The Main Reasons Why Your Business Needs SafeOpt

The marketing industry is constantly developing, and it’s challenged marketers to keep pace with the fast-paced changes. From the changing technological landscape to the ever-evolving consumer habits, marketers have a lot to deal with. There have been so many changes and challenges to marketing, from increased competition to decreased marketing budgets. A significant challenge today is the widespread concern by consumers and governments about how their data is used. Nevertheless, these challenges also lead to new innovations that go a long way in solving these issues and allowing you to market your brand to your target customers ethically. This article will discuss one such company that has made waves in the industry by pioneering a new way to collect and use customer data for maximum impact.

How Have Consumer Sentiments Changed Regarding Data Privacy?

Consumer sentiment is changing in regards to data privacy. As people become more aware of the importance of data privacy and how it affects their lives, they are also turning to safer alternatives. Consumers have been less willing to share their personal information with companies for various reasons, even with several robust programs in place like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Privacy Rights Act (CCPA). However, this has been met with mixed responses from consumers and businesses. Consumers want companies to offer them more value than what they can get from sharing their personal information, while businesses want the ability to use that information for marketing purposes. 

Nevertheless, this increased move toward data privacy has created a situation that could enable businesses to make better marketing decisions. Although this might sound counterintuitive, specific solutions can allow marketers to present their offerings to people who have provided personal data and indicated a willingness to buy. The best example of such a solution is SafeOpt, a consumer-facing approach as well as a business-facing approach. Their consumer side allows them to anonymously enter their email address in order to be eligible for various offers and promotions. They do this safely in the knowledge that their data is anonymous and secure and will only be presented to companies that align with their values and requirements.

Why Every Business Should Use This Software

The company behind this ingenious solution has developed a system that connects consumers with the products they want while keeping their data safe. This is a huge boon to all involved as it means consumers will only ever be presented with products and services they want, and businesses can access a treasure trove of millions of willing consumers. So let’s take a look at what makes this such a marriage made in heaven.

Main Reasons Why Your Business Needs SafeOpt 1

Marketers Can Reach Hundreds Of Millions Of Users

The company boasts over 175 million users (primarily in the US), meaning that by signing up for their service, you can gain access to millions of hungry buyers. However, it is better than this. Every one of their subscribers has willingly opted into the program. This means that, in theory, they are all pre-qualified (to a certain degree) and are actively looking for promotions they can take advantage of. Furthermore, since they have opted-in, you can avoid the pitfalls of cold communication and present your brand in an ethical and non-invasive manner.

Collaboration With Other Brands Is Possible

Brand collaboration is a process where two or more brands collaborate to create or promote their products. This is done to develop a new product, increase brand awareness, and improve customer satisfaction. By working with other brands, you can become greater than the sum of your parts and appeal to a far broader audience than if you were to go it alone.

You Immediately Become Privacy Compliant 

Data privacy regulations are the rules and laws that govern how data is collected, used, shared, and stored. Governments set them to protect individuals’ privacy and safeguard their personal data. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation is the most prominent example, but others exist, such as the CCPA and CAN-SPAM. All of these regulations have made it inherently more challenging for brands to market effectively. However, by using this software, you will immediately become compliant. This is due to the fact that you send the promotions via their platform, and as such, they are responsible for complying with these laws and regulations. 

It Is Straightforward To Implement

One of the most significant annoyances businesses face with new software is integrating them into their existing platforms, whether via a website or eCommerce service. Fortunately, to use this service, you only need to add two Javascript tags to your existing software or tag manager and gain access to everything on offer. 

Main Reasons Why Your Business Needs SafeOpt 2

It Is Scalable

Now that you have read some advantages, it is probably time for you to think about if your business can afford it. Luckily, the days of expensive monthly or annual bills are a thing of the past. SafeOpt works on what is known as a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) pricing model. The CPA pricing model is used by advertisers who want to ensure that their advertising budget is allocated efficiently. They use this type of pricing model because it allows them to target specific audiences and measure their ROI. This type of pricing model also helps advertisers avoid wasting time on customers who are not likely to become long-term customers.

You Can Connect It With Your CRM To Increase Your ROI

Customer relationship software (CRM) is software that helps businesses in managing their customer relationships. These tools are helpful in the digital marketing world because they help create targeted content for customers based on their behavior and needs. They also help with understanding customer behavior data and predicting future trends. There is a high probability that your business already uses a CRM solution, and if it does, you can gain even more value from them if you connect them together. You can prevent wastage by using unique codes and monitoring them, which allows you to avoid offering promotions and coupons to uninterested customers.

It is clear that over the past decade, the marketing landscape has changed immeasurably (which is ironic given the analytical nature of marketing!). Nevertheless, companies like those mentioned in this post have proven that you can balance privacy and data security with the ability to promote your wares to the right audience.

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