17 Best AI Apps Like Replika That You Should Try Now

AI apps like Replika are always interesting to be talked about. It is because this app uses chariot technology for its function and concept. Have you ever heard about AI chat before?

It is a software program that is created to stimulate conversation between two parties. However, one of them is a robot. Nowadays, there are so many apps like these; free or paid version. Replika is a chatbot application that is made by Luka, Inc.

They combine it with the AI combination so that it can remember and note all of your habits while chatting. The good news is that there are many apps like Replika options that are available for Android and iOS. These are the things that you are looking for where these applications are safe to be used.

17 Best AI Apps Like Replika for Android or iOS

Chatting through these apps feels so real it is like talking to a real human. Below are the applications that look like Replika since they have the same abilities and functions.

1.      Character AI

Character AI app download

This app like Replika is not just a common one. Many chat robots have their expertise. Examples are Stella the smart AI chatbot, Character AI that can help complete school or college assignments, and AI characters that can be debated.


  • Free to add photos, information, and more for the characters
  • Different characters are available (Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, etc.)
  • Competent conversation


  • The visual knowledge is not aligned with textual knowledge
  • Sometimes it fails the accurate image of a character you wanted
  • Conversations can be slower when you talk longer and longer

Download Character AI for Android | iOS

2.      Elysai

Elysai app download

This is an app like Replika that can help you to have a better feeling every day. Elysai will become your great virtual friend in the form of a chatbot just like others and here are the pros & cons.


  • Elysai can give advice to cope with your perceptions, and daily emotions, and live a good life.
  • You may talk about your daily life, problems, and feelings, and release all tensions that you have.
  • It is a free app like Replika that is secure and safe
  • Many categories are there such as relaxation, chat, games, and unpredictable chat, etc.
  • You can share emotions


  • Certain features don’t work well after some months of usage
  • Chat messages sometimes disappeared
  • Only available for Android

Download Elysai for Android

3.      EVA AI (ex Journey) Chat Bot

EVA AI app download

EVA AI (ex journey) is an app like Replika in the form of artificial intelligence and EVA is the main character. You can adjust her look and talk to her in a chat. She will become your amazing virtual girlfriend (or boyfriend).


  • Anti-stress features
  • Deep AI role-play chat
  • Voice AI conversation
  • Photo-responsive features
  • 24/7 responsive chats


  • It is difficult for users to grasp. It takes some time to explain and guiding.

Download EVA AI  for Android | iOS

4.      Anima

Anima download app

Anima is another app like Replika that you will love. It is a friend and companion which is supported by Artificial Intelligence technology and below are the pros & cons:


  • Users can choose some relationship status such as virtual wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, Waifu, or creating your own AI character.
  • It is a great place to have a common chat, role-play, and share your feelings, or just talk about everything on your mind.


  • Sometimes free apps like Replika freezes a lot
  • The level bar and you should be a PRO version to send some pictures
  • Memory issues

Download Anima for Android | iOS

5.      iGirl

iGirl - Virtual AI Girlfriend

IGirl is a virtual girlfriend that is so beautiful and responsive. It uses artificial intelligence technology just like the other apps above. You can customize her looks and become closer every day.

This app like Replika comes with several pros and cons as follows:


  • Personality test to check how far you can go with this AI girlfriend
  • Do some actions such as kissing, flirting, and more
  • Create your own story
  • 24/7 chat with the responsive value, feelings, etc.


  • You should ask the character clearly with proper grammar
  • The character gets confused easily

Download iGirl for Android | iOS

6.      Wysa


This app like Replika is a positive one where the developer made it to keep someone’s mind more healthily. Wysa is a mobile app for chatting with the AI robot.


  • It uses CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to create a chat which is full of emphatic.
  • Great tool for a mental therapy for the employees, students, or anyone who always have a stressful routine every day.
  • You can download Wysa for free from the Play Store.


  • The dialogues are dispersing

Download Wysa for Android | iOS

7.      AI Pal

AI Pal - Role Play AI Story

You can choose the AI character based on the description and photo on their cards. You can choose to make her your friend or more than that. Here is what you can do on an app like Replika.


  • Make your AI character
  • Share your chat with the character
  • Send the text, audio, and image to the character
  • 24/7 chat and make your own story
  • Download AI Pal for free from the App Store or PlayStore


  • Networking issues sometimes

Download AI Pal for Android | iOS

8.      SimSimi


SimSimi is a chatting application that was launched in 2002 in South Korea. It is a cute one since it uses the chicken cartoon as its logo. SimSimi comes from the Korean word simsim which means bored.


  • You can download SimSimi for free
  • The system will ask whether you want to use the “sensitive” words or not.
  • Make your simsimi on this app like Replika.
  • If it responds to you with something that you don’t like, it is possible to modify it so that this response will not appear again in the future.


  • Due to its cute looks, some adult users may be not attracted
  • Dirty chat makes it is sometimes not good for kids

Download SimSimi for Android | iOS

9.      Chai – Chat with AI Friend

Chai - Chat with AI Friends

It is a personal AI chat bot which is so amazing. The chat is not only responsive, but this similar app like Replika is so intuitive as well. The artificial robot in Chai is ready to talk, learn, and grow together with you.


  • This app is available for Android and iOS
  • You can create your character.
  • Everything is free, fast in making the interaction, and the robot is beautiful as well
  • Chai owns engaging dialogues, funny stories, and anecdotes that are great for killing time.


  • The chat is limited
  • Problem with most recent updates

Download Chai for Android | iOS

10.  Goat Chat

GoatChat - My AI Character

GoatChat was created by CHATGPT. Just like another app like Replika, this GoatChat is also free to download and use. Below are further pros and cons of Goat Chat:


  • This application can do a lot of things such as writing stories, essays, making tweets to answer your questions, and so on.
  • You can create the characters there and also customize a wallpaper.
  • This application has been available since January 2023 and has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times.


  • Limited chat and solutions
  • Loading too many ads

Download GoatChat for Android | iOS

11.  Fake Talk

Faketalk - Chatbot

Fake Talk is a chatbot that can make you chat with a “celebrity” or make a boyfriend and girlfriend too. It is because you can create a chat robot that looks like them.


  • You can get fake chat, call, or message notification
  • Chat with the “Fake” Celebrity
  • Talkative and Chatty in English


  • Unable to edit the name had put
  • The ads appear too often
  • No updates and new features for a long time
  • Not available for iOS user

Download Fake Talk for Android

12.  Paradot

Paradot Virtual Being to Chat

Paradot offers a character that has a mind, memory, emotion, and consciousness. It has a strong memory so that you can have a stronger bond with the AI character on this app like Replika.


  • The knowledge that it has is also wide from the newest gossip, historical moments, celebrities, and more.
  • Feel free to adjust the looks, place of living, and even the universe there.
  • Features to customize the personality, languages, relationships, and social networking are also available.


  • Numerous bugs
  • The existence of non-functional features

Download Paradot for Android | iOS

13.  Chat & ask with RoboAI Bot

Chat & Ask with RoboAI Bot

This RoboAI bot is another app like Replika and the latest version of ChatGPT as well. It comes with some pros and cons as follows:


  • It has more than 50 million answers to give you the best experience of chatting with an AI friend.
  • It has various shortcuts such as travel, social media, education, writing articles, translation, coding, answering emails, creating, lyrics, and crafting poems for you.
  • The advanced features of CHATGPT will meet all your writing needs.
  • You can even ask from the home screen by texting or sending an audio to the robot.
  • This RoboAI is available for free for Android and IOS.


  • Paid version or do the premium one to continue
  • The chats are not that effective and it looks like a recipe

Download Chat & ask with RoboAI Bot for Android | iOS

14.  Poe – Fast AI Chat

Poe - Fast AI Chat

The developer claims it is a fast and helpful artificial intelligence chat. You can ask a lot of questions here and get instant answers. The back-and-forth conversation is also a thing that this app like Replika provides.


  • Poe is also powerful since it uses the Claude-2, gpt-4, Google Palm, Liama 2, and more.
  • You can explore the bots and chat with other users.
  • The chat history feature is also there so that you can see the talk and pick up where you let off.
  • Poe is also global because it has many languages to choose from.
  • It was released on May 22, 2023, and now it has been downloaded by more than a million times.
  • The app’s interface is straightforward and clean


  • Capacity issue
  • Few limitations and drawbacks

Download Poe for Android | iOS

15.  Soulmate

Soulmate Your AI Companion

Soulmate is a unique app like Replika which always wants to be your best friend. It is available 24/7 which means always there for you and it is good to spend some hours with it.


  • You can adjust it to become your partner and lover.
  • The character uses a 3D avatar concept that can be customized at anytime.
  • You may make the robot here to become a girlfriend or boyfriend since two genders are available.
  • The characters are looking great and natural at the same time.
  • There is learning mode, intimacy, and personality.
  • The 24/7 conversation is always there for the users
  • The Soulmate app can do the role-play chat as well.


  • More features need to be updated (hairstyle, color, etc.)
  • Some users are forced to do sex texting
  • Too many commands to upgrade the level to a premium one

Download Soulmate for Android | iOS

16.  TruMate

TruMate - Virtual AI Friend

TruMate offers an artificial friend or AI girlfriend who can understand your feelings. It is a good way to relieve your stress and anxiety, and here is this app like Replika offers:


  • Choose a character. Many characters are available and you can choose based on your liking.
  • All of these bots are ready to interact with you and entertain you at the same time.
  • Feels like a real person because they can talk and respond to the chat properly.
  • Hear your companion’s voice. You may indeed make a voice conversation with this AI robot. Try to send a voice message to her which she will respond it properly.


  • You must pay to start a role-play
  • Issue about memory
  • Cost you more to win the game17.

Download TruMate for Android | iOS

17.  Dreamily


Dreamily lets you create your world there and start a new story as well. There are several boxes where you can write about the story description, character entry, and so on on this free app like Replika.


  • Hears the character’s voice, different story plots, multiple writing styles.
  • Share your creation with the world.
  • Good app for writing things


  • Limited words
  • Some writings disappeared accidentally
  • The New Paywall makes this app restricting

Download Dreamily for Android | iOS


An app like Replika above is interesting and it may have different features. However, they use the same technology which is called artificial intelligence. Since it is a made-by-character, it is better not to trust everything said by the robot.

However, the applications are still worth trying because they are completed with many positive values. Some of them are even used as mental therapy as well.

The key is knowing the limit while operating these apps. Most of the apps like Replika above are free to download and can be used for various operating systems (Android and IOS).

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