Easily Convert YouTube Video to MP3 on Your PC With This Complete Guide

When someone acquires a computer, a whole new world opens up to them. They can produce written documents and spreadsheets, and there are programs to help you create and edit graphics, videos and music. Added to that is the internet, with its power to access global information and communication.

Over time, people usually discover more about what their computers can do, and they expect more things from them. Perhaps you enjoy watching YouTube videos online but want a more customized experience. You may wish to simply listen rather than watch, and be seeking software that can achieve this. We will now discuss the ways you can easily turn YouTube videos into MP3 files on your computer.

Learn From Specialist Websites

If you have a question about YouTube videos, there will be YouTube videos to answer them! Added to that there are many websites that have been created by computer professionals. You may have questions about an MP3 YouTube downloader or be wondering how to access the files from your phone. It’s possible to discover which are the best audio formats for downloads and which ones are supported by specific software.

The internet can also explain the legality of downloading in this way. There’s no issue if you created the videos or if they are not copyrighted. If there are official download links or the videos are in the public domain, there will be no problem.

Understanding YouTube

So what is this site that you’ve been frequently watching? It comes second only to Google in terms of the sheer numbers of people viewing it.

YouTube is the home of video content featuring product reviews and tutorials (‘how to’ guides), comedy and music. People access it for sports or educational purposes, and much more besides.

Sound Formats

When people create text documents, they can save them in a number of different formats. The same thing applies to picture and video content. Sound files come in a wide range of different formats too: there’s MP3, MP4, WAV files and more.

As a general rule, the larger the file the better the sound quality. MP3 has gained popularity with sound professionals because it combines high-frequency audio quality with small file size. This means that people can enjoy their favorite music without filling up their computers and devices with huge content.

Easily Convert YouTube Video to MP3 on Your PC

Online Downloaders

It is possible to rip (download) audio files directly from YouTube. This takes a lot of time, however, and it’s not always a straightforward process. Many internet downloaders support a host of multimedia output formats, including those we mentioned previously. There’s also M4A, FLV, AAC, WMA, AVI, FLAC, OCG, MOV, MPG, WMV and M4V.

Simply go to the relevant web page and insert the URL (web address) of your chosen YouTube video. There should then be the option to choose your required file format (in this case MP3). If you are asked about compression levels it’s important to understand that a lower compression rate will result in poorer sound quality.

No software needs to be downloaded to your computer when using an online downloader, because the technology operates from the internet. You would be asked about the download location. You may want to create a special folder for this purpose. If you are unable to save the file directly it may be copied to Dropbox. Some people are able to gain QR codes that help them download the files onto such devices as tablets and smartphones.

Free Downloadable Software

As with any free software, this comes with a warning. At the very least it may keep bringing annoying ads to your attention every time you use it.

Freebies sometimes come with built-in bugs and malware. Once they gain access to your computer they can wreak havoc and be very hard to remove. If you decide to download free software, be sure to install quality antivirus software.

More Reliable Software

Some of the free options may be slow to use. The wise thing is to either research the best software and websites or to buy something from a reputable company. When people need to pay for something they always feel it will be safer to use and better in quality.

The process for converting your videos would be virtually identical to what we described earlier. Copy and paste the video URL, followed by your required format and quality. It can then be converted and saved to your chosen location. Some software allows people to convert several files simultaneously, in batch form. This certainly speeds up the process and saves hassle.

Once you have your chosen means of file conversion, you’ll be able to get to work. It won’t be long before you can play and enjoy your sound files, be they from Ted Talks or your favorite pop star. Technology is a great thing and it can enhance your personal entertainment considerably.

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