12 Best Pink Theme Apps for Android 2024

Getting bored of dull default themes on your smartphone? You probably need to change it to something stylish, bright, yet cute. It’s a pink theme app. Some people adore pink for some reason, it describes softness, happiness, tenderness, and kindness. So, if you’re an Android user, there are pink theme apps you can apply.

Since the smartphone is something we mostly stare at, it must be interesting and relaxing. Don’t forget that it is particularly one thing that is attached to us as modern people. We cannot be separated from a smartphone, so, we don’t want it to be common. The interface must determine ourselves.

Pink theme apps come up with various compliments, from cute bears to hilarious cartoons. Even a sweet piggie cannot wait to be on your interface. So, we have gathered the 12 best pink theme apps to decorate your smartphone to be more personal and unique.

Brighten Your Smartphone with 12 Best Pink Theme App for Android 2024

Back in the early days of Android smartphones, you needed to root it just to change the color. But we can leave that behind us since we have a backup from many OEMs. This company usually provides a support system for wide theming. Because of this, we can now enjoy the convenience of changing color as much as we like.

On average, people spend their time with a smartphone for about 3 hours and 15 minutes. In America only, they spend at least 5,4 hours a day getting along with smartphones. So, it seems that they also regularly customize the interface to keep their smartphone activity interesting. Additionally, it is fun too.

The application theme on a smartphone not only renews or changes the color but also apps icon, wallpaper, screen server, background, home screen, and keyboard look. So, it is a practical activity to brighten up your smartphone to make it outstanding and personal. Pink itself is a bright color that will boost your mood once you see it.

Below are the 12 best pink theme app for your reference to brighten your smartphone:

1. Pink Themes Free For Android

pink themes free for android

This launcher allows you to renew your theme in a bright, sweet, amazing pink color in HD. It is a fantastic app because you can see visual effects appear just from the moment you turn your smartphone on. For more enjoyment, this app allows you to customize almost everything such as fonts and icons.

But this app needs more than just a download app. You need the launcher to activate and make the app work. The launcher is probably already set up on your phone. But if it’s not, you can simply download it. After that, you are free to brighten your smartphone with the Pink Themes Free for Android app.

2. Black Pink Glitter Launcher Themes

Black Pink Glitter Launcher Themes

If you love pink but don’t want it too girly, then you can try this app. You will see glitter spreading on your screen which is amazing. This app allows you to change your theme, customize app icons, and personalize all icons in glitter. Surely it will make your smartphone stand out and be less boring.

It is free to install and once you run this app on your phone you may get an extra feature. Users will get free icon masks, HD glittered sweet wallpaper and fonts customization. This app is also compatible with all kinds of Android devices. You can run it on your tablet as well.

Black Pink Glitter Themes
Black Pink Glitter Themes

3. Pink White Flower Theme

Pink White Flower Theme

Don’t bother for a second thought when you see this app. It’s absolutely what you need to make your smartphone blossom. With a white beautiful flower spread on a pink background, your smartphone will look stunning. This special design is destined for those who have a cheerful but soft personality.

The fun doesn’t stop there, after installing this theme, you may get trendy new icons and HD wallpaper. Also, the launcher provides you with a majestic visual effect. Your smartphone will be covered in soft pink, with pinky flowery icon, and super girly wallpaper. Go get it, it’s a free download on Playstore.

Pink White Flower Theme
Pink White Flower Theme
Developer: Dalu Laon
Price: Free

4. Pink Sky Launcher Theme

Pink Sky Launcher Theme

It is something you have never seen before. If you want to decorate your smartphone with a colored pink sky combined with nature, then this app is all you need. This pink theme performs a very stylish and high-performance design. You will get a very clean and convenient interface with a natural ambiance on it. Green leaves are stamped at the front of the pink sky background.

To be able to activate the HD wallpaper, icons personalization, as well as color themes, you must get launcher support. No need to worry because this app provides you with guidance on how to install it. After that, all you must do is just click apply. Suddenly, your world will be under the pink sky with beautiful nature.

5. Soft Pink Launcher Theme

Soft Pink Launcher Themes

This is a free download and compatible with both phone and tablet. You can decorate your phone with an elegant, soft, and stylish pink theme. It’s very easy to install, all you must do is just download, open it, and apply to activate it. Should you need a launcher, it will ask for your consent automatically when you install the app. Just approve it and you will be guided on how to install it.

Once you put this app on your phone, you can change your screen color to pink. Also, you may personalize the app’s icon so it will match your theme. You will also get a bonus of free icon masks, HD wallpaper, as well as font and colors, changing. If you want to be outstanding, then you need to install this app on your phone.

Soft Pink Launcher Themes
Soft Pink Launcher Themes

6. Lovely Pink Sakura Themes Live Wallpapers

Lovely Pink Sakura Themes Live Wallpapers

Japanese Sakura is a total inspiration and everyone’s favorite. But if you haven’t got the chance to see it yourself, why don’t you just turn your smartphone to it. You can do it by installing this fabulous launcher. Your smartphone will be decorated with stunning wallpaper of Sakura blossom. While the app’s icon also turns into the Sakura flower button.

This app has a complete feature to boost your mood such as an HD wallpaper changer, icon changer, live glitter wallpaper and background, and also a home screen with a 3D swipe. To activate it, you need to download Lovely Pink Sakura Themes Live Wallpapers first. Continue with installing Color Phone launcher 2019 then apply the app. As simple as that.

7. Pink Kitty Launcher

Pink Kitty Launcher

Who can resist a cute, smart, and adorable Kitty? No one. Enhance your smartphone with a genius Pink Kitty Launcher that will smoothen and elevate your phone look. This launcher is efficient and lightweight so it will not disturb phone performance.

Once you download and install this launcher, you can change your phone color to the various pink color themes. Also, you may re-decorate all your app icons while applying HD wallpaper too. Take your time because this launcher has tons of selection. This HD launcher also provides you with a special effect too.

Pink Kitty Launcher
Pink Kitty Launcher
Developer: Kitty Apps 001
Price: Free

8. Pink Flower Bokeh Launcher Theme

Pink Flower Bokeh Launcher Theme

Another pink theme app you should try is this one because it allows you to personalize your phone by changing its color to bright soft pink. You will get not just a plain pink background but with a sweet flower on it. It is free to install and compatible with all your Android devices.

Once you run it, you will get custom-designed icons, a number button, dedicated wallpaper, as well an amazing lock screen. If you need more launchers, you can easily download them on the Play store. HD wallpaper is also available for you after downloading this launcher. Smooth sliding, advanced features, and high-quality appearance surely make your phone outstanding.

9. Pink Flower Diamond Launcher Theme

Pink Flower Diamond Launcher Theme

No one can say no to diamonds. And this pink theme app will cover your screen with a bling-bling. To give you the best experience of a smoother and smarter launcher, this is the one you need. With a high-definition design, you may get a very attractive HD wallpaper and stunning apps icons.

Moreover, you will get more than just a flowery pink icon but also a diamond unique icon for every app you have. It is compatible with almost all Android devices including Huawei Mate8 and Samsung S20. Furthermore, 3D special effects also will be yours if you have a Galaxy S20. This app also supports you with icon masking and various kinds of free themes.

Pink Flower Diamond Theme
Pink Flower Diamond Theme
Developer: Kaoslp Jaiso
Price: Free

10. Pink Leaf Theme

Pink Leaf Theme

A pink leaf is rarely seen but you can have it on your smartphone. What can go wrong with Pink Leaf Theme? Nothing. Instead, your smartphone will look artistic, elegant, and stylish with customized HD apps icons and wallpaper. Just download it and you will get a cool and stunning screen.

Pink Leaf Theme
Pink Leaf Theme
Developer: Themes 2021
Price: Free

11. Pink Unicorn Theme Launcher

Pink Unicorn Theme Launcher

Fill your screen with something you always dream of a unicorn. Get a unicorn in cute glasses, a unicorn on rainbows, and a pony-tailed unicorn. Your home screen will be covered in glitter with unicorns staring at you in an adorable pose. Feel free to customize your icon with various choices of icon masks.

12. Pink Rose Launcher Theme

Pink Rose Launcher Theme

Get yourself a handful of HD customized icons for all your apps. This theme gives you an elegant, smooth, and smart interface that will make your smartphone look elegant. You can get a big rose for your lock screen. Don’t hesitate to install it because it’s compatible with all Android devices.

Pink Rose Launcher Theme
Pink Rose Launcher Theme

The pink theme app is a transformer to stun your smartphone. The bright and soft color, fantastic icons, HD wallpaper, glitter, and other amazing features will make your smartphone more personal. Get a brighter look with pink and all variants of it.

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