20 Best Couple Games Apps for Android and iOS 2024

A couple games app is there for everyone who wants to have a fun time virtually with their partner. Likewise, there are so many applications on the store that allows multiplayer mode.

However, only some of them that are suitable for couples.

Well, playing games online with your partner or loved ones is a great way to keep in touch.

Besides playing games, you can do a lot of other things in the app, such as having a conversation, messaging, sharing photos, and many more.

Moreover, these best kinds of couple games app will help you and your love to spend more time together, increase feelings, and have some laughs.

20 Best Couple Games Apps for Android and iOS 2024

There are 20 recommended couple games apps to play together. All of them are available for free. Further, to get more benefits within the app, you may need to purchase the stuff.

1. Between


Check out our first recommendation. This is a popular private couple games app available on App Store and Playstore.

This is specifically designed for couples only. Furthermore, it contains features to let you communicate romantically with your partner.

You can store the precious memories with your love easily. Likewise, this application is described as the private couple games app.

The messenger becomes one of its main features. Chat in a such romantic way privately one on one.

Moreover, every couple has a special day. You can set a schedule for that and it will not be forgotten. It comes with a calculated countdown to let you prepare for special occasions.

Also, the widget feature is available to check easily.

Try the free call feature. It is a way to keep the conversation going with your partner. Thankfully, your data will be secure in this app.

Hence, feel free and safe about using Between.

Between - Private Couples App
Between - Private Couples App
‎Between, The App Couples Love
‎Between, The App Couples Love

2. Hot Sex Game

Hot Sex Game

Well, just like what the name implies. It provides information about sex. Therefore, if you need a fresh idea to spice things up during sex, you got to have this application on your phone.

Also, play some predefined sex challenges available within the game.

If you have your version of challenges, just add it to make it more personal and romantic between you two.

Additionally, Hot Sex Game is available for free and it is ready to spice up your love life. Then, if you need a shortcut to improve it, try some of the ideas.

If you are familiar with spin the bottle or a sex wheel game, you will know what this app has to offer. Likewise, this is how it works.

The player will be chosen to take a challenge with a dare. Then if it is not enough, the game is customizable to suit your desire.

Furthermore, add a new category that meets your style.

Sex Game for Couple (Naughty)
Sex Game for Couple (Naughty)
Developer: Apprize
Price: Free

3. Roulette Chat


For Omegle fans, this couple game is just for you. This app is connected to Omegle to let you find friends with its Roulette chat.

Further, this application allows you to get new friends using random video chat. You might choose the gender you like and where they are from.

Also, the filters will let you find the best match. In addition, there are some fun stickers to show your feelings.

So, what does this application has to do with couples’ thing. Well,  the features help people to find a girlfriend which would lead to a couple.

They can use the app to video call or send messages to each other in a more stylish way.

Although Roulette Chat is the best random cam chat in the business, everyone knows what Omegle is all about.

Thus, many YouTubers use this app to make their video go viral or trend.

4. Dirty Couple Games

Dirty Games for Couples

Anyone who needs ideas to do some naughty games with their love, this app has a lot to show. Thus, it is a perfect couple’s game app for enjoying a great time with your beloved one.

Therefore, try some fun foreplay challenges and pleasures all night.

There are many dirty dares within the app. Hence, find out your wild side along with your partner as you both play this game.

Furthermore, there are four levels of difficulty. For a starter, take the beginning levels.

You will know how dirty and naughty both of you can get after playing a level. Unlock the other levels if the first one is not enough.

The Levels

  • This is the recommended one to enjoy foreplay
  • You can spice up the foreplay with the truth or dare game
  • This one is for you who want to get serious. There will be some new stuff here.
  • Anything can happen at this level. Get ready for an unforgettable night.

The game in this couple app is based on the Truth or Dare concept. It will surely make everything fun right from the start.

Then, let the app do its thing. Just follow it to have a crazy fun time for the night.

Otherwise, if you are no longer interested in the classic truth or dare, check out the Sexy Dice. This adult game is something fresh to try.

Just roll the dice and follow what it says.

Games for Couples - Love
Games for Couples - Love
Developer: Chouic
Price: Free

5. iPassion – Hot Games for Couples



Unlike the other games for couple applications, iPassion will focus on getting to know your partner better. This adult game is the best one on the market.

Also, you can get more intimate with your girlfriend or boyfriend by playing hot quizzes and discovering hot facts.

It is great for couples to instantly improve their relationship with loved ones. Indeed, iPassion is used as the method to increase intimacy and love life quality.

The questions in the quiz will really get you two talking to each other.

You will know what your partner actually wants and needs. Thereupon, it is such a great way to create a better relationship.

So, what this app can do to its players is to know how well you understand your partner.

Besides, you might have an opportunity to win awesome prizes in a form of favors at the end of levels. Thus, you will be the winner only if you know best.

iPassion Adult Couple Sex Game
iPassion Adult Couple Sex Game
Developer: Macro Tap
Price: Free




THE COUPLE keeps the couple’s memories alive. This is for couples to make their own space.  Also, they can talk to each other and write stories.

A countdown to a special day is a very useful feature. Therefore, you will not forget any moment to celebrate.

Further, there are three different widget styles to choose from. You can adjust the size to meet a proper view.

Indeed, THE COUPLE comes with several kinds of customization. Create the design to be more personal.

Check out the premium subscription to get all the paid services. Additionally, you will get some exclusive themes and other impressive features.

Also, you can download story pictures and upload the story pictures. There will be no ads if you subscribe.

The Couple (Days in Love)
The Couple (Days in Love)
‎The Couple (Days in Love)
‎The Couple (Days in Love)

7. Truth Or Dare for Adults & Couples

Truth Or Dare for Adults & Couples


it is simply a truth or dares game app that is made for couples only. As we know, this classic is one of the most hilarious parties and also the wildest party game ever.

As an adult game, truth or dare can be a great couple treatment to learn more about each other. Furthermore, this app has hundreds of preset cards.

Interestingly, the game allows you to create your own version. Then, set up cards with your partner to play together.

There are many other truth or dare applications for everyone to use. However, this one is very special. It is designed for adults and couples.

Truth Or Dare for Adults
Truth Or Dare for Adults
Developer: Apprize
Price: Free
‎Dirty Truth or Dare for Couple
‎Dirty Truth or Dare for Couple
Developer: GS3 Web
Price: Free+

8. Couple Widget

Couple Widget

Couple Widget can be a reminder of the important anniversary of your relationship. This pretty app can be designed personally with a couple of photos.

Then, you can confirm the days or countdown to the d-day using a graphic. Indeed, the main function of Couple Widget is to show how long you have been together in days.

The anniversary will be coming for ten days, a hundred days, the day after, the day before, and more. Then, select the matching theme for the widget.

Couple Widget : Love Countdown
Couple Widget : Love Countdown

9. Desire- Couples Game

Desire- Couples Game

This is an actual game for couples to have fun. This couple app will make date night more exciting. Besides, the game will let you use your creativity.

It takes your love life to new adventures. Also, it emphasizes more on intimacy and romance. Desire gives you a chance to care for your partner.

Thus, it will spice things up in a form of games.

There are hundreds of dares you can do when playing the game with this couple games app. After you finish the dare, you will earn a number of points.

Moreover, you can try higher levels to unlock hotter challenges.

10. Romantic Diary

Romantic Diary

For a fan of Japanese style, this romantic app will be perfect for you and your love. Likewise, Romantic Diary has a love and dress-up game to enjoy together.

Also, both of you can compose a sweet love song together. That would make everyone feels great.

Girls will love this app the most. Thus, they can ask the boyfriend to play together. So, enjoy all the exciting features and collection to make a visual extravaganza along with special gameplay.

11. Bliss – The Game for Lovers


If you prefer a game that is created for lovers, download Bliss. Hence, this romantic couple games app is perfect to play in bed.

The concept emphasizes more on intimacy and romance. However, it does not offer blatant sexuality.

It is packed with advanced technology that will run based on your personal preferences. Besides, Bliss will give you your favorite background music, romantic preferences, and things you are wearing.

Further, the app will surprise you with a new experience in lovemaking. The game itself is like a board game.

After the dice is rolling and moving around the board, you have to do what it says. There are over 700 actions available.

Bliss - The Game for Lovers
Bliss - The Game for Lovers
‎Bliss - The Game for Lovers
‎Bliss - The Game for Lovers

12. Sexy Dice – Game for Couples

Sexy dice

This one is another popular game for the couple. As you can see, this application is a simple one. It contains a dice that comes with simple tasks to do.

Simply roll the dice by shaking your phone. Then, the player should complete the tasks. After that, you can make your own version of tasks.

Additionally, it will give the couple perfect foreplay.

Sexy Dices - Game for Couples
Sexy Dices - Game for Couples

13. Wefeel – Couple games


This couples games app is quite popular. It allows you to improve communication, share unique experiences, and increase trust.

Indeed, it is packed with simple minigames along with some dynamics to know how the connection grows and other stuff.

This game is not only interesting but also naughty. Therefore, Wefeel should be played with your special one and you will get:

  • Helpful tips from the experts
  • Experience honesty, sincerity, generosity
  • A healthy relationship
  • Better communication
  • A renewed interest
  • Connect just like in the first dates
‎Wefeel: Healthy relationships
‎Wefeel: Healthy relationships

14. Kindu Games for Couples


With Kindu, you can explore your intimate desires with your partner. It allows you to find out many romantic ideas, activities in bed, and many others.

Also, you can communicate securely in private. The developer has a mission to help couples with Kindu.

It will make the relationship more intimate. You will know to fun new things to do with your love.

Furthermore, the app lets a couple discuss in a positive way. There will be an exciting adventure you do with your partner.

‎Kindu For Couples
‎Kindu For Couples

15. Feeld


It is an alternative online dating application for people who look for a boyfriend and girlfriend. This app is open to everyone for any style of relationship.

The dating space is safe and private. Hence, Feeld will let you match, chat, meet, and find your future love.

It offers you with private dating experience. Feeld allows you to be open but not exposed.

Indeed, this is not a couples games app. However, some people who are in Polyamorous ones often use it to find the second or third.

Feeld: Meet Couples & Singles
Feeld: Meet Couples & Singles
Developer: Feeld Ltd.
Price: Free
‎Feeld: Meet Couples & Singles
‎Feeld: Meet Couples & Singles

16. Couple Game – Relationship Quiz App for Couples

Couple Game

There are so many couples around the world who have joined the community in the Couple Game app.

This is the best couples games app in the market. Besides, it offers a great way to discover just how well someone knows about the partner.

Thereupon, this is an effective method to test your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband, especially if you have a long-distance relationship.

Couple Game: Relationship Quiz
Couple Game: Relationship Quiz
Developer: Macro Tap
Price: Free

17. Can’U


Looking for something to spice up the sex life, Can’U will do just that. This is an award-winning couple games app.

Further, it comes with a unique and simple concept. You can challenge your love to a sexy action without knowing how naughty it could be.

Within the app, there are nearly a thousand sexy dares available.

If you do not like surprises, you can choose from 7 different categories to make sure the dares are suitable for your style.

Can'u - Sex Game for couple
Can'u - Sex Game for couple
Developer: Notyapp
Price: Free
‎Can'U - Sex Game for couples
‎Can'U - Sex Game for couples
Developer: Notyapp
Price: Free+

18. Couples Quiz

Couples Quiz

Just like the name tells you, this application is simple a Couples Quiz to know more about your partner’s personality.

You can find 12 love quizzes. Choose it based on your preferences. If you want it to be dirty and naughty, pick the suitable ones.

Also, it is a great way to prove that you are a happy couple. Get intimate by discovering hot and sexy facts about your partner.

Do not worry, it only contains the best questions you can get. There will not be any unnecessary things that could ruin the mood.

Couples Quiz Relationship Game
Couples Quiz Relationship Game
Developer: KDR Games
Price: Free
‎Couples Quiz Relationship Game
‎Couples Quiz Relationship Game

19. Paired


This is the number one couple games app. It helps them to improve their communication, stay connected, and build a great relationship quality.

There is a reason why Paired is known for the best applications. This program won Google Play Awards and Apple App of The Day in 2020.

Moreover, Paired gets featured in The Times and BBC News. The app will help any couple to identify their relationship’s power and growth areas.

In addition, there will be quizzes every week that would focus on a different aspect of your relationship.

Within the app, many helpful tips come from the top couple of therapists.

20. The And Relationship Card Game

The And Relationship Card Game

It is a card game to enhance the quality of your relationship. This award-winning couple app will change the way you connect with your love.

Also, you can enjoy playing this game with friends and family. Play it in person face to face.

You can still play it together even though you are in a long-distance relationship. Using the Video Play feature, the questions will be displayed in a form of a video call.

In addition, this is such a fun way to connect even though your partner is far away from you.

Final Note

What are you waiting for? It is time to make your relationship even better. Therefore, pick the suitable couple games app that meets your style.

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