High Tech Wedding Ideas To Wow Your Guests

With the number of weddings in the US reaching 1,267,877 in 2020, many couples want to make their big day stand out and are turning to technology to help them do just that. Brides and grooms-to-be can already plan their entire wedding, from ordering the rings, sending out the invites to hiring caterers without leaving the house. There are even wedding countdown timer apps to help you to count down months, weeks, days, and even seconds until your big day. But more couples are now opting for a ‘plugged-in wedding.’ With so many wedding apps and tech out there, weddings are reaching whole new ways of interaction, documentation, and enjoyment for everyone involved.

Use Drones To Upgrade Your Wedding Photography

While drones themselves aren’t anything new, the way you can use them at your wedding ceremony and reception certainly are. Some couples put cameras on drones to capture guests and give a bird’s eye or first-person account of the day’s proceedings. Drones are really agile, so you can use them to unique never seen before angles, great close-ups, or even to replace the ring bearer. Just make sure the venue is happy for you to use a drone, and somebody with experience operates it.

Live Stream Your Big Day

Those guests who can’t come to the big day but don’t want to miss out can still be involved in the wedding when you use live streaming to share your wedding around the world. Some venues will let you set up your own live stream or offer it as part of their wedding package. The cost of live streaming a wedding can vary depending on whether you take a DIY approach or use a professional live streaming service. You can spend as little as $50 if you want to do it yourself or between $400 and $2,500 to use a professional wedding live streaming service.

Wedding Cake Projection And Hologram Photo Booths

For those couples who want their wedding cake to take center stage, they can bring their sweet centerpiece to life with cake projection mapping. Animations, photographs, handwritten messages, and even videos are projected directly onto the cake. Meanwhile, when it comes to wedding entertainment, photo booths may seem too 2016. However, a hologram or GIF stand offers will capture looping animations to send to people’s phones. Guests can even create their very own hologram selfie that interacts with them.

Technology is undoubtedly revolutionizing the wedding industry. Not only does it make wedding planning a much easier task, but couples can use it to create and share their ultimate dream wedding.

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