Tips From The Pros To Effectively Use Google Ads For Promoting Your Products

Google is easily amongst one of the most widely used internet services, by individuals and organizations alike. Google’s popularity is probably one of its biggest strengths, one that it uses to its advantage. Thanks to its large user base and its advertising platform, Google Ads, Google lets you reach out to a wide audience.

However, their ace in the hole isn’t their widespread user base, but the algorithm behind Google Ads which makes it a very effective marketing tool. The algorithm pushes your ads to those people who would be interested in your product.

Furthermore, you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ads, which makes it economically feasible. However, in order to make the best of it and ensure that your ads reach the right people, you should know how to effectively use Google Ads. Here are some expert tips to help you make the best of your Google Ads campaign.

Use The Right Keywords

When your ads are presented to users, it is because of the keywords that you add to the list against which the ad should appear. In order to ensure that your ad appears to those who are likely to be potential customers, simply using the right keywords is not enough.

You also need to finetune your ad for the right negative keywords. Negative keywords are specifically those searches for which you wouldn’t want your ads to appear. It would not be beneficial for you to target users looking for jobs, those looking for definitions, or those doing research.

So, you should flag keywords like books, jobs, careers, free, sample, about, and meaning as negative keywords. In fact, these words are amongst the most commonly used negative keywords.

Location-Based Targeting

Location-based targeting is a feature that can be extremely beneficial to small and local businesses. Google ads give you the option of targeting users from a specific region. For example, if you sell your products in California, it wouldn’t make sense for you to target users who search for something relevant but are based in Texas.

This would help you narrow down to people who are more likely to be interested in your product. However, this feature isn’t useful only for small businesses. Big businesses could also benefit from targeting users based on their geographic location. For example, if a company sells surfing equipment, it is more likely to reach out to potential customers by restricting its ads to users from regions where the sport is accessible or popular.

Keyword Match-Types

There are different ways in which Google matches keywords and links them to your ad. Which way you would like Google to follow depends on you. There are four ways in which keywords are matched; broad match, broad match modified, phrase match, and exact match. Depending on the approach you select, you will get different responses.

A broad match will result in a large number of impressions but a low cost per click. At the same time, the percentage of conversion will be small. The opposite will be true for an exact match-type approach, although simply optimizing the match-types is not enough. One also needs to use the right type of ads.

The digital advertising gurus at suggest that shopping ads result in a lot more clicks than search-based ads. In fact, shopping-based ads compose over 80 percent of non-brand paid ads and can be a great way of garnering your product some attention.

Optimize Your Ad Schedule

Over time, as you observe the performance of your ads, you will realize that your ads perform better during a certain time of the day. By understanding the pattern and identifying the time when your ads get the best response, you can create a schedule in Google Ads. This will allow you to target a more focused audience resulting in a better outcome.

Optimize Your Landing Page

Whenever a user clicks on your advertisement, the webpage that they are redirected to is called the landing page. It is important for you to optimize your landing page. Using ads as click baits to attract users to your webpage is a poor practice. Not only will this put them off, but it will also lower your Google Ads Quality Score, which in turn will reduce the overall impact of your ad campaign. Your landing page should be related to what is shown in the ad and should give the user relevant and useful information regarding the same.

Improve Your Quality Score

The chances of conversion of your ad depends on the Quality Score that is assigned to you by Google Ads. Google gives every ad campaign a quality score that ranges from one to ten and depends on the quality of the ads, the quality and relevance of the landing page, and the keywords that are used.

Effectively Use Google Ads For Promoting Your Products 2

Google Ads can be a very effective weapon in your marketing arsenal, but only if you know how to optimize your ads to target the right audience. Doing so will not only result in a better conversion but will also be financially more viable.

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