7 Things You Need To Think About When Making A Product

There are seven important aspects to think about when you are making a product. It’s not just the materials that you use to make it – many other factors will affect the success of your product. The post explores these different points and offers advice on what steps need to be taken to make sure your product is worth investing in!

1. Being Eco-Friendly

Firstly, you need to think about whether your product is environmentally friendly. If you are not using eco-friendly materials or producing the product in an eco-friendly way, then people will be unlikely to buy it. For example, if everyone used organic cotton t-shirts instead of cotton that had been treated with chemicals, then we would all benefit – with fewer chemicals entering our environment and better quality t-shirts. Also, going with compostable packaging companies for your products can help to reduce the amount of waste that you create. Because of this, people will be more likely to buy your products. Being eco-friendly has become more than just a moral duty of a company. It has become a trend, and as any trend, it brings more customers to the company that follows this trend.

2. Authenticity

You also need to make sure that your products are authentic. People like to know where their t-shirt came from – they want t-shirts that have come from businesses who care about what they do and how they do it, otherwise the money spent on the t-shirt is wasted. It is a good idea to have short stories on your website that tell the story of how you started using eco-friendly materials and about what inspires you. This will show customers directly from where their product has come, and it will inspire them too. Authenticity also implies that customers can trust you. If customers feel like they can trust a business, then they will buy more and of course, recommend your business to others.

3. Genuine Customer Service

You need to provide excellent customer service for people to keep buying from you. Selling online means that it is difficult for customers to be able to see the products before they buy them – so one of the things that make them purchase from you again is if you give good customer service after their purchase. Providing detailed information about your products so there are no questions left unanswered shows that you care about providing high-quality products and services even after someone has bought something from you. When making a product, always think about how good your post-purchase experience will be. Customer relationship management is necessary because it helps to build relationships with your customers, and gives you an idea of how they feel about what you are selling.

4. Exceptional Product Design

When making a product, you also need to think about its design. Customers like aesthetically pleasing products – they want t-shirts with designs on them that are creative and eye-catching so that people will notice them when they walk by or wear them out somewhere. When designing your products, make sure that you include a variety of styles and designs on your website. Customers should be able to find something that they like from among the range of products on offer. In addition, show some images of people wearing your products – this will allow customers to see how good it looks when they wear it.

5. Sales And Promotions

People also want to know about sales and promotions. If your product is being sold at discounted prices, then showing customers how much they are saving shows that you offer value for money. For instance, if you sell t-shirts, show people the original price as well as the sale price with a percentage off next to it so that they understand what is on special offer now and how much money they can save by buying now rather than later. Make sure that your website has links to where people can find your social media pages and follow you on these channels, especially if you have an eCommerce business. Doing this will allow customers to be up-to-date with your latest news, events, and offers.

6. Usability And Functionality

Finally, you need to think about the usability and functionality of your products. You might have made something that looks great but it’s not so easy to use or figure out how to wear. Customers are looking for user-friendly products, with instructions on how they can be worn properly. Sometimes this means creating a video tutorial showing people exactly how to wear your t-shirts or accessories in different ways – this is an extra step, but one that will increase sales because customers will know what they are getting into before they make the purchase. This same principle applies when selling services online. Make sure that they can be used by your audience easily by including clear instructions and tutorials on how they work. There are many online companies offering freelancing services that can help you achieve this – you can get in touch with such companies for your online marketing needs.

7. Make Your Product Comfortable And Stylish

When it comes to clothes, people want comfort as well as style. Customers will want to know how your clothes feel, and whether they are comfortable to wear. They will also want to know if they can match it with other clothes in their wardrobe. For example, you might sell t-shirts that look great on their own but may not be very versatile when it comes to wearing them with other clothes. If you are selling an accessory, for example, sunglasses, show customers what they will look like when worn – this will give them a clear idea of the style that they will have to wear.

Things You Need To Think About When Making A Product


People like to get the most out of something they spend money on, and if they get a lot of value from your product after purchasing it, then chances are pretty high that they will do business with you again in the future. Making exceptional products is only part of the picture – when making a product, always think about how it will be useful or valuable in someone’s life in terms of how it looks and functions in addition to its usability and functionality. 

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