4K Video Downloader: A Complete Review

Every time we come across an interesting or high-quality video on YouTube, we want to save it. This happens a lot when listening to music on YouTube that’s not available on other music streaming platforms. There are literally thousands of playlists on YouTube that most of us would want to download to watch later.

Although the platform now allows individuals to download videos, it still has some restrictions such as it can be played or downloaded only on the YouTube application. Fortunately, there’s another way to download videos — 4k Video Downloader, which allows users to download videos for free.

The video downloader is a part of a 4K Download programs range that sports 5 tools. It has been designed and developed in such a way that it can easily download videos and audios from renowned video streaming sites such as YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Dailymotion, TikTok, Likee, etc. It functions as a multi-platform download manager, and you can estimate its convenience and control by the fact that it can download not only audio and video files but also playlists, subtitles, and channels.

Moreover, its one-of-a-kind subscription feature automatically saves the latest videos from the YouTube channel. If you want to download YouTube channel, the 4K Video Downloader makes it happen. Moreover, it supports multiple languages.

4k Video Downloader Features

4k Video Downloader Features

This software helps you download audio and video files from any streaming platform you want without any restriction. Along with downloading videos, you can also download audio and video playlists. Moreover, the platform gives you the power to convert videos into various file formats.

The application enables you to change the video file into an audio file. Besides, it makes it easy to convert music videos into different audio formats, allowing you to use it on audio devices such as MP3 players. Video files can be downloaded into MP4, 3GP, FLV, and MKV formats. If you need to convert a video into an audio file, the 4K Downloader allows you to do it in three formats: OGG, M4A, and MP3.

As the name suggests, 4K Video Downloader allows you to download files in 4K quality. Moreover, it also supports video quality of up to 8K. You can also download videos in low, high, and standard definition. It doesn’t end here. The 4K Video Downloader also allows users to download audio and video files with full subtitles. With the free version, you can download playlists for up to 24 videos. You can upgrade to premium versions if you want to access future updates and unlimited video downloads.


You can enjoy super-fast video downloading with a 4K Video Downloader on Windows, Linux, and iOS devices. However, the application doesn’t come in a mobile version. But the best part of this video downloader is that it doesn’t consume a lot of storage or CPU power.

  • Windows: 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The file size is between 31.3 MB and 41.9 MB.
  • macOS: 11 and upper versions. The file size is 28.9 MB.
  • Linux: 64-bit versions. The file size is 33.5 MB.


If you have a Premium subscription, you will get to enjoy the latest updates. Additionally, the developer team fixes bugs and adds new features to the application to boost user engagement.

Another major reason to invest in the 4K Video Downloader is that it does not expire, allowing you to enjoy the Premium features at all times.

Supported Video Services

4kdownload Supported Video Services

If you are looking for the best video downloader that supports websites other than YouTube, you have come to the right place. The 4K Video Downloader officially supports several websites such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitch (for recorded streams)
  • Vimeo
  • Metacafe
  • SoundCloud
  • DailyMotion
  • TikTok
  • Flickr
  • Likee

Quality and Formats

The software applications allow you to download audio and video files in a wide array of formats and resolutions, including:

  • 8K
  • 8K 6ofps
  • 4K
  • 4K 6ofps
  • 480
  • 720
  • 720 6ofps
  • 1080
  • 1080 6ofps


  • 3GP
  • MP3
  • OGG
  • M4A


  • MP4
  • MKV
  • FLV


One of the significant aspects of the 4K Video downloader is its performance efficiency. It is super fast and allows you to download audio and video files in different formats and resolutions. The processing speed and video conversion rate in the selected file format are prompt as well.

The fact that both downloading process and video conversion rates are super fast, convenient, and safe regardless of the file size and format makes this video downloader one of the best investments.



There are three versions of this video downloader — one is a free version for which users do not need to pay anything. And, the other two versions, Personal and Pro, are paid versions. The free version allows you to download videos for free and is suitable for beginners. It comes with ads and some limitations on the number of videos that can be downloaded.

Moreover, the Personal and Pro versions can be available at $15 and $45, respectively. Both versions offer additional benefits associated with the number of downloads, channel subscriptions, no advertisements, and priority support.

The Personal Version (Standalone License) provides access to all the features of the video downloader. Priced at $15, users can get lifetime access to all the features and extend the License to 3 computers. The Pro Version (Bundle License) provides access to all premium features and add-on Bundle License features of the software application. These features include video downloading, saving Instagram photos, 4K Stogram, etc.

User Experience

The 4K Video Downloader is convenient to use, and downloading video or audio files is simple and can be completed with just a few steps. You can simply copy the link of a video/audio and paste it into the software, then select the format and video quality of your choice and click download to start. The file would be downloaded in a few minutes.

Customer Support


This video downloader is an excellent start for beginners because it is loaded with reliable resources to help them make the most of it. The website gives access to a lot of articles, videos, how-to, FAQs, tutorials, and other resources.

If you have further doubts regarding the software application, you can contact the team via email. The team usually responds within 48 hours with well-informed solutions and valuable information.

Final Notes

The 4K Video Downloader is a great software platform for people who want to download music playlists, audio and video files, and other resources in high quality.

The software is super fast and allows you to download videos of up to 8K resolution for free, making it the best video downloader available in the market.

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