16 Best Free Drawing Software for Windows in 2024

In the old days, people usually drew using paper and markers. However, with the development of technology, people can now draw using laptops or computers. According to a survey in 2020, 87% of people in the world have and use computers in their household for many kinds of use including for drawing. However, to get the best results, people must use drawing software to help them out. Now, what is the best free drawing software that people must have?

16 Best Free Drawing Software for Windows 10 2024

These days there are many drawing software available for Windows PC. Some are free to use while others are a bit expensive. However, luckily some apps are available for free and have complete features. If you are one of those looking for free drawing software for Windows, here are some options to choose from:

1. Windows Ink Workspace

Windows Ink Workspace

The first free drawing program that is available for free on Windows 10 is Windows Ink Workspace. This application was established for those who like to draw on the surface. However, even if you don’t have a surface pen, you can still draw in the app using a mouse of your finger too. But if you want to get the best results, then it is best to use a surface pen.

Another great thing about Windows Ink Workspace is that it has various tools that users can use. It has many options of pens with various colors that will make drawing more fun and colorful. Some of the pens can even change their colors automatically when you use them.

The app also offers users whether they want to draw on a screen snip or a whiteboard. Normally, people will choose a whiteboard when they want to draw. On the other hand, screen snip can be used for both drawing and writing.

2. Tracing


The next free drawing application that is useful for beginners is Tracing. This may not be the best drawing app for experts, but it is surely a great app for those who are just starting to draw. With this app, people will have to trace around a picture they choose, using the tools provided such as various pens, rulers to various thicknesses.

To help people draw, this app provides a special feature called a transparency slider. With this feature, you can choose how much of the original photo you want to see. Then, you can compare it with the result of your drawing. If you’re a beginner, then it is best to set the transparency a bit high so you can see the photo. However, if you’re becoming more advanced, then set it low so you can also learn how to color the photo.

Despite being a tracing app, Tracing has complete inking tools that will make your drawing activity easier and better. Some of the basic tools that are available in the app are grid lines, ruler, protractor to surface dial support.

3. Microsoft Paint 3D

Microsoft Paint 3D

This application is just like the classic version of Microsoft Paint that is available on almost all computers. However, this version is surely more fun and complete compared to the classic version. With this app, people can create 3D objects by themselves or import an existing model into the device. To help you color and draw, Microsoft Paint 3D also provides complete tools such as different types of brushes to text options and stickers.

To make your drawing result more fun, you can also add effects to your drawing such as glossy, matte to dull meta. If this is not enough for you, there is a wide range of stickers in the app that you can stick to your picture. Adding stickers to your drawing will surely make it look different and more interesting than before!

If you happen to have a 3D printer, then you can bring the doodles you make into the real world. All you need to do is just print it out and you’ll get the picture that you have made. Overall, Microsoft Paint 3D is a great free drawing app to have, especially for kids who love drawing. However, for the paid version, there are some flaws in the app which make it unworthy for an artist to buy.

4. InkPaint


Free drawing software that is available on all Windows is InkPaint. Just like the name, the app will give you a great ink experience where you can draw many kinds of pictures from scratches to a comic. All you need to do is adjust the tools you use for the drawing. Luckily, in the newest version, there are new features such as pencil & stencils that will help improve your drawing.

To draw on the screen, you can use your fingers or pen device. However, like other apps, the results will come out better if you use the pen’s device. After finishing the drawing, users can save their results in their original format such as .wnk files (WISPINK/ISF). Other than that, users can export their results to SVG to show the results in vectorial quality.



For those looking for free drawing software that is more advanced and professional use, then try out GIMP. Many people may know this app as a photo editing app; however, the fact is this app is very capable of many things. Other than having an expert quality photo retouching program, GIMP also has a simple paint program that can help you create your comic character.

Even though the painting program in GIMP is simple, they have complete painting tools from various types of brushes, pencils, airbrushes to clones. The gradient editor and blend tool in this app are also quite powerful, which will make your painting look different and surely better.

Other than painting, the GIMP app also has programs to make animations. You can either use or edit an existing animation that is available in the app. Or you can also import animation and change it the way you like! Best of all, after playing with this app, people can save their work in many files starting from BMP, gif, jpeg to SVG path import and export.

6. Krita


Another great free drawing software for hobbyists to professionals is Krita. This program was created in 1998 by artists that wanted to provide an advanced tool that anyone can use within the concept of art and illustration. Despite being free, Krista is a powerful application with many great functionalities.

One of the reasons why this free software is great for digital illustration is because it comes with many kinds of features such as various types of brushes. Inside the app, there are more than 100 brushes that you can choose from, and you can even import Photoshop brushes based on your needs.

Despite the great features, unfortunately, Krita does not have a formal customer service team. Therefore, if users have any issues with their app, they can communicate it in the Krita community, which is available online. Other than asking for help, in this community people can also enlarge their network, post their work, or just do some general discussions.

Overall, Krita is a great application for digital working as it is free, with great and complete tools. However, if you are an artist working in the professional world and need advanced tools, then it is still better to use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator compared to this app.

7. Inkscape


If you’re a fan of graphic designing, then one of the free drawing software you can download is Inkscape. Just like Krita, this app was made by talented artists that wanted to deliver great software to create great graphics. Not only that, this app has outstanding features and tools that will make your artwork look like a pro, just like professional apps such as Adobe Illustrator.

Even though it has great features such as the features in Adobe Illustrator, however, Inkscape is much easier to use. Even children can use this app to work on their school projects. It also has additional features such as the RGB color which will give users a wider range of colors. It is even more flexible than CMYK too. As for the result, people can save their work in the SVG format that is normally used for rendering 2D graphics.

Overall, Inkscape is just as great as Adobe Illustrator. Even though it doesn’t have a great text feature pack, Inkscape has other great features in coloring, building icons to illustrate too. It also provides direct editing on SVG sources, which will make your work easier.

8. MyPaint


One of the free digital painting software that many painters in the world use is MyPaint. It’s super easy to use, lightweight and delivers a great result. With the tools available such as pencils, ink, paints, or charcoal, painters can make any kind of drawing they like. To help painters with their work, the app even comes with many advanced features.

One of the difficulties that painters face when making artwork is making symmetry sides. To help painters do this job, there is a feature called the symmetry mode. The axis is displayed by a bold dotted orange line that is in the middle of the canvas. By activating this mode, users can make the other side of the painting easier and more symmetrical.

In this app, people can also modify their brushes rather than provide many kinds of brushes. To modify a brush, all you need to do is control + B and choose the menu brush. Then choose the thickness or size of brush you want to use. If you want to make the brush permanent all you need to do is click the save setting button on the top part of the screen.

9. Medibang Paint

MediBang Paint

Free drawing software that is available on all computer systems from Windows to iOS is Medibang Paint. This application is available in 2 versions, the free version, and the pro version. However, if you are a beginner and looking for an app to learn, then this app is more than enough.

One of the great things about this app is that it has 800 pre-installed backgrounds and templates that users can use. With these templates, people can create digital art such as comics, manga, or just some sketches on the digital canvas. There are also a wide variety of brushes that people can custom themself to help them make the art they want. And to make the illustration look like a real comic, people can add a variety of fonts to their drawings.

The app also provides features that let users easily add files from other applications or devices. Users can easily save the file and edit it in the application. If there are a few files that you want to work on, then just open it all and then save them all in one place! The only cons about this free drawing software are there are many ads pop up, especially when the app starts.

10. ArtWeaver Free


If you’re looking for free drawing software like Corel Painting or Adobe Photoshop that is easy to use, then try out ArtWeaver Free. From the name of the software, you can see this digital art software is free to use on Windows 10. However, if you want a more complete version, there is also a paid version of the software which costs € 25.

In the free version, users can create an artistic image using airbrushes, pencils to oil paints. For the brushes, you can make your type of brush and save it as a new variant. After making the paint, you can add additional filters on your artwork such as blur, sharpen to mosaic effects which will enhance the beauty of your painting.

Another great thing about ArtWeaver Free is that it lets people work together on artwork. So, after making a painting, just save the result over a LAN network. Therefore, other people can open the same document and work on it too.

11. Expression Design

Expression Design

For professional workers that are looking for free drawing software, then Expression Design can be an option to consider. With its advanced tools and features, people can use this app to create web-based graphics and a personalized workplace. But what kinds of tools does it have? Well, B-Spline, slice tool to full layer support are only some of the many tools available.

To help users see how their work is, the app has a SuperPreview tool that lets people see their results in multiple browsers simultaneously. Therefore, users can see if their work is good enough or not. As for the results, people can save their work in many kinds of formats, from PSD, jpg, BMP to gif too.

Overall, Expression Design is a great drawing software to use especially for those who need advanced tools. Even though it is professional software, it is easy to use. However, if you want to use the complete version, you’ll have to pay for the paid version.

12. SketchBook


As for those who are into drawing and sketching, then try out Sketchbook. This is one of the free drawing software used by most artists because it is just simple and easy to use. It even has a complete guide to help a beginner-level artist to create an artwork.

One of the many benefits that people can enjoy from this app is the number of unlimited brushes, pencils, and markers that users can choose. Just choose a tool you want to use, then see the variety of drawing options it offers. With many options available, drawing becomes easier and faster.

What makes Sketchbook even better is the app is integrated with a wide array of apps. With this benefit, people can import and export their work easily to other apps. This app also supports many types of formats from PNG, JPG to TIFF.

13. Sketchable


For those using tablets, then try out downloading Sketchable. With this drawing app, you can turn your tablet into a digital sketchbook where you can create high-quality artwork. Therefore, when you meet a client, you can pour your idea on the tablet with high definition. After creating the artwork, people can save their files in PNG & PSD files. If you want to make it more professional, then you can export the PSD file into Photoshop or other advanced apps.

Another great thing about the free drawing software is it is available on mobiles too. So, even if you don’t have a tablet, you can create high-quality artwork through your mobile phone. It might also be the only mobile application that provides layers.

Overall, this is a great app to have especially for those who work a lot with clients. However, users must know that this is not a painting program and it is not as good as Photoshop or Painter. But if you need an app that can make a quick and high-quality sketch, then this app is more than enough.

14. Pix2d – Pixel Art Studio

Pix2d Pixel Art Studio

For those who love pixel art so much, then you should surely check out Pix 2D from Pixel Art Studio. Many say that this is a free drawing software that artists must download because it is just so fun to work on. There is also a 3D version of this software, however, the 2D version is enough for those who want to make a simple and fun animation.

There are so many reasons why people should try this software and of them is because it is fun to use! With more than 10,000 download options, users can choose any kind of template for animations for free. There are also many advanced tools for editing to use, starting from flood-fill, erasing, and free drawing. To help you out on your creation, you can also use the basic features in the software such as shape drawing, unique layer effects to symmetrical drawing.

15. Graphiter


While other free drawing software provides many kinds of pencils, brushes, and paints, Graphiter offers a different option. Not like other free software, Graphiter only offers basic pencils and colored pencils for users to use. To some people, this may be a disadvantage but for others, this is a great way to practice. With this app, people can learn to draw digitally without having to worry about throwing away too much paper or pencil.

Because the tools available here are quite traditional, users should use a pen when using this software. They can use their fingers; however, the result may not be as detailed. Despite the traditional and simple tools, the result of the drawing is still beautiful and interesting. There are also many colors you can use to make your drawing.

Briefly, this app may look simple and boring. However, for real artists that like simple and basic art, this app is more than enough. Just by using this software, people can draw anything they like as much as they want without having to worry about their paper or pencil. And the best part is you can print out your artwork and make it look real! When seeing the result, no one will believe that the artwork was made from a digital platform.

16. Concepts


The last free drawing software on the list is Concepts, a software that is known in the professional world. It is not free but there is a free trial version that users can try to see how good and unique this drawing software is. So, what is so good about this software that makes professionals at Disney, PlayStation, and Google use this software?

Well, one of the great things about this software is that it gives you great flexibility to think. So, if you don’t have a complete idea yet, you can use the infinite canvas that is available in the app. However, if you suddenly come out with an idea, you can apply it directly onto the canvas. Every step that you make is recorded in the app, so if you accidentally forget or erase it, you can look back easily.


What are some of the most useful features in drawing software?

Some of the most useful features in drawing software are the eraser, the undo button, and layers. It’s really helpful to have an eraser because it will allow you to go back and erase things that you may have done wrong. Layers are also great. You can add them, remove them, or change the order in which they are added.

What’s the best thing about drawing software?

The best thing about drawing software is that you can get really good results very quickly. It makes learning an art form a lot easier and gives you more control over your drawings.

What’s the worst thing about drawing software?

The worst thing about drawing software is that it often takes up a lot of space and that you need to be technically savvy in order to use it.

What’s the best thing about drawing on a computer?

The best thing about drawing on a computer is that you can be more creative and have total control over your design.

What’s the worst thing about drawing on a computer?

The worst thing about drawing on a computer is that you will make a lot of mistakes.

What’s the most time-consuming aspect of drawing?

The most time-consuming part of drawing is figuring out what you are going to draw.

So, those are some of the drawing apps for PC free downloads that you can try. Before downloading free drawing software, make sure to check out what kind of artwork the app provides. Normally most software provides many kinds of options, however, some are made for specific kinds of arts like Concepts and Graphiter.

Also, remember that some of the free drawing software above may not be totally free. However, most of them provide a free trial version that users can use. So, check them out first before purchasing them!

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