10 Best Anno Games Series Ranked Ever Made

Deciding the best Anno game ever made is never easy. Although they have the same storyline and concept, every single title will provide a simulation experience that you cannot ignore.

Anno is the collaboration project of several developers, namely Max Design, Related Designs, Blue Byte, Keen Games, Kaiko GmbH.

The publishers are Sunflowers Interactive, Ubisoft, and Disney Interactive Studios. Since appearing in 1998, many people have been interested in this game.

Gamers are captivated by the concept that allows implementing strategies to build colonies, regulate territories, and do various things related to civilization.

Moreover, each game has a stand-alone title that displays a timeline from the past.

Besides being fun, this Anno history collection will also make you more familiar with past civilizations.

10 Best Anno Games Series Ranked [The Best one To Worst]

Playing any series of Anno online will make you feel like the true ruler. The difference only lies in the time setting, for example, the industrial revolution, Venice, and others.

However, with the existing series, it is normal if you are confused about which is the best Anno game you want to play first. Thus, this article comes to help you. No need to waste time.

Instead of playing Anno games in order of release, you better follow these lists for the best experience.

1.      Anno 1800: Seat of Power

Anno 1800 Seat of Power

Despite some considerations, calling this series the best Anno game does not seem like an exaggeration.

In general, this is the latest release that enhances its predecessors. The setting that becomes the theme of this game is the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century.

This best Anno game will take you through the life of the people at that time. Also, the app has various features that make you feel fun spending time in it.

Unlike the previous series, the gameplay has some new features which are related to industrialization. Therefore, you can improvise to build a colony based on trade and industry.

Anno 1800 will bring you to enjoy the gameplay of managing an industry with all workers inside. Further, you can apply various strategies to develop your city to be the top.

2.      Anno 1404: Venice

anno 1404 venice

It is the extension of its predecessor, Anno 1440, but focuses on Venice as the backdrop.

Because it is still one type, this game also has several similarities with Anno 1701. In general, their storylines are the same.

But the difference is that Anno 1404 has a new feature that allows multiplayer mode.

The time setting is the same as its predecessor of Anno 1404, which is the medieval period. It is also known as the Age of Discovery.

You will build various public facilities, ranging from monuments, architectural works to cathedrals. To earn, you can trade and trade!

3.      Anno 2070

Anno 2070

This game began circulating in 2011 and became part of the futuristic series. Anno 2070 will take players to the future and try to survive amid environmental problems that hit.

In 2070, the world is experiencing problems due to global warming. The highlands turned into islands due to melting ice.

Meanwhile, the beautiful islands that were once popular have now sunk under the sea. Apart from global warming, the world is also facing various other problems, including environmental pollution.

Therefore, humans must find alternatives to survive. 2070 is not the only Anno series based on futuristic.

However, compared to 2205, this game is closer to the life of today’s society so that it is easy to understand.

4.      Anno 1602

Anno 1602

Based on the storyline, Anno 1602 is not much different from other series. In simple terms, you will cultivate an area and make it as desired.

Additionally, players will face various challenges to create a prosperous colony. However, they have to be able to defend themselves from rival attacks.

What is unique about Anno 1602 is its neutral campaign against all countries. While starting the game, you might find the menu to choose a flag that suits you.

Another thing, even though it takes place in the past, the storyline puts more emphasis on technology.

Players will get directions to use knowledge in increasing income and prosperity. The game also lets you create maps for your territory with a feature called Scenario Builder.

Unfortunately, not all versions of the Anno 1602 have this convenience.

5.      Anno 1503

Anno 1503

Once you enter the game, you will take control of a ship with people and materials. All of you are on a journey of finding new land to a better life. The building process starts when you reach the site.

In this game, you will face increasing levels according to achievements, ranging from citizens to aristocrats. Of course, you have some tasks to do.

Similar to the Anno 1602, 1503 has a progressive AI that can adapt to the player. Each player will have a different color in it.

Anno 1503 puts forward two things in the game, namely economy, and technology. Humans in this era already have an advanced civilization but have to work hard to survive.

6.      Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery

Anno 1701 Dawn of Discovery

If you are looking for a reference for the best Anno game for Nintendo DS, then you can try this series. Just like the others, this installment will have you exploring strategies to develop your territory.

Like the title, this game focuses on discovery. You will sail across the ocean to find new islands to stay. Use your best strategy to build the settlements.

Interestingly, this game consists of three modes, namely multiplayer, continuous, and story. Each has challenges that will explore your abilities as a true ruler.

Multiplayer mode allows interacting with other players.

Meanwhile, if you play continuous one, you can seize rival settlements and have them as your territory.

In Story Mode, you can also attack rivals like a continuous one, but the difference is, you have to fulfill several tasks before reaching the goal.

7.      Anno 2205

Anno 2205

Although it has the same concept as the previous series, this sixth installment offers a different experience. Anno 2205 will take you to the future.

The time setting is 2205, where the life of people is technology-based. Everything is futuristic that requires players to have a far-sighted mindset.

In addition to building buildings and creating ultra-modern civilizations, players also must meet the needs of the people.

Your income will depend on your people’s satisfaction.

8.      Anno 1404

Anno 1404

In North America, people also know Anno 1404 as the Down of Discovery. Ubisoft published this game on June 25, 2009, and invited players to build a city by prioritizing the economic sector.

Because it is still a series, Anno 1404 has many similarities with Anno 1701.

With a storyline concept based on the Medieval and Renaissance eras, this series remains trendy with a futuristic feel from 2070.

Compared to its predecessors, Anno 1404 has several additional features. They include Occident and Orient, which allow you to play in two different zones.

The other feature is the housing level, where you will experience a gradual increase according to your achievements.

Overall, there are six levels to complete this game.

Occident has housing level peasants, citizens, noblemen, and patricians. Meanwhile, in Orient, you have to go through the levels of nomads and envoys.

In addition, several other features were not present in the previous game, namely Civilization Clash ratios, new goods, and quests.

Everything is very challenging!

9.      Anno: Build an Empire

Anno Build an Empire

Despite not being the top in this list, you can crown it as the best Anno game for smartphones.

It will be perfect for both iOS and Android. Its smartphone version has the same gameplay as those for PC. However, the availability of in-app purchases certainly provides convenience for mobile gamers.

The time setting itself is the XV century, which is the colonial era.

You will play as a ruler who develops the economy with various assets typical of the period. Moreover, an essential thing about this game is that you can enjoy it immediately after installation.

There are no long and tedious tutorials like most installments.

10.  Anno: Create a New World

Anno Create a New World

Finally, we come to the last. Being at the bottom does not mean Anno: Create a New World is not worth playing. Of course, this is still as interesting as the others.

Playing this game will bring you many challenges.

The background takes the era of the 14th century, precisely during the reign of King George. It was a very bleak period in European history because of the drought.

Then, in these conditions, King George will send his two children, William and Edward, to explore new places in search of a better life.

In this game, you will be Edward whose task is overcoming problems related to the economy and citizen welfare. Thus, you must find resources to save their lives. So, get ready to take the role.


Those are some reviews to learn before starting to install. Each has a time setting and features to try. However, deciding the best Anno game may be different for everyone. So, feel free to pick!

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