10 Best Fake Social Media Maker Apps for Android 2024

Almost everyone in the world has and uses social media. This can be seen by the number of social media users in 2020 which reached up to 3.6 billion users. However, other than having real social apps, many people also use fake social media maker apps for many kinds of purposes. What are these apps made for? And what kinds of social media can they make?

Well, just like the name of the apps, fake social media maker apps are apps that can help you make fake profiles for postings that look just like the real ones. However, as they are fake, you can’t use them normally like the real ones. But they are fun to make and play with!

10 Best Fake Social Media Maker Apps for Androids

There are many kinds of fake social media maker apps that you can use to prank your friends. Starting from making fake Instagram profiles to fake tweets. All these apps can recreate a professional-looking profile that looks just like the real ones, making your friends believe in them. Now, if you’re wondering what and how to make them, here are some of the best faking apps that you must check out:

1. Fake Messenger Chat Prank

Prank your friends by showing them that a popular actor just chatted with you through WA or Instagram! You can prank them using Fake Messenger Chat Prank, where you can create fake text messages with their photos too! However, before creating a fake conversation, don’t forget to make a fake profile first. Then type in the dialogue that you want to show in the chat and control both sides of the conversation.

Other than faking the chat, users can also make fake video calls. A bit different from making fake chats, all you need to do is insert the picture of the person you want to make a video call with. Then to prank your friends, just screen-shot it and send it to your friends! Pranking your friends has never become more fun and easier, thanks to Fake Messenger Chat Prank!

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2. Funsta

Funsta - Insta Fake Chat Post and Direct Prank

If you’re a fan of pranking and Instagram, then you’ll surely be a fan of Funsta. This fake social media maker app will help you create fake IG accounts for text conversations. However, to use this app, you’ll have to make a fake profile first. To make it look real, the app provides a variety of tools that will help you make your profile look interesting, such as brief descriptions to profile pictures.

The app even lets you change the numbers of people you follow and the followers too. You can also add a verified sign if you need it! Next, make fake posts by choosing a picture first, then writing down the description below. To make it look interesting, users can choose what kinds of comments they want and the amounts of likes on the posting.

Last, using this app, you can make fake DMs too. The concept to make fake messages are the same as making texting apps. All you need to do is type in the messages that you want and put in the picture of the person that you want to be chatting with. With this fun app, you can fool your friends and look popular on Instagram.


3. Fake Tweet Creator

Fake Tweet Creator Post

The next fake social media maker app is for Twitter, Fake Tweet. From the name of the app, you can see that this app can help fake tweets. However, other than tweets, people can also fake comments, and shares even to chats too! Even though the outcome looks real, users don’t need to worry because it is safe and will not connect to their original account.

Using this app, you can make fake posts and customize all the small details on them. First, write the tweet you want to make. Then add media files, and hashtags to the comments that you want. You can also set the dark mode on your tweet.

To make the app look even real, Fake Tweet lets people create a full-on feed tweet from different accounts including the verified ones. Just set the number of feeds you want, and it will appear on your tweets as easily as that.


4. TikJoke Fake Live & Prank Chat

TikJoke Fake Live & Prank Chat

Prank your friends on TikTok using TikJoke Fake Live & Prank Chat. The first thing you can do with this app is making a fake TikTok profile. Choose the name, picture, follower, and following acc that you want. If you want to look popular then make your account a verified profile. Don’t forget to add a short description to your profile to make it look complete.

Next, users can upload videos or content that they want. The steps on how to upload a video are just like the original TikTok. Then, adjust tags, the number of comments, and likes as you want. You can even make it seem like you reposted it from a different account. As for the comments, you can write them yourself and adjust the likes.

Last, TikJoke allows users to make a fake live translation. Add some conversations in the built-in chat so that it looks even real. Overall, TikJoke looks very similar to the real apps. By using this app, people will not even notice that you are using a fake account.

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5. iFake: Funny Fake Messages

iFake Funny Fake Messages

Another fake social media maker app that can help you prank people is iFake Funny Fake Messages. Create fake messages for iMessage, Instagram, Telegram to WhatsApp with an iPhone style. It also provides emojis and stickers for each app, so that it looks just like the original apps.

For those who want to create fake chats on iMessage, then use the modify the background to white. Also, add some iOS emojis to the chat so you can prank your friends. Not only single messages, but iFake allows people to create fake chats in group chats on WhatsApp or Telegram. There are unlimited users for each app and group, therefore, you can pretend that you have thousands of people in one group.


6. Fake Chat Conversation

Fake Chat Conversation - prank

The next way to fool your friends is by using Fake Chat Conversation. Just like the name of the app, it is used to make fake chats with other people using many kinds of applications. However, some of the most popular ones that people tend to use are WhatsApp, iMessage, and Telegram.

A bit different from other fake social media maker apps, Fake Chat Conversation is normally used to create memes and jokes. Many people also use this app as an imaginary friend to talk to, especially because they have unlimited messages and fun stickers.

Overall, Fake Chat Conversation is simple to use and has tools that will help you edit the chats in detail. You can add photos and other media to make it look better too. To make sure that the outcome looks the same as the real app, fake Chat Conversation always updates their features and layouts routinely.


7. Telefun

Telefun - Fake chat maker Prank

If you are a Telegram user and want to prank your Telegram friends, then check out Telefun. At first sight, you’ll see that the app looks just like the real ones. You can see the chats, contacts, and status of your friends. However, you won’t realize that they are fake and just a part of Telefun. After making the fake profile, you can screenshot it and send it to your friends to fool them.

One of the features that you can enjoy from this app is creating fake contact, groups to secret chats. Create the number of contacts you want and add them to the group. Then start making the fake conversation between each contact. As you are the owner of the fake profile, you can also control both sides of the conversation.

Not only the chats, but you can also capture fake calls through the app. Just choose the fake call feature and screenshot it to fool your friends. Overall, everyone loves this app to prank their friends. The only minor part of this may be the fake icons on the menu. So, there are icons on the menu, but they can’t be used. And you can’t apply themes like the real Telegram. Overall, this app is enough to fool your friends!


8. Fake Chat Post Insta Maker

Fake Chat Post Inta Maker

Prank your friends using a fake social media maker app known as Fake Chat Post Insta Maker. Yes, this is the app that will help you make fake Instagram posts, contact, and groups. To make a fake conversation, just edit the screen and type in your conversation. You can edit every detail of the conversation, starting from the time, fonts to the content.

The next feature that you can enjoy is making fake posts from anyone that you like. So, rather than just using one profile, you can use more than one and make a post on it. You can make the post look popular by adding a lot of comments and likes. For the number of likes, just click on the number and change it to the number you want.

For the comments, you can either use the comments from the app or also edit them one by one. This can take some time; however, it will look more realistic. To prank your friends, don’t forget to screenshot it and send it to them to show how popular you are.

The next feature that not all fake Instagram apps have is making fake stories. Even though no one will open it, it is fun creating a fake InstaStory that will appear in your profile. Other than making it, you can also download it to your phone.


9. Fake Insta

Fake Insta - Fake Chat And Posts

A fake social media maker app that works like the app before is Fake Insta. Overall, Fake Insta has the same features as Fake Chat Post Insta Maker. It can create fake posts and chats to a conversation between other users. This app even includes emojis that people normally use on Instagram to make it look real.

To make sure that the app keeps looking good, the app always updates its features according to the update on Instagram. Therefore, when you make an update or create a fake part, they look just alike, and you can prank your friends!


10. Fake Chat Tweet

Fake Chat Twee, TweeMock Prank

Twitter may not be as famous before. However, Fake Chat Tweet is still popular among users because it looks just like the real ones even though it is fake. The easiest thing you can do with this app follows interesting profiles that you like. However, as this is fake, you can’t comment or like the tweets.

Like other apps, with Fake Chat Tweet, you can create fake direct conversations and post them to prank your friends. If you are also a person that loves to show off your followers and likes, then just adjust the number as you like! The higher number you put in, the more popular you will look.

Other than making fake tweets, you can also make fake replies and retweets. Therefore, it seems that someone actually replied to your tweet, even though it is fake. Overall, this app is just fun to use and play with!


Final Note

Overall, a fake social media maker app is fun to play with especially if you want to prank your friends! With these apps, you can create fake profiles, comments, likes, and even video calls. All you need to do to create this fake information is download the apps first. Then download the app according to the fake app you want to make! Remember that one social media has more than one fake maker app, so choose the best one.

However, keep in mind that all the apps above are fake, so make sure to use them wisely. If you do plan to share a profile from one of the fake social media maker apps above, make sure it is just for fun. Don’t try to fool other people with these profiles as it can be a fraud. So, have fun playing and trying out these fake maker apps!

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