10 Best Auto Answer Call Apps for Android 2024

Have you ever been so busy that you just can’t answer your phone? Or are you one of 81% of people in the US that won’t answer phones from unknown numbers? Well, if you are one of these people and need someone to answer the phone for you, it is best to install an auto answer call app on your phone.

List of 10 Best Auto Answer Call Apps for Android

An automatic answering call app will help you answer phones that you didn’t answer whether you can’t answer it or just don’t want to. These apps are also very helpful, especially if you are on the road and you can’t answer your phones. It will help you safely on the road but will also help inform the caller that you can’t answer their phone right now. Therefore, the caller will notice the message and leave a message or call you later.

Now there are many auto call apps available on Android. They all have the same functions; however, some apps have better features such as auto texting based on your activity to set times to turn on the auto call. So, if you are looking for the best auto answer call app to download, here are some of the best recommendations:

1. Do It Later – Schedule SMS, Auto Reply Text

Do It Later Auto SMS Message

One of the best apps available on Android that have been downloaded many times by users is Do it Later. This app will help you give immediate responses to other people that are calling or texting when you can’t reply. You can also set the time for the auto-reply, so you don’t have to worry about missing an important text or call.

For example, if you are going to drive quite far and you know you can’t answer the phone, then turn on the call answering app. Then, you can set the time and duration of auto-reply. If you are planning to drive for an hour, then set it for an hour. Don’t forget to make a custom message that will be sent to the caller or sender.

When you turn on the auto-reply, anyone calling or texting during that hour will automatically get the text that you have made. Therefore, they can know when to call you again or wait for you to call back. This way, you can drive calmly without having to worry about any calls or texts.

2. Auto Answer & Callback

Auto answer callback

The next automatic answer call app on the list that is very helpful is Auto Answer & Callback. Just like the name of the app, Auto Answer & Callback will help receive any calls when you are busy or if you have both of your hands busy. If you can answer the phone, then you can continue, however, if you can’t then a message will be delivered to the caller.

Another great thing about Auto Answer Callback is that it will help you answer calls automatically when you use a wireless device. So, without having to touch anything or be hands-free, the app will answer the phone if they detected a Bluetooth device. On the other hand, if you disconnect the device, then the auto-answer app will also be disabled.

Auto Answer & Callback also has a feature where people can call back for selected calls only. So, people can choose which kind of calls are important and set them to call back. With this feature, people won’t need to worry about missing an important call either.

Auto answer & callback
Auto answer & callback
Developer: magdelphi
Price: Free

3. Moto Answer


Many say that this is one of the best auto answer call apps available in the store because it is easy to use and compatible with or without a headset. With this app, you can continue with your activity without having to get disturbed.

So, if you are using a headset, the app will then detect the gadget and will help you answer the phone. Therefore, even though you are on the road and want to answer the phone, the app will help you answer it. On the other hand, those who don’t like headsets can also use speakers to answer your calls. This way, whichever style you like, the app will adjust it so you can still answer your calls.

Last, the great thing about this app is that it keeps on running in the background. Therefore, it doesn’t consume most of your battery and doesn’t make it drain either. However, before using this app on your phone, make sure it is compatible with the system on your phone.

Developer: Cards
Price: Free

4. Auto Answer Call

Auto answer call

One auto answer call app that is also available on Android is Auto Answer Call. Even though this is not the best app on the list, this app has many features that people can use to help answer their calls. Firstly, users can choose to answer a call automatically without having to wait too long. However, if you want time to see who is calling, you can choose the time and set it on the ID caller to see who it is.

If the person is someone you don’t want to answer, users can then just block the number or let it off. When they choose this option, the caller will then catch the answering machine, where they can leave a message.

This app also provides options for users to answer the phone. Whether they use wireless Bluetooth or a normal headset, the app can work with it. As for those who prefer to use speakers to answer the phone, don’t forget to choose that as the main way to answer the phone.

To make sure that the app can work well on your phone, make sure the screen is not locked or is it in sleep mode. If your phone is in either of these modes, then the app can’t detect any calls and won’t be able to answer them either.

Auto answer call
Auto answer call
Developer: Thunder Elephant
Price: Free

5. HandsFree Answer (Auto Answer)

HandsFree Auto Answer

Just like the name of the app, HandsFree Answer (Auto Answer) is the app that will help you do the job, especially when you are driving or doing other activities. You won’t need to take your hands off the steer or on what you are doing because the app will do it for you. All you must do is set the activity before doing it, then the app will start working.

After determining the activity, don’t forget the other settings that you must adjust. First, you can determine which calls to answer. You can put in the numbers that you want to receive. If you don’t mind receiving all calls, then just choose for all.

Next, users can also choose the time before the app can answer the phone. Normally, people will set it for 2-5 seconds, so it doesn’t take too long. However, if you don’t like waiting then you can also choose automatically to answer the phone.

For those using Samsung S5 to S7 that use the Android 5.0 system or above, make sure to disable the Samsung S-View feature first before using this app. Sometimes this app won’t work correctly when this feature is on.

HandsFree Answer (Auto Answer)
HandsFree Answer (Auto Answer)

6. Auto Answer Call by ForU Naveen

Auto Answer Call by ForU Naveen

If you’re looking for an auto answer call app that can help you answer calls even without using an additional gadget, then Auto Answer is surely an option. Just like the name of the app, you don’t need an app to answer the phone. When the phone rings, it will answer it straightly without having to detect any additional gadgets such as headphones or touching the screen.

Now for those who don’t want to answer any calls can also adjust the callers that you want to receive. To know who is calling you, the app will say the name of the caller if they are in your contact. If they aren’t then you can choose the setting to no answer. Or if any numbers annoy you, you can just easily just block the numbers from the app too.

When you want the app to answer the phone immediately, then you just need to adjust the app. Inside the app, people can also choose the time to answer the phone, such as 5-30 seconds. When you are not busy anymore, then just turn off the app. It is as easy as that!

Auto Answer Call
Auto Answer Call
Developer: ForU Naveen
Price: Free

7. Vani Dialer – Answer Call by Your Voice

Vani Dialer Answer Calls By Your Voice

Looking for a personal voice assistant that can help you answer or reject calls? If so, then use the Vani, the personal voice assistant available for Android. To make this auto answer call app, you must make your commands first using your voice. This app will only work with your voice, so don’t worry about other people hijacking your app.

Some of the commands that you can use for the app are to accept a call, reject it to block spam calls. The app can even send an SMS or text just by using your voice command. To make sure that the app works well, it is best to use easy words with loud and clear pronunciations.

8. Wasavi: Auto Reply, Schedule Message, Tasks, Notes


This is not an auto answer call app that will help answer your calls. On the other hand, this is an app that will help give auto-replies to people texting you and make important notes from the messages that come in. So, the app will organize all the texts that come into your phone, whether it is SMS or WhatsApp. Then, it will organize it and help you make schedules to important notes, so you don’t forget.

When you are busy, the app can auto-reply messages to the sender so they know if you can’t read the message now. The message can be made in the text or with pictures. All you need to do is set the settings if you are in a meeting or driving. Then the app will start working once you say you are busy.

Wasavi: Auto message scheduler
Wasavi: Auto message scheduler

9. Auto Call Answer – Auto Ear Pickup

Auto Call Answer Auto Ear Pickup

Another great personal assistant to help you answer or reject calls is Auto Call Answer – Auto Ear Pickup. Just like other apps, this app helps you answer incoming calls easily with or without having to touch your phone. However, in this app, users can choose how they would like to receive their phone.

If you prefer to use a headset, then the app will help detect it. However, if you prefer to answer it, then just bring it near to your ear and it will automatically receive it too. Another unique way of receiving the phone is giving it a simple shake. So, choose the way you like to answer the phone and make it your setting.

Another great thing about this app is it has beautiful and stylish themes. So, not like other apps that look bland black or white, the developer pays attention to the details of the screen themes to make it interesting. People can choose between the themes inside the app or choose a picture they like as a theme.

Space Proxy : Button Fast Tap
Space Proxy : Button Fast Tap

10. Auto Message – Auto Reply Text Call SMS Sender App

Auto Message auto reply text call sms sender app

The last app on the list is the Auto Message – Auto Reply Text Call SMS Sender App. From the name, people can see that this app will help people give auto-replies to calls or texts that they can’t reply to yet. With the help of this app, people will notice that we are still busy and can’t reply now.

To make sure that the sender gets the right message, people can write different messages for different events. For example, if you are in a meeting, you can make an auto-reply text by telling them you are still in a meeting and what time you will finish. This can be applied to SMS too. However, if you don’t want all numbers to receive this message, then choose the numbers you want to give auto-replies. If you prefer to choose people in your contact, then choose the option contact only.

AUTO MESSAGE send response sms
AUTO MESSAGE send response sms

Some people may think that the auto answer call app is not that important. However, by downloading these apps, you can keep safe while driving or when doing other activities. Not only will the apps help you answer the phones automatically, but they will also help give auto-replies to senders or callers to inform them that you are still busy. Therefore, they notice and won’t wait too long for your response.

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