Top Photography Tools And Equipment That Will Make Your Products Stand Out Online

Being talented, creative, and having a knack for photography is definitely great, but sometimes, it’s not enough, especially if you want to have professional pictures that are supposed to represent a particular product, brand, or company.

In these situations, it’s of huge importance to have a superb photo-taking setup. Bear in mind that product photography is generally important for both smaller and larger companies, especially if they are yearning to sell their services and products in the best possible way.

That’s precisely one of the reasons why you must never overlook the tool and equipment you’ll be using. To help you find and obtain the best ones, we put together a list of items that are essential.

Product Photography Equipment To Perfectly Promote Your Goods

Top-Notch Camera

Let’s start with the most obvious answer. You probably already know that you cannot take high-quality pictures without the right camera for product photography, and that’s the first thing you should acquire. If you purchase something that offers poor quality, your photographs are going to be very blurry, dark, and pixelated.

And that’s definitely not the most desirable outcome, right? Luckily, the market is packed with a variety of excellent cameras that will help you have sharp, detailed images. For instance, for the time being, the best ones are:

  • The Nikon D610 Full-Frame
  • The Canon 6d Mark l or Mark ll

Don’t Forget Tripods!

Besides a great camera, you will also be utilizing the tripod for consistency. What’s the point of it? Namely, it makes sure that both composition and angle stay the same during the photo session.

Furthermore, a majority of photographers are doing lots of flat lays when they are involved in product photography. So if you decide to do so, then you simply must purchase a tripod because it will let you execute overhead shots. 

Now, one thing that is worth mentioning is the fact that entry-level tripods do not allow you to take pics from above. But on a more positive note, you can always opt for relatively cost-effective options, like the Vanguard AltaPro.

Namely, it comes with an adaptable central column which you can easily rotate horizontally in order to take overhead shots. On the other hand, if the budget is not a problem, then it’s even the best option to buy Manfrotto 055 3-section tripod.

Along with the horizontal column, you will also receive a 3-way head, which enables you to make more precise adjustments.

What Else Is Necessary?

Lighting Equipment

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional photographer, or not, it is widely known that lighting plays a major role when it comes to taking any type of picture. So today we will focus on the aspects of it that are the most crucial:

  • Natural light – To accomplish this, you need to find a lovely, sunny place where you can easily take pictures of your products. You can find that literally anywhere!
  • A diffuser – You need this if you want to mitigate the light in the scene. For this purpose, you can opt for a shower liner, a wonderful white curtain, and a bedsheet.
  • Reflectors – The main goal of the reflectors is to reflect light back onto the scene, enhance available light and transform the look of shadows. A foam board or white poster are the best tools for this assignment. 
  • Artificial lights – If you want to have more control over the lighting, then you should be using artificial lights for sure. If you’re just getting started, then feel free to utilize two continuous lights. 
  • Light stands (this is necessary only if the lights you’ve purchased didn’t come with their own stands) – Their purpose is to control the angle and the height of the light.
  • Lightbox kit – This represents a white box where you put all your goods inside during photographing sessions. The kit usually consists of lights, and it can serve as a diffuser and reflector.
  • Lightbox product photography – is an amazing option for anyone who doesn’t have enough experience when it comes to photography because putting your items inside a lightbox will help you prevent a lot of common issues.

Color Checker And Gray Cards

If you figure out how to properly employ a gray card and color checker, then you will not waste a lot of time during post-production. Namely, gray cards are one of the best tools that should certainly be part of your tool kit.

It behaves as a neutral point of your picture, which means that you can utilize it as a reference point when you’re focusing on the editing during post-production. Loading color profiles during color production, on the other hand, can sometimes be very stressful.

Top Photography Tools And Equipment That Will Make Your Products Stand Out Online 1

If you’re relatively new to this whole product photography thing, then bear in mind that the things we listed are just the basics. Of course, as time goes by, you’ll get yourself familiar with more interesting things that will help you promote your goods and brand.

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