The List of Top Programs Which Can Help With Writing English

English is the language of international communication. With its billions of speakers, more people strive to pick up or brush up their English writing skills.

Writing English texts isn’t the easiest task. Although essay writing is common in academia and aims to improve students’ writing, analytical, and critical thinking skills, students still encounter various problems.

As a result, it isn’t surprising to see people googling, “write my essay cheap.” While such services can often cover students’ backs, it is impossible to delegate such tasks all the time. Students can’t hide from the assignment flow and have to deal with writing tasks themselves sooner or later.

If you can relate to the issue, you are not alone. Numerous apps exist to help you bolster your English writing skills. Let’s look at them on a broader scope.


Grammarly is widely believed to be among the most effective spell checkers on the market. And it is for a reason. Founded in 2009, only several years ago did it become in the limelight. Grammarly works very well with English-written texts. It screens documents and provides detailed information about grammar, lexical, and punctuation errors.

The great thing about Grammarly is that it constantly develops. So if you use the app daily, you will observe many updates coming regularly. For instance, Grammarly has recently become available on Google Docs, Outlook, and many other apps. This allows you to correct your mistakes when writing an essay, chatting with your friends, or composing an email. Why is it an excellent program?

The thing is, you no longer need to spend lots of time looking for grammar rules when writing a paper. The app will highlight every mistake and explain why you should correct it. It might be a simple feature for native speakers. But believe it or not, it hugely helps non-native-speakers who are sometimes unsure whether they need to use a determiner, comma, or a particular tense.

Grammarly has two versions, a free and payable one. The latter can be a bit pricey. The free version has a limited range of features; still, it will come in handy at any time.

Hemingway Editor

Short, bold, and clear. That’s what Hemingway’s texts look like. Ernest Hemingway was a master of words. Inspired by his style, Hemingway Editor was created. Founded in 2013, it has checked zillions of texts, making them better and more accurate. The app’s primary app is to increase the overall readability score and make the text clear, understandable, and thought-provoking.

Hemingway Editor checks the text and highlights various sentences with different colors. Some colors indicate that a sentence has a simpler alternative. In contrast, others may mean that the sentence is hard or very hard to read.

Also, the application provides crucial information on single words and phrases, which are usually adverbs, qualifiers, and passive voice constructions, and suggests replacing them. Hemingway Editor is a free app. You can use it in the browser or download a desktop app.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary

The English language is beautiful. It has myriads of unique verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Sadly, many words are forgotten, and people often repeat themselves. This makes papers monotonous. And that’s where OneLook comes into play.

OneLook Reverse is a splendid dictionary. Created by professionals, it is a fantastic dictionary of synonyms. OneLook Reverse provides dozens of synonyms for a searched word, sorting them by parts of speech (adjectives, nouns, verbs, adverbs). Using it, you will jazz up your writing, replacing nice with neat, terrific, and nifty; great with outstanding, distinguished, and bang-up; amazing with awe-inspiring, astonishing, and extraordinary.

Aside from that, the app enables the users to see the word’s definition, examples in a sentence, and how this word rhymes. OneLook Reverse Dictionary is free to use, and it has a free Google Docs add-on.


Notes are pivotal in college. You take notes of lectures, jot down ideas for the essay, and outline your work before writing it. A note-taking app helps you remain organized and retain more information. For that reason, consider downloading Notion.

Notion is a novel program that has already surpassed its competitors. The app comprises lots of features, which make it among the most used note-taking apps. Using Notion, you can keep track of your homework, grades, expenses, and many more. You can also use it when brainstorming ideas for homework.

Apart from that, you can use dozens of available templates that will make your note-taking sessions productive and pleasant. Notion comprises such templates as class notes, job applications, grade calculator, to-do list, calendar, etc. You can modify templates to make them even more suitable.

The Notion community is helpful and open-minded. Many users contribute to the app’s advancement by adding unique templates and offering new features. Notion has free and several payable options. By using your college email when signing in, you will get a free pro version. Lifetime!

750 Words

Practice makes perfect, and although this saying might sound trivial, it has a grain of truth. By drilling on schedule, you will not only improve your writing. You will also know your writing weaknesses, i.e., mistakes you commit most often.

Systemic writing will flex your brain muscles, so you will be able to generate outside-the-box ideas for various papers, be it a narrative, argumentative, or descriptive essay.

750 Words is one of many apps that can help you achieve this goal. By using this app, you will write three pages daily. This will improve your writing style and make it more refined and quirky.

Besides, you will manage to increase your typing speed substantially, which will allow you to generate top-notch content swiftly without experiencing writer’s block. This app is payable, but you can find free alternatives on the Internet.


Writing skills are vitally important these days. Having impressive English writing abilities, one can compose peerless and outstanding texts. If you are a student, it’s your best time to work on your English writing and make it stunning and professional. The mentioned list of apps is a no-brainer. Use them when working on essays, and you will enhance your writing shortly.

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