How to get Skyrim Legendary Edition on Steam?

Steam has removed the Skyrim Legendary Edition after releasing Skyrim Special Edition – The Elder Scrolls. So, Skyrim Legendary Edition on Steam is no longer available until now. Whereas many people buy games on Steam because Steam is the world’s largest distributor of PC games, gaining 75% global market share. But don’t worry because there are other ways to get this game.

There is a safe game sales website that you can access to install this game. In fact, if you buy it from the website, you will get many add-ons that make this game even more exciting. The following is a review about Skyrim Legendary Edition that you need to know:

How to Buy Skyrim Legendary Edition on Steam?

As we mentioned earlier, Skyrim Legendary Edition is no longer available on Steam. So, you can only install it through other game sales websites besides Steam. The game sales website that we recommend and is safe is Green Man Gaming. You can buy it there because they’ve been selling the game for a long time, it’s safe, and it’s cheaper than on Steam.

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What Skyrim Legendary Edition on Steam Includes?

If you buy the game on Green Man Gaming, you’ll get a complete collection of Skyrim. However, if you buy from Green Man Gaming, you will not only get the game itself, but you will also get the official add-ons in this game. In addition, there is also a Legendary difficulty mode for those of you who are extreme players. Also, you will get Legendary skills, so you can increase your skills without a limit when playing this game.

Skyrim Legendary Edition Steam Add-Ons

If you buy the game on Green Man Gaming, you will get some official add-ons. The official add-ons can make the game even more interesting. The following is a review of the Skyrim Legendary Edition Steam Add-Ons:

1. Dawnguard


This is the first major official add-on in Skyrim. Then, this add-on is an ancient organization that hunts vampires and thwarts Lord Harkon. Lord Harkon used the Elder Scroll to destroy the sun. Then, you can choose whether you want to help Dawnguard destroy the vampires or join the vampires and gain the power of the Vampire Lord.

2. Hearthfire


The second official add-on in Skyrim is Hearthfire. This add-on allows players to build a house from scratch to a complete house with an armory, laboratories, library, workshop, temple, and so on. However, you have to buy the land first. Then you can make it manually with wood to make rooms and furniture for your home. By using this add-on, there is an adoption feature. So, you can adopt children. However, you can only adopt two children and they will move into your house.

3. Dragonborn

The Elder Scrolls V Dragonborn

The third official add-on in Skyrim is Dragonborn. This add-on allows you to explore the island of Solstheim. In addition, this add-on also makes it easier for you to be able to tame and ride dragons. Moreover, your task is to reveal the identity of the person who is able to control the entire population of the island and stop them.

System Requirements on Skyrim Legendary Edition Steam.

If you want to play this game, your device must meet the existing system requirements. For example, make sure the operating system you are using is XP, Windows 7, or Vista with 32 or 64 bits. The sound is a DirectX compatible sound card. Moreover, the RAM required is 2GB and the processor is Dual Core 2.0 GHz. Then, also make sure the Graphic Card is a DirectX 9.0 video card with 512 MB of RAM.

Skyrim Legendary Edition on Steam is no longer available. However, you can still buy and install it through Green Man Gaming, one of the most popular game sales. After you buy it, you will get add ons that make your gameplay more exciting and challenging.

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