10 Best Captcha Earning Apps Recommendations for Android

The Captcha earning app is a very beneficial application. It is especially for you who want to earn money only from your Android connected to the internet.

There are so many applications due to this Captcha typing work in 2023. These sometimes make people curious about which app is the real one and can give them real money. Besides that, some applications are free.

That is why; these platforms can be downloaded by anyone and it becomes a positive value that is loved by people. So, today we will share information about this which is included in the worked Captcha earning app. It can be downloaded easily on your Android device.

What is Captcha?

Before revealing the Captcha earning app, it is better to understand more about Captcha first. This is from the words “Completely Automatic Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart”.

Usually, you will see this code after making an account on some websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and so on. There will be a box where you should insert the combination of numbers and letters written there.

This is an action to prove that you are not a robot. That is why; you must be able to write the codes correctly so that further actions can be done.

Captcha itself is not always about writing a unique character. It can come in several different ways such as choosing the right images, sound, and so on.

Captcha earning app is a great tool to know all of those examples. Usually, you will find this unique method on certain websites. It is really common to be used right now because website owners always want to secure their site.

What is Captcha Entry Jobs

Typing codes in the Captcha earning app is hunted by so many people and maybe you are one of them. It is because this job seems so easy and doesn’t require any special skills at all.

The main job is asking you to read the alphabets which are usually displayed in a distorted image code. You have to type the right codes in a box and then click the “submit” button.

To get started, you can open a Captcha entry website and register there. These tasks can be performed through several gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc.

Mostly, some of those Captcha typing application sites are free or don’t ask for any payments for the registration process. However, the rest are asking for payments in certain different amounts.

You can choose based on your preference. The point is that this job is helpful and worth trying, especially for those who cannot work outside. You can choose the full-time or part-time level on this application.

10 Best Captcha Earning Apps Without Investment for Android 

The Captcha earning app is varied, especially this year. Here are the 10 best applications that you can have to start a Captcha entry job.

1.      CaptchaWork

CaptchaWork - Earn Money

It is an app developed by Technical Strive. All you need to do is just type Captcha to collect the points and get the money. Here are some more details about this application.


  •  100% free to use and download
  • A reference bonus is available
  • Various payment options such as UPI and PayPal (or other payment methods provided by this Captcha earning app)


  • Network errors
  • Lots of ads appeared suddenly which users found that it is annoying
  • Low payments than other kinds of job

Download CaptchaWork for Android

2.      Easy Captcha

Easy Captcha-Earn with Captcha

This Captcha earning app is also worth trying because it comes with many great offers. You have to complete the tasks (typing Captcha) to get paid and there are so many bonuses available as well.


  • Free Registration and play
  • Solve the Captcha puzzles to get real money
  • Various payment options such as: Jazzcash or Easypaisa
  • Easy user interface and clean enough to operate


  • Earn and complete RS 100 Pakistani Rupess as the minimum requirement
  • High battery consumption, especially for mobile phone

Download Easy Captcha for Android

3.      Captcha Typing Work

Captcha Typing Work-Online Job

It is also an online Captcha typing application that is easy to use. Before typing the codes, it also has some other tasks such as doing surveys, offering walls, tasks, and referrals.


  • Referral Bonus is available
  • You can get coins by completing those tasks.
  • Great for a part-time job
  • Many payment modes such as PayPal, JazzCash, UPI, and Easy Paisa.


  • The minimum points to earn cash are 5000 points.
  • The payment is quite low as well

Download Captcha Typing Work for Android

4.      Captcha Entry Job – Earn Money

Captcha entry job - Earn Money

Just like others above, you will get a reward by completing some online simple tasks. Examples are typing Captcha codes, surveys, offer wall, watch to earn, and Refer & earn money.


  •  This Captcha earning app is developed by Captchist Tech and is free to use.
  • For every task, you will earn one point and those points can be withdrawn if you reach at least 5000 scores.
  • This application is easy to use and you can choose any tasks available there.


  • The payment method is low. However, it is quite normal since it also happens on other similar applications

Download Captcha Entry Job – Earn Money for Android

5.      Wfh Jobs Captcha earning app

Wfh Jobs

It is a Captcha earning app from the TBF developers. Besides typing Captcha, you can also search for various jobs available through this useful application to have.


  • Users are able to contact the employers via chat or call.
  • You can set the job alerts for receiving some recommendations and get emails or SMS directly from the ones who open the job announcement.
  • Typing Captcha is also a task to complete here.


  • Large storage
  • It takes some time first because you should fill in some details about yourself

Download Wfh Jobs for Android

6.      Captcha Job

Captcha Job Earn Money Advice

This application is a guide for you who want to start a Captcha entry job. There, you will get many guides about how to earn real money by solving this unique code on this Captcha earning app:


  • Get some guides about part-time work and various categories are also available.
  • Once you open this app, you can easily find the menus on its HOME page.
  •  This application is also free to download, as long as your device meets the requirement.


  • No updates and features for quite a long time

Download Captcha Job for Android

7.      Captcha Karo

Captcha Karo - Part Time Job

It is an online Captcha earning app that is perfect if you are looking for a part-time job. You must know its pros and cons first before starting.


  • The tasks to do are varied such as completing the Captcha entry, coin box, extra offer, daily bonus, team income, etc.
  • It has so many bonuses and offers for you.
  • The developer also provides some interesting quotes that can make your day better. So far, this application got a 4.1-star rating on PlayStore.


  • Too many advertisements
  • Some users don’t get paid after installing this application

Download Captcha Karo for Android

8.      CaptchaToGo


CaptchaToGo is developed by pixelvalley.de and it is available for various operating systems. It has been downloaded by more than 10k people so far.


  • This application uses a dark background that looks elegant.
  • You can enter various types of Captcha by phone so that this job can be done everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you are still on a bus, train, or anywhere.
  • CaptchaToGo is available for Android and IOS devices.
  • You can download this Captcha earning app for free, make an account, and start to use this application.


  • Certain users thought it was a fake one
  • Too many problems on Android phone

Download CaptchaToGo for Android

9.      Data and Captcha Entry

Data and Captcha Entry Work

This Captcha earning app is from the Official Spin to Earn developer. So far, this application comes with some pros and cons as follows:


  • You can earn money online for 200 Rupees per day and everything is just typing codes from homes or anywhere.
  • Besides Captcha, the data entry job is also available to choose from. This application lets you do a part or even full work.
  • For payment, the developer uses a direct bank transfer system, so that everything will be easier.
  • Once you open the home page, some menus will be displayed. Those are the entry work option, get extra money, refund money, feedback, terms & conditions, privacy policy, and exit.


  • Some users thought it was fake
  • Payment is not done properly

Download Data and Captcha Entry for Android

10.  Kolotibablo Bot

Kolotibablo Bot

This Captcha earning app has a unique name, isn’t it? It is a product from Kolotibablo.com and has been downloaded by more than 1 million users.


  • Easy registration to get the username and password.
  • The tasks are easy and can be done online through several devices.
  • You can send them an email if any troubles appear or to give suggestions.
  • An example of an easy task is helping blind people to read text on a picture. Or, there is also a task where you should collect information on a given topic through the internet.
  • Responsive customer service


  • The system sometimes crashes, so users have to log in again and again
  • Too much bugs
  • Short countdown time while waiting for Captcha
  • Captcha doesn’t appear several times although users have waited

Download Kolotibablo Bot for Android

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

So, maybe you are having some questions about the Captcha earning app described above. Below are some frequently asked questions that are maybe can answer your curiosity.

1.      How to earn money by Captcha typing?

The common job to do is registering yourself to create an account on a website. Then you are ready to do some tasks offered and earn some points from there. It is included for Captcha typing where one type refers to one point.

When your points reach the minimum value, you can redeem them into real money. Then withdraw it through several payment methods or platforms that are available.

2.      Which is the top captcha-solving app to earn cash?

Captcha Work and Kolotibablo are two top Captcha earning apps to earn cash. Both of them have been downloaded by more than a million users which shows that these apps are trusted. They have been so popular worldwide.

You can try both of these applications to earn money and learn more about this job.

3.      Can we make money from captcha solving apps?

Yes, for sure. You can make money from the Captcha earning app, but the amount could be different. It is because everything depends on some factors such as the types of tasks you are solving.

The company you are solving the codes for is also another factor. Commonly, you can receive money anywhere from a few cents to a buck of dollar for each Captcha you solve.


Overall, all 10 applications above are worth trying. Filling Captcha and doing some other tasks can be a new job to do in the recent era. This job is profitable and easy to do since there aren’t any special skills to have.

Besides that, you have to know that the captcha application is also online. It means that besides the right gadgets, you must ensure to have a proper internet connection. The good thing is you can make it as a part-time or even a full job.

You can download the apps above on your Android. It is better to choose a safe and working app so that you can get its advantages. You can do special research first by reading the reviews and so on.

Although this job doesn’t require a special skill, it is better to understand about this unique code first. Then don’t forget to prepare yourself with a payment platform that is accepted by a Captcha earning app.

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