Download Ismartviewpro App for PC [Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac]

Leaving the kids with a nanny or the pets alone at home might be a hard decision to make. However, at some point, people must deal with that situation. Ismartviewpro App for PC is a helpful option to keep in contact with them anywhere.

What is Ismartviewpro App?

Ismartviewpro is an application that connects you with the CCTV camera in your house. With this app, the living place’s condition can be supervised.

Ismartviewpro gives a real-time recording of your CCTV and permits you to monitor the condition at home as well as talking to the people there.

What makes this application special? Besides giving the chance to interact with the people you monitor, the users will rarely find the crash or lag during the surveillance process.


Ismartviewpro App Feature

Several options provided by Ismartviewpro app make it the best application for the people who look for the CCTV controller. Here they are.

  • Live Recording

As mentioned before, Ismartviewpro’s main feature is to provide the live or real-time recording from your CCTV.

It is a relieving thing to have for the parents who leave their toddlers with the nanny or for the homeowners that are always worried about the house condition when they are away.

  • Taking the Footage and Screenshot

You can take some parts of the live recording as the photo or video footage. This function proves that Ismartviewpro not only suits for household needs but also the professional matter such as office surveillance.

  • Interactive Feature

Ismartviewpro also allows you to interact with people via CCTV cameras. This interactive feature is useful for both the supervisor and the people at home/office. It can help to overcome any trouble or danger.

  • Big Storage

Are you feeling confused about which surveillance footage that should be kept and deleted? Try the free download Ismartviewpro App for PC and save all the data needed on its big storage.

  • Time Code

The footage you keep also includes the time code. Thus, other people will know when the videos were taken. For the office or police investigation material, this feature is helpful.


How to Download Ismartviewpro App for PC [Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac]

Unfortunately, some useful apps are only available for the Android and iOs devices, including Ismartviewpro App. The developer did not make the PC version of this.

The good news is the surveillance can still be done from your laptop via Ismartviewpro, as long as you have the Android Emulator. Let us do these easily done steps.

  1. Search for the suitable Android Emulator for your PC on the search engine. You will find some suggestions, including Bluestacks, the most favorited one that contains the latest app on Play Store.
  2. Download Bluestacks and process the installation after that.
  3. Now, you can download the Ismartviewpro on your PC .
  4. Find out where the search icon is located. That is the shortcut for you to download various applications on Play Store.
  5. Type ‘Ismartviewpro’ and you will find that application. Download it to your PC.
  6. Now, you can interact with the people in the monitor via a hands free device and see what they do.

Everybody now can use CCTV and make sure that their house is always in good condition, including you! Let’s download Ismartviewpro App for PC [Windows 7, 8, 10 – Mac] and do your home security!

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