updates with just one tap. This app provides overdraft fees of up to USD 200 on debit card purchases with no fees.

Chime has no monthly maintenance fees and minimum balance fees. Moreover, you can get access to more than 60 thousand ATMs free of charge. It’s an app like Grain credit because you can get your paycheck up to two days early with a direct deposit.

There is an Auto Savings feature that helps you save money every time you get paid or spend money. Another feature is that you can transfer to your family, friends, or spouse without any transfer fees. More than 10 million users have installed this application and you can get it for free on Google Play Store and App Store.

11. Self

Self Build Credit While You Save

If you are looking for loan apps like Grain credit, you can install this app. More than 1 million users installed Self, which helps them build credit while building savings. Through this application, you can receive a credit development loan of up to USD 1200 and you can pay it back in the specified amount of time.

You can create a Self Credit Builder Account without a hard credit check and no credit history required. To use this feature, you can subscribe with a monthly plan starting from USD 25 with a payment period of 24 months. Then, you can continue with the Self Visa Credit Card, which is a secure credit card to build your credit.

There are no hard credit checks and you can build deposits over time from your Credit Maker account. Then, you can also add a second type of credit to your credit report. In addition, this application allows you to monitor and alert if there is the use of credit.

12. SoFi


This is a complete and perfect financial application for your financial needs. This is an app like Grain credit because it can give you a loan based on your credit history and cash flow. In addition to offering loans, you can also use SoFi as an alternative investment application that also offers credit cards and debit cards. So, you can manage your finances in only one place.

By having an account in this application, you can invest in crypto that will benefit you. This application will directly transfer investment funds to or from your bank account. If you are interested in using the features in this application, you can link a prepaid debit card or deposit to your account.

So, you can access features that are beneficial to you, such as investments, home loans, personal loans, student loans, savings, and others. In addition, you can also get a SoFi Visa debit card, which allows you to receive your paycheck up to two days earlier. You can download this application for free through the Google App Store and App Store.

13. PointCard


The app offers a comprehensive range of benefits, with unlimited cashback, and allows you to earn exclusive rewards. You can become a member by paying USD 99 per year and getting unlimited cash back for every purchase. For every dollar you spend, you will earn one point. For example, you will get 5X points if you subscribe to Spotify, Netflix, and so on.

In addition, there are 3X points if you deliver food and share a ride, like Lyft, Postmates, DoorDash, and others. Then, You can redeem your points for cashback instantly. Many facilities benefit you, such as various insurances, instant funding, fraud protection, and instant funding.

This app also allows you to get instant funding. So, you no longer need to wait for 3 to 5 working days to transfer funds. Then, you can also directly fund your point account instantly and free of charge. This is other apps like Grain credit but with a simple appearance and can make it easier for you to use it.

14. Stash


For those of you iOS users and looking for an apps like Grain credit, you can try this app. Stash is a personal finance application that makes it easy for you to invest. The app also offers credit cards so you can reach your financial goals. With Stash, you can plan your future easily and simply.

The app also allows you to earn bonus shares and more in new investments every week with the Stash Stick Party feature. Then, you can also choose how much you want to invest and choose the types of stocks you want. So, you can invest in your future, your children, or your goals.

There are 3 plans that you can choose from, Stash Beginner with USD 1 per month, Stash Growth with USD 3 per month, and Stash + with USD 9 per month. Moreover, there are more than 5 million Stash users and you can be one of them.

15. NerdWallet

NerdWallet Personal Finance

Are you looking for a financial tracker that can maximize your money? You can install NerdWallet which has been downloaded by more than 1 million users on the Google Play Store. The app is also other apps like Grain credit which allows you to see an overview of you with all your financial accounts on just one screen. So, you can more easily find out what you are spending and what is left in your budget.

This app will show a breakdown of the top spending categories that make it easy for you to cut expenses, adjust your budget, and set aside money for you to save. NerdWallet also allows you to monitor your credit profile and credit report. In addition, this application will also notify you if there is a change in your credit score.

Now you know 15 apps like Grain Credit that make it easier for you in financial management to build credit. You can use an application that suits your financial goals. However, use the application wisely, avoid unnecessary loans, or don’t borrow anything that you can’t pay back.

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