An Ultimate and the Best Online YouTube Converter in 2021

Are you one of those who love listening to songs all day long? Have you been in the constant habit of plugging in earphones with your favorite audio track from YouTube while working at the office or school? Or do you like listening to podcasts, TedTalks, and so much more than YouTube has got for you? This is certainly one of the best ways to be productive at work and simultaneously enjoy your favorite talk show or songs. That being said, this thing would have been much better if you were able to retrieve the audio from your favorite video and then listen to it everywhere. But the question is how to do it? Well, this is where the YouTube converter comes into the scene.

If you assess, you will see that there are ample numbers of YouTube to MP3 converters available in the digital space; however, you cannot choose any of them. Due to this, we have today come up with one of the best converters for you, as it will not only rip apart the audio from a YouTube video but can also save it to your device in high-quality MP3 format. Ontiva is what we are going to talk about today. It is feature-powered software that can handle almost every video file and convert it into an MP3 file.

If you wish to listen to the music from some kind of video offline or convert your preferred YouTube channel into a podcast that you can listen to whenever you are working, this is the perfect work tool. As much as you have authorization from the copyright holders, that is – keep in mind that YouTube’s terms of use expressly forbid copyright infringement.

Now let us begin with knowing more about what Ontiva is and how this tool is the best YouTube converter! 

Ontiva – The Best Online YouTube Converter

Best Online YouTube Converter

By far, all the people that have tried using this software for their purposes are really glad to have come across it. Due to the never-ending demand of people, Ontiva has been created with cutting-edge and modern technology. People use it for converting their YouTube videos into different formats such as MP3, MP4, and so many others that are run on the operating system.

The best thing about using Ontiva as your go-to online video converter is that you will never need to download any bulky application on your phone or system. It is because you can use it very easily on the online website interface itself. Quick, easy, and confidentiality are the three important aspects of Ontiva, being online software. Also, within just a matter of seconds, you can get your YouTube videos converted into MP3, MP4, WAV, and many other formats. Ontiva has been designed to tackle the issues that can be faced in file compatibility. Along with it, now you can also get your favorite audio retracted from the YouTube video without much hassle. 


What is YouTube to MP3 Converter?

This simply used term MP3 is a short form for MPEG Audio Layer -3, which is likely a compressed audio format that the Moving Pictures Expert Group has developed. Typical MP3 files are identical to the real and original recording but need substantially less storage space. MP3 files are mostly only one-tenth the size of a WAVE or AIFF uncompressed file with the same audio output as a CD. To convert your YouTube video file into that of audio, we need to take the help of the YouTube to MP3 converter. This tool can help in the conversion of your video to your favorite audio playlist or podcast. Ontiva, being the best YouTube converter, helps you complete this task by making this happen online.

With this software at your convenience, you can easily convert your videos and that too without going through any trouble. You can convert YouTube to MP3 or Youtube to MP3 320 kbps in moments free of charge with the help of this amazing software. 

Why Choose Ontiva as Your Tool?

With the advent of innovation, video conversion software has been built to achieve a similar role. These tools vary in their layout; they are developed with specific attributes to provide their users with outstanding performance. The online YouTube converter helps the users by providing them with exemplary features to use for their tasks. The same applies to Ontiva, as well. Hence, we have come up with some genuine reasons why Ontiva is the best online conversion tool for you.

  • High-Quality Conversion

Whenever you are converting the files, quality is your utmost priority. We all fear losing the quality of the converted files, and hence Ontiva is a winner here. This tool has a way of making sure that the quality of the converted MP3 file is well-maintained and the same as the previous one. The online video converter is equipped with the added feature of modifying video files to perfect output. People have the opportunity to modify files to fit their preferences.

  • Convenient To Use

The method of video transfer has been significantly streamlined. You don’t need the skills to convert a video from one format to another to match your requirements. It’s only a process of a few clicks to get into the process, and you will be able to do the job without any problems at all. Everything you have to do is add the video you need to convert, pick the format you like, and start uploading it instantly. The interface and steps of this tool are so easy that almost everyone can use it with ease and convenience.

  • Excellent Working Speed

In addition to the convenience rendered by this YouTube converter to provide multi-format video conversion facilities, the converter is also very speedy. It will increase the speed thirty times than most video conversions require when converting files. Quick speed lets consumers convert quite so many videos as feasible in a minimum time. Also, speeds often depend on the internet service you have. The transfer process gets easier whenever you’re working on a good internet connection.

  • User’s File Safety Assured

Safety is an important point to remember when converting online video files. There have been a variety of video transfer tools that can compromise the data after you use them. That being said, with the use of Ontiva as a YouTube converter, you’ll be confident that everything else you have is secure in the system. This video converter is developed with security advancements to enable applications to run safe video conversions to the preferred formats. All the files on your computer are fully secured from third-party companies and other inappropriate sites.

  • Supports Various File Formats

There are enormous numbers of file formats available on an operating system, and luckily Ontiva can help you convert in all of them. From WAV, Ogg, MP4, MP3, and many more are there for your convenience.

These were some important points for why Ontiva is ideal for you when in need of a YouTube converter. Now you have enough why’s to know what makes Ontiva the best pick of 2021.


How to Use Ontiva for Video Conversion?

As we mentioned above, using Ontiva is very easy, and hence, this is the main reason people have been shifting towards it. Let us take you through four important steps that you need to follow for getting your YouTube video converted to an MP3 file.

youtube converter

Step 1 – Copy-Paste URL

To begin with conversion, you need to copy and paste the video URL in the box provided. If not this, then you can also search for the particular YouTube video online on Ontiva. 

Step 2 – Choose the Format

Once the video you wish to convert is shown, select the file format you want the video to get converted. Here, in this case, remember choosing MP3 as the output format. 

Step 3 – Click Convert and then Download

Then click ‘Convert.’ Once the conversion process is completed in a few seconds, then be ready to click on ‘Download.’ 

Step 4 – Add to the Desired Folder

After it has been downloaded, then add it to the desired folder. Now enjoy the audio songs or talk shows anywhere.

Hope this step guide will make it easier to get your video converted into the easy-to-use MP3 file format. 


Our lifestyles and habits are transforming every day because of technology and development. Everything has been streamlined, and we will are finally able to enjoy the advantages of technology. The online YouTube converter is also such an excellent innovation, which is designed particularly for enthusiasts who enjoy listening to music. It isn’t just a fast and easy-to-use online video conversion tool; it is also convenient and secure. They’re going to help you transform your videos to whatever type you like.

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