6 Best Bunker Hill Security Camera Apps For Android and iPhone 2024

Finding security products to protect your home or office is not an easy thing. However, now there is a bunker hill security camera app that can turn your smartphone or tablet into a sophisticated and inexpensive security device. There are many security camera applications that you can choose according to your needs and preferences.

List of 6 Best Bunker Hill Security Camera Apps for Android and iPhone

Each security camera application has its own features and specifications. For example, the most common features are motion detection, 24/7 video monitoring, two-way audio, receive alerts, and so on. Let’s get to know more about the best bunker hill security camera app that can protect your home or office in an easy and fast way:

1. Security Camera CZ

Security Camera CZ

Through this app, you can turn your old tablet or smartphone into a security camera. This application is specifically designed for the safety of your home and family. For example, you can use it as a security camera at home in general, monitor your baby, pet camera, and also a senior care camera. So, this application makes it easy for you to monitor anything you want.

The excellent feature of this application is smart motion detection. So, this application is able to detect and record motion into a collection of images. So, through this excellent feature, you can browse these photos at any time. You can also save recorded images to Google Drive. Unfortunately, in this feature, you can’t get the motion detected display as a video.

However, when you are in the area around the camera, you can disable the motion detection feature. You can also set a schedule for motion detection. In addition to recording images, this application is also able to make a siren alarm when there is a movement. So, you feel more secure if you use this Bunker hill security camera app.

Moreover, you can adjust the sensitivity of the movement through this application. Other features in this application are night vision, zoom, and torch features. You don’t need to doubt the image quality because this application has high-quality live video recording.

This application can work with any WiFi or cellular internet connection, making it easier for you to use it. Moreover, this app has a two-way talk function, which makes it a perfect security camera app.

Security Camera CZ
Security Camera CZ
Developer: SCamera
Price: Free

2. SuperLive Plus

SuperLive Plus security camera app

If you are looking for a bunker hill security camera app that has a small size, you can download this application. The reason is, this application only requires 57M of your smartphone’s memory space. This application that has been installed by more than 1 million users is an application that is easy for you to use.

SuperLive Plus has a simple user interface so that anyone can easily use it. Through this application, you can monitor anything in your home, such as the family room, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom. Then, this application also has a voice command feature.

This feature allows you to issue certain command voices on devices that you install using this application. Examples of command voices in this application, such as don’t climb, hello, and also howling alarm sounds that you can use as warning alarms. You can also add any command using your voice. So, with the voice command feature, you can more freely control your home even though you are far from home.

This bunker hill camera app can record in video format with high video quality. Each recorded video will be categorized by date, making it easier for you to find a specific recorded video.

Another excellent feature of this application is that you can download certain parts of a video. For example, if one video is 60 minutes long, you don’t need to download all of them. You can choose which part of the video you want to download. After downloading this app, you can save it on your device.

SuperLive Plus
SuperLive Plus
Developer: Peng Antai
Price: Free
‎SuperLive Plus
‎SuperLive Plus
Developer: Peng AnTai
Price: Free

3. AtHome Camera – phone as remote monitor

AtHome Camera phone as remote monitor

This is an advanced bunker hill security camera app because it has AI and deep learning technology. With this technology, this application is able to detect motion more accurately than traditional motion detection. So, you can avoid false alarms that sometimes bother you.

AtHome Camera allows you to do remote monitoring even when you are traveling. You can watch live streaming via the internet or WiFi anytime and anywhere. At night or in low lighting conditions, you can turn on the “Night Vision” mode. So, this mode gives you a much clearer and better video image even in low light.

This application, which has been installed by more than 5 million users, has a two-way talk feature. So, you can communicate with people or your pets using a microphone and internal speaker. This is the best bunker hill security app because this application has Cloud services so it is very safe for you to use.

You can protect all your videos in the Cloud. All your videos will be encrypted before uploading to the Cloud which can prevent important data from being lost or corrupted. Another excellent feature of this app is the time-lapse feature. This feature makes it possible to summarize a 24-hour video into a short video of only a few minutes.

So, you can more easily and quickly find out what happens in a day. There is also a Pan/Tilt feature that allows you to remotely control your camera left or right and up or down. Through this feature, you will more easily capture images of the entire room.

Athome Camera: Remote Monitor
Athome Camera: Remote Monitor
Developer: ichano
Price: Free

4. Home Security Camera WardenCam

Home Security Camera WardenCam

Turn your tablet or smartphone into a security camera using the WardenCam app. This application can work with WiFi and 3G, 4G, and even LTE internet networks. This application is able to monitor your home 24/7 so you can be calm even when you leave the house. You can also schedule automatic motion detection through this application.

Just like other bunker hill security mobile monitoring, this app also has motion detection and warning features. If any motion is detected, the app has a siren alarm to scare off intruders. You can link the camera and viewer with Dropbox or Google Drive so Warden Cam can upload motion videos to your cloud storage.

You can playback recordings from cloud storage. However, you don’t have to worry about your data because WardenCam servers never analyze and store your data. If you want to be even more secure, you can enable 24/7 recording to the cloud. However, if you want to use this app for 24/7 video monitoring, you can purchase the premium version in just one payment for USD 5.99. The price is very cheap because you will not pay a monthly fee.

Moreover, the app also allows you to receive alerts. You will receive a push notification immediately when this app detects an intruder. Another feature in this app is two-way audio. So, you can talk while watching the live stream. This is the best bunker hill security camera app that you can choose because it has many useful features and has a small size, only 11M. So, no wonder more than 500,000 users have installed this application.

‎WardenCam Video Surveillance
‎WardenCam Video Surveillance

5. TinyCam Monitor FREE – IP camera viewer

tinyCam Monitor FREE IP camera viewer

This application, which has been installed by more than 10 million users, has many amazing features. You can use TinyCAM as digital video recording for private or public networks or IP cameras, DVRs, or video encoders.

Then, this application also supports many devices, such as ONVIF Profile S loT devices, P2P with 20 characters UID, P2P for models w/17 character UID, and MJPEG-based devices from all major vendors. This application has Pan, Tilt, and Zoom features that make it easy for you to monitor all parts of your home. There is a 2-way audio feature that allows you to talk and listen.

You can upgrade to tinyCAM Monitor PRO to access more features that are useful to you. For example, you can record 24/7 video in MP4 format to local storage, to the cloud, even to an FTP/FTPS server. You can also speed up and slow down the video archive using the fast/slow archive playback feature.

In fact, tinyCAM Monitor PRO supports a front/back Android camera that you can use as an IP camera or dashcam. There are various kinds of sensor support, such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, and so on. Unlike other apps, tinyCAM Monitor PRO has a face detection feature. This will make it easier for you to find suspicious people or intruders in your home.

tinyCam Monitor
tinyCam Monitor
Developer: Tiny Solutions LLC
Price: Free

6. Alfred Home Security Camera, Baby Pet Monitor CCTV

Alfred Home Security Camera

This application received an award in the category of the most popular utility application on Google Play in 2019. No wonder more than 10 million users have installed this application.

Alfred Home Security camera is the best bunker hill security camera app because it offers 24/7 protection for your family and home. You can also watch live videos in high quality from anywhere and anytime 24/7. The app has intelligent intruder alerts so you can get instant alerts when the camera detects motion.

Even at night or in low light, you can activate the low light filter. So, you no longer need a security guard because you can rely on this application. Moreover, you can store your recorded videos in the cloud without limits. So, you can watch, download, and share the recorded videos at any time.

The app has a walkie-talkie feature that allows you to interact with pets and visitors, soothe babies, or prevent burglars from entering your home. AlfredCamer is the best bunker hill security app that is very easy to set up, free, and has no need for hard skills. In just 3 minutes, you can make your own home security camera.

How to Connect Bunker Hill Security Camera to iPhone?

You can connect the bunker hill security camera app with your iPhone. In the first step, you can download one of the security camera apps mentioned above in the App Store. When you have finished downloading, installing, and launching the application. Then, adjust the settings on the application according to your preference and needs.

For example, you can add the device’s user name, port (transmission control protocol/ TCP), address, number of channels you want to display, or password. In the address column, you can write down the internal IP address of your digital video recorder. Entering the address is essential for configuring the app so it can work with your iPhone network.

When you are done with the setup session, you can save the settings by clicking “Save”. Now, you can see all the digital video recorders (DVRs) you added. Then, you can see four blank windows that represent the channel you are viewing if you click on “Preview”. If you click on one of the windows, you can see all of your DVRs. Then, you can be the only one who can access the DVR from outside the network by turning off WiFi.

How to Connect Bunker Hill Security Camera to Android Devices?

If you are using android, this is how to connect the bunker hill security camera to your device. You can download the application on Google Play and install it. After you select launch, you can click on device manager and click on “Manual Add”.

Then, you can fill in various information, such as username, address shown, and click “Save” when you are finished filling it out. To add a DVR, you can select the main menu and click “Device Manager”, then the page will show all the new DVRs that appear on the screen.

Next, you can connect your device to the DVR and view the camera by clicking “Live Preview” in the main interface. You will see several windows and those windows are the channels you are going to watch.

If you want to view the windows individually, you can double-click them. However, to do a live preview, make sure your device is connected to an internet connection or WiFi connection to your DVR.

Now you know about the best bunker hill security camera app that is useful for protecting your home, office, or other places. You can also connect it to your device, either Android or iPhone easily and quickly. So, you can put your device wherever you want and you can monitor 24/7 with live streaming even if you are far from home.

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