How to Transfer Google Play Balance [7 Easy Ways 2024]

E-money has now become a trend and a habit. In Indonesia, the transaction of e-money increased up to 173% in January 2020 only! Of the various types of e-money, there is, Google Play balance is one of the used ones. So, what is it, and how to transfer to Google Play balance to other accounts?

What is Google Play Balance & How Does it Work?

Have you ever heard of Samsung Pay? Or Apple Cash? Well, Google Play balance is just the same as those two types of payments but is used in Google.

In other words, Google Play balance is credited that you can use to buy any kinds of apps, games to digital content on Google Play only. The more credit you have, the more you can buy on Google.

You can add your account balance by manually transferring it to your account. However, there are also gift cards or promo codes where you can get an additional balance for free!

If you want to check the balance of your account, then you can easily open your Google account through your phone or computer. Then, check or click the balance amount to see how much balance you have left.

How to Transfer Google Play Balance?

Luckily you can transfer your Google play balance to your accounts. Some of the accounts where you can transfer it are Amazon, and PayPal to a bank account.

The steps on how to transfer Google Play balance are also very easy to do. Therefore, for those planning to transfer their Google Play balance, here are some of the ways how to do it:

1. How to Transfer Google Play Balance to Bank Account

Transferring Google Play balance can be done in two ways, first by your desktop PC and second by your Android device. Whichever way you choose, both ways are safe and easy to do.

If you are using a PC, then the first step on how to transfer Google Play balance to your bank account is by opening the menu Payment Methods. By opening this menu, you’ll see how much balance you have left.

Then click on transfer balance to continue the process. You’ll then have to choose where you want to transfer your balance. If it is to a bank account, then make sure the number of the bank account is right.

If you have confirmed the number of the bank account, you will be asked to enter the amount of balance you want to transfer. Make sure to put in the right number because you can’t revise it later.

After confirming the amount too, you’ll have to insert your Google Play balance. Once you succeed, the balance will then be transferred to the bank account!

On the other hand, for those using Google devices, to do this transaction, open Google Play App. Open the app and click the payment button which is on top of the app.

When you open this menu, click cash out, which is right under the Google Play balance. Type in the amount that you want to transfer and choose the payment method.

If everything is right, then click transfer and type in your password! If the password is right, then the transfer should succeed.

2. How to Transfer Google Play Balance to Google Pay

Many people say that you can’t transfer your Google Play balance to Google Pay. Normally to do this, you’ll have to transfer your balance to your bank account first before transferring it to Google Pay.

Luckily, there is an app named Transfer Google Play Balance that will help you transfer your balance to any app you want, including Google Pay. First, download the app on your device.

After downloading the app, don’t forget to register a new account with the app. Then, select or type in the amount you want to transfer and click the Exchange button.

To transfer the money to Google Pay, select the payout method and choose Google Pay. Make sure to also choose Google Play balance as the source of the payment method.

After entering the password, the payment will be processed. However please note that the process will take around 3 to 30 days before you receive the money.

3. How to Transfer Google Play Balance to Amazon

However, like transferring to Google Pay, people must also use another app to help. The app to help you transfer the balance to Amazon is Transfer Google Play Balance.

Overall, the steps on how to transfer Google Play balance to Amazon are the same as Google Play. Before transferring the balance, users must make a new account first.

Then, choose the amount of money you want to transfer and choose Google Play balance as the main source. Confirm the payment method and click transfer to continue the process.

Other than transferring the balance, users can also use their balance to buy a kindle book or make a subscription on Amazon. However, you can’t use the balance to buy any physical products.

To purchase or subscribe to an app, first, open Amazon Prime, music, or other premium features that you want to buy. Then, click pay and enter the Google Play Sift code.

After succeeding you can then enjoy your subscription to Amazon Prime or music!

4. How to Transfer Google Play Balance to PayPal

Another account where many people like to transfer their Google Play balance is to their PayPal. To transfer your balance, use Google Pay App. This app can be downloaded for free on PlayStore.

After downloading it to your device, make a new account and add all the cards that you use in your Google Play account to the Google Pay app. After adding it, PayPal will automatically link to the app too.

When both apps are linked, you can then transfer the balance from the Google Pay app to PayPal easily. If you have a debit card in PayPal, then you can easily withdraw the funds from the account.

Those who don’t have a debit card can transfer the funds to a bank account first that is connected to their PayPal account. This is the most official and safest way to transfer your funds.

After transferring your funds to your PayPal account, you can start using your balance to buy products online. Some of the best products people buy online are movies, songs to apps.

5. How to Transfer Google Play Balance to iPhone

Google play is normally available and used by Android users. If you happen to change your phone to iPhone, don’t worry because you can transfer your balance to iPhone.

However, before transferring your balance, you must determine where you want to transfer the balance. You can either transfer it to a wallet app or an Android app on your iPhone.

To download Google apps that you usually use on Android devices, download Google Play Store. This app is free to download on App Store. Then download Google Pay App so you can start transferring your balance.

If Google Play Store doesn’t work well, then try using AirMore. This app will help you download Android apps by connecting your phone to the computer.

After downloading Google Pay App on iPhone, don’t forget to make a new account. Then add cards or accounts that you have on your Google Play account.

Next, you just need to link the account to apps where you want to transfer your balance. For example, if you want to transfer it to PayPal, then just link the PayPal account to Google Pay.

On the other hand, if you want to use the balance for Android apps, then all you need to do is open the Android app. Then, sign in using the existing account, so your balance appears.

6. How to Transfer Google Play Balance to Another Account?

Unfortunately, this is not possible to do. So, you can’t transfer the balance in your account to another Google account.

If you want to transfer your balance, then the best way is by transferring it to your bank account first. Then you can transfer the balance to another account.

You can only transfer a balance from a child account to a parent account. It’s because children can’t make their payments and transactions, therefore Google gives the rights to their parents to do the job.

However, this is only possible if your Google account is 17 years old or younger. Once your age is changed, then Google will recognize you as a child and will let you transfer the Google balance.

7. How to Transfer Google Play Balance to CashApp

The next app where people like to transfer their balance is CashApp. If you want to transfer your balance to this app, you’ll also need to download Google Pay on your Smartphone.

After downloading the app, don’t forget to enter your personal information such as your full name to email address. Then complete the process by adding a cash app card and Google Balance to your Google Pay account.

When both are available, you can then link both apps together, so you can start using the balance on your Google Play.

Overall, transferring the Google Play balance to another account is possible. However, the steps on how to transfer the balance are a bit tricky, especially if you’re transferring them to iPhone.

Best Way to Spend Google Play Balance

Even though you can spend your Google Play balance on other accounts, using them on Google Play Store itself is quite fun. You can buy many kinds of things using these balances, starting from apps to games.

Before buying anything, go check your balance through the payment method page. Make sure to sign in first to see how much balance you have left. Here are some things you can do with your balance:

1. Buy Apps & Games

If you have enough balance in your account, then you can start buying apps and games from the Google Play Store. The Play Store has tons of games and apps that you can enjoy and have fun with!

2. Make Subscription & In-App Purchases

Other than buying games, you can also buy subscriptions and make in-app purchases using your Google Play balance.

There are many apps on Google that people can download for free. However, to unlock their full features, users usually need to get a subscription or upgrade their members.

Luckily, Google lets you use your Google Play balance to upgrade your membership or get a subscription. However, before making an upgrade, make sure that the app lets billing through Google Play balance.

3. Rent & Buy Movies

Another fun thing you can do with your Google Play balance is buying or renting movies through Google Play Movies or TV. They have tons of movies and TV shows from several countries in the world.

With your balance, you can buy or rent movies you like and download it on your device. If the app is not compatible with your device, then you can simply buy the movies from the website.

4. Buy Ebooks & Audiobooks

If you love books, then use your balance to buy ebooks and audiobooks through Google Play Books. This platform has one of the largest ebook collections in the world!

You can buy any ebooks through their apps or download them through their website. The best part is their app is available on Android and iOS!

5. Buy YouTube Premium

For those who love to spend their time watching YouTube, then spend your Google Play Balance to buy YouTube Premium. The subscription for YouTube premium is only $11.99 per month!

By upgrading your account to a premium account, you can enjoy all the videos on YouTube without any ads. The quality of the video is also the best; therefore, you can watch videos without any disturbance.

Can I Withdraw my Google Play Balance?

Well, the answer is no, if you tend to withdraw it directly. However, you can withdraw it by transferring it to another app or account first.

For example, you can transfer your balance to your bank account first. Then after transferring it to your bank account, you can withdraw the balance. It is a bit complicated, but this is one of the alternatives you can try.

Can I Transfer Google Play Balance or Credit Money to a Bank, Paypal, Cashapp, Google Pay, or Paytm?

Yes, you can transfer your balance to these apps. However, to transfer the balance to these apps, you must use another app to help you such as Google Pay.

Why Can’t I Use My Google Play Balance?

Before wondering why you can’t purchase anything through your Google Play, make sure you have enough balance in your account. Sometimes people are not aware that they don’t have enough balance in their accounts.

If you have enough balance in your account but your transaction can’t be completed, then try to complete and update your data. Make sure the card and address information needed for the account is completed and updated.

Don’t forget to also check your payment profile because it might be deactivated. To make sure that your profile is active, sign in to Google Play. Then check the top part of the menu where there is a sign alert.

If the alert is red, then it means that there is something wrong with the payment profile. To check what the problem is, click it and a report will be sent to your email.

If there is no problem with your payment profile but you still can’t complete a transaction, then try purchasing with another payment method. This is to check whether the problem is in Google balance or the app you are planning to buy.

If you have tried all these alternatives and the transaction is still not completed, then it is best to get help from Google Service. Don’t hesitate to contact them to get further help.

Can I Use Google Play Gift Card on Amazon?

This is not possible if you plan to do it directly. According to Google terms, you can’t transfer or use Google Gift cards to other accounts. However, there is an alternative you can try if you want to use your Google Play balance to your Amazon account.

One of the ways to use the gift card is by using a transfer method. So first redeem the gift card through your Google Play account then transfer it to your bank account or PayPal. After transferring it to your bank account, you can continue transferring it to your Amazon account.

The next method you can use is scanner apps. With this app, you can convert your gift card directly to your bank account.

One of the best apps to help you is the Prepaid2Cash app. First, download the app on your phone and then make an account. Select scan and then scan your Gift Card.

Next, choose the delivery option that you want such as a bank account, a bitcoin wallet, and many more. Last, don’t forget to choose the delivery time, between instant or tomorrow.

Once the transaction has succeeded, you can transfer the balance to your Amazon account and start using it. Easy right?

Final Note

Based on Google terms, Google Play balance can’t be transferred or withdrawn. However, there are some alternatives that people can try to use the remaining balance in their accounts.

However, the step on how to transfer Google Play balance is a bit complicated. But once you succeed, you can use the balance for many other accounts such as Amazon and PayPal.

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