Top 10 IP Address Tracker Site You Can Access For Free 2024 – In some cases, you may want to trace the location of individual IP addresses to a specific region. There are several ways you can track IP addresses for free. One common and easy tool for you to use is to use an IP address tracker site.

10 Best IP Address Tracker Sites & Exact Location for Free

Some of these sites help you find out detailed information about the IP address. For example, IPv4 or IPv6 address, provider, hostname, timezone, city, state code, IDD code, area code, and others. This information will make it easier for you to accommodate your needs. The following is a list of IP address tracer site that you can use as a reference:


As the name suggests, you can use a DNS checker to see a DNS record in a domain. This site provides a free DNS lookup service to check selected DNS records on a list of DNS servers in several regions around the world.

In addition, this site can check the complete website IP with additional functionality. DNS Checker also works to see if any country can’t access a particular domain. You can add custom DNS servers to test specific regions.

The way it works is, that you only need to write down the domain name that you want to check in the Lookup query. Then, select the type of DNS record you want to search for. After that, click the Lookup button to perform a search.

Wait a few moments, and then the DNS checker will display the DNS record results you are looking for from several DNS servers around the world. Moreover, many people use this DNS checker because it looks very simple for you to use. That is why; this is the best IP address tracker site.

2. IP Tracing and IP Tracking

If you want to easily trace an IP address, website, or host, you can take advantage of this site. This site has a reliable database of IP address locations so you can get detailed information about IP Addresses anywhere in the world. Then, this site can also find out the ISP name, IP address location in detail, internet connection speed, and others.

Another advantage of this site is that it allows you to get information about browsers, o/s, and proxies. The way this site works is by going down to the city or city where the IP address comes from.

Then, this site will also send you latitude and longitude coordinates as well as a Google position map that will be in your favor. Moreover, this is an IP address tracker site that you can access for free. So, to be able to enjoy all its features, you don’t have to pay a penny.


This is an IP Address tracker site that works with MaxMind Geodata. Meanwhile, MaxMind is one of the five providers used by In the United States, many people think that MaxMind is very accurate.

At the country level, MaxMind’s accuracy is 99.8% and accuracy at the state level in the US is 90%. Meanwhile, the accuracy rate for US cities within a 50 km radius is 81%. Moreover, this site will help you find the approximate geographic location of the IP address.

Then, this site will also provide other useful information, such as Area Code, Country, ISP, TimeZone, and others. How to use this site is very easy because you just enter the IP address or hostname you want to find. Then, click “Find” and your IP will be tracked in seconds.

4. IP Tracker’s IP Lookup Tool

If you are looking for information about the IP address and the country where it is located, you can use this site. Through this site, you can look up IP addresses based on the city or state of the actual address, not just the ISP.

Then, the site also allows you to get 3 separate sets of longitude or latitude coordinates for countries, regions, continents, and even phone IDD codes. In addition, this site also displays a Google map with the location of the house on it, making it easier for you to track it.

The advantage of this site is that it has a blacklist lookup feature. This feature allows you to see if the IP being used is recognized for spam or suspicious activity. This is because this site uses a combination of two checkers, namely a DNS checker and an IP address.

That way, you can check IPv4, IPv6, and domain addresses at the same time. Although the features are complete, you can use this site’s IP address tracker for free.

5. KeyCDN Tools

One useful web-based tool for gathering data about IP addresses is Keycdn Tools. Through this site, you can find out information about IP addresses, providers, countries, hostnames, ASN, coordinates, and others. Apart from that, this site also lets you know the IPv6 geolocation. To use this site and perform IP lookups, you only need to enter a valid IP address.

Apart from being an IP address tracker site, you can also use Keycdn Tools for website speed tests, HTTP response headers, DNS lookups, FREAk attack testers, and so on. So, you can categorize this site as admin and network.

6. IP2Location

Everyone can use this IP address tracker site. However, for users who have not registered yet, you can only get 20 free queries per day. Meanwhile, if you sign up for a free account, you get over 200 free queries per day.

This site provides you with fairly complete information, such as service provider, potential area code, country, operator code, and others. Another useful feature for you on this site is the Share Results option. This site allows you to get good pictures of basic information and the location of the HTML snippet code.

Unlike other IP address tracker site, this site does not require your explicit permission to retrieve geolocation information. This is because this site uses non-intrusive IP locating technology. So, to use this site, you only need an IP address.

Moreover, this site can work for all IP addresses, both IPv6 and IPv4. There is no additional cost to search for IP locations through this website. You can also integrate this site into any software platform and retrieve information about IP geolocation.


This is an IP address tracker site that has many features. However, its main feature is Find IP Address Location, which allows you to track the location of various IP addresses. How to use this feature is very easy, you just enter the IP address and click Lookup.

After that, you will get various information about the city, domain, network speed, state, zip code, ISP, time zone, and others. Then, this site also provides information about proxies and ASN that are useful for you.

Other features that you can access on this site are IP Blacklist Check and IP WHOIS Lookup. In addition, using the features on this site is free so you can access them without paying.

8. Geobytes IP Address Locator

Through this site, you will get interesting information, including the location of the ISP. Unfortunately, this site cannot trace location IP addresses down to the city level. However, this site allows you to get Google maps.

Although it does have little utility when referring to other parts of the world where the address resides. In addition, this site also provides information about time zones, flags, country populations, and plural or singular nationalities.

Then, there is also a CIA map reference that makes this site even more interesting for you to access. Moreover, this site also allows you to find out whether the address is a proxy or not.


This is a simple IP address tracker site. Through this site, you can find the IP address easily just by entering the IP address. Then, you will get a lot of interesting detailed information, such as IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, IP locations, proxies, and ISPs.

The advantage of this site is that this site will provide you with information about platforms, browsers, and user agents. This certainly benefits you because not all IP address tracker site include this information. Then, this site also provides information about whether the user allows JavaScript and Cookies or not.

10. InfoSniper

For those of you who are looking for an IP address tracker site that provides complete information, this is the right site for you. This site allows you to get an IP address location, including Yahoo Maps, Google Maps, and Microsoft Maps options. This is an interesting feature because not all sites provide this information.

Furthermore, this site also provides information about the hostname, provider, country, state, latitude or longitude, and so on. There is also other information about the area or postal codes that may be useful to you.

Moreover, this site not only provides information about where your ISP is located but also provides the location of your city. Then, there is also a link to Wikipedia so that it is easier for you to find out more about the address.

How can I track an IP address for free?

You are able to trace IP addresses in various ways, including using the IP address tracker site mentioned above. Alternatively, you can also trace the IP address in the Command Prompt using the “tracert” command. This way, you can find the IP address for any website.

The following are some steps you can take to trace the IP address using this method:

  • Open a Command Prompt, type “cmd”, and click OK.
  • To get the IP address, type “ping” and the URL of the website.
  • Run the “Tracert” Command on the Command IP so you can see the location your data is traversing.
  • Type these IPs into IP Lookup and you can track IP addresses without making payment.

How do I find the physical location of an IP address?

There is no method to find the exact physical geographic address or device associated with the IP address. This is because IP addresses are not allocated to physical addresses, such as house numbers or specific postal codes, and are not linked to any geographic domain. So, any region does not assign IP addresses. Even if you use a tool like the IP address tracker site, there is no guarantee of accuracy.

How do I find the IP addresses on Google Maps?

You can see the actual location of the IP address or geolocation on Google Maps. There are several display options that you can choose from, for example, geolocation maps included in the report and overview.

If you select this view, then Google Maps will display the geolocation based on the location data entered for it. Then, there is a log view that lets you view the location of an IP address on Google Maps.

So, you can see a city or street address on Google Maps using this view. There is also a display of the Whois information dialog box. So when you check Whois information for an IP address, you can see the location, such as a city or street address on Google Maps.

Is IP tracking illegal?

Similar to a home address or phone number, an IP address is a public information. So, tracing IP addresses is not against the law. So, someone can retrieve your IP address by using an IP address tracker site or another tool as there is no law preventing this.

However, when it comes to intimidation or cyber infringement, IP address tracking is illegal. So, if someone steals your IP address for bad purposes, you can call the police for help.

In the United States, for example, IP address tracking is legal if the goal is B2-B marketing, not person to person. This is because IP addresses are private data when referring to individuals. However, when the IP address belongs to the business, then it is public information.

That’s information about the IP address tracker site that is useful for you. You can use some of these sites to track IP addresses for various purposes. However, stay wise in using these tools so that you don’t have problems with applicable laws.

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