15 Best Harem Games for Android and iOS 2024

The harem game became one of the most popular games in the world. It is simply because of the romance and various universes it may set. Harem games present culture, romantic lines, sweet relationships, pretty dresses and costumes, and handsome and pretty characters.

Most importantly, harem games always have a twisting plot on their storyline. It makes players transform into tales and fantasy. Not only is it entertaining but also emotional. When royal battle offers dark, bloody, and strategic thinking, this kind of game just refreshes you with a sweet love story. Yes, there are tasks, missions, and goals, but it won’t reduce the fun of it.

Harem is often related to an Ottoman-era where the Sultan would marry many women and keep them in a particular palace called the hareem palace. Even though they are wives of the Sultan, it doesn’t mean they live like a queen or princess. There is a dark and sad story behind it. But the harem game seems to set that matter aside and only expose romance and love stories.

So, you will not find any violent scenes but precisely a cute relationship between all characters. Additionally, players are also involved in the plot, customizing costumes and looks, as well as a battle scene. Prepare yourself with an intriguing love story with betrayals, touching lines, and hearth-robed characters you will be dealing with.

List of 15 Best Harem Games for Android and iOS 2024

Luckily, harem games are available for Android and iOS. You may pamper yourself by playing this game on your gadget. Since this is almost like a simulator game, you will find it interesting and has so many activities. From raising an empire to jump into mysterious dating apps.

You will also find an interesting love story from a Sultan with many beautiful wives to find an interesting guy in a mystical chatting group. Harem games are always a joy because it lets you travel to various sets, from the grand Ottoman Era, kingdoms of medieval life, ancient China, and to the alternate universe of apocalyptic with zombies.

Here are the 15 best harem game we have gathered for you that is suitable for Android and iOS:

1. Game of Sultans

Game of Sultans

This is considered to be the best harem game for its luxury, thrilling love stories, and also a battle scene set in an Ottoman Empire era. As an empire role-playing game, you have to rule your empire and live like a Sultan. You will also need to expand your empire by conquering and of course, marriage. Here, you will be accompanied by many beautiful consorts.

The main task besides ruling an empire is to make heirs and marry your heirs with the heirs of your fellow Sultan. Furthermore, as you are the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, you’ll face an intrigue, conflict, and thrilling love life. You may choose one lady to be your consort and another to fill your harem palace for your enjoyment. But, don’t forget to build an alliance too since you have an empire to build.

2. Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger

When Game of Sultans offers the grand and luxury of the Ottoman Empire era with sleek costumes, Mystic Messenger is something different. The storyline is about someone who decides to download an app without knowing what it is and just to kill time. Turns out, it was a mystic group chat where you will find so many interesting guys.

Players will dive into various storylines and plots such as being invited to a secret party and getting associates. Those events will lead you to another chapter or plot which is very interesting. More than 5 million people have downloaded this game. If you dare to join the mystical and mysterious world of Mystic Messenger, just download it on Play Store and App Store.


3. King’s Throne: Game of Conquest

King's Throne Game of Conquest

Similar to the Game of Sultans, this harem game allows to rule of a kingdom in the medieval royal era. Hence, your main activities will be managing your kingdom, recruiting and gathering knights and armies to fight for you, build alliances, and most of all raise your dynasty. Building a dynasty can only be done by marriage. Well, this is the most interesting part.

Your love life will never be simple. Marrying a fine lady and raising an heir to your kingdom is a challenging task. Besides, you also must manage a territory where you must fight who is against you and keep those who are loyal to you. Additionally, prepare yourself for an expedition and crush whoever is plotting to invade your kingdom.

4. Dangerous Fellows

Dangerous Fellows Otome Game

This is an Otome dating simulator game based on the novel. You may find episodes with darling characters on each of them. Even though it contains a love story, don’t expect a bright sunny day where you can hang out with your lover. Hence, your world will be dark, thrilling, and filled with unexpected things such as zombies or infected people.

Other interesting activities in this game are collecting cards, changing outfits, chatting with the main character, and building intimacy. This game is now available in Portuguese too. Just download it on Play Store and App Store with the minimum required Android of 5.1 and up.



This is one of the most interactive harem anime games you must play. Set in a fantasy world of Radiant where you will be asked to build a kingdom.  To achieve your goals, all you have to do is be a socialite with as many Radiants. At least you must have 50 Radiants under your command to be able to embed your dominion over Nightmares.

You will be very busy in this game because you have so many tasks to do. Such as, building a battle strategy, going to battle, designing your own home, and creating a lineup. But, the most challenging part is when you must grow your Radiants. Not only gather them but also learn everything about them, spend time with them, and bond with them. Get this game on Playstore and App store.

6. Obey Me! -Anime Otome Dating Sim

Obey Me! Anime Otome Sim Game

Once you download this game, suddenly your world is filled with Ikemen, a Japanese nickname of a handsome guy. Set in the Devildom Academy, the main storyline is about your character who is an exchange student of RAD. RAD itself is a demon school where 7 Ikemen demon brothers study there. Your main task is to survive them and the school.

In this game, you also must build intimacy, and every intimacy level you through will affect the whole relationship. Since it’s an Otome dating simulation game, you will get in touch with other characters through messages and phone calls. Even though this game is filled with Ikemen, there is no gender guidance. Anyone free to play.

7. Be The King: Judge Destiny

Be The King Judge Destiny

Another harem game that explores the great period in the east. In this game, you will be played as a newly hired magistrate. Don’t expect a well-managed empire because you will inherit corrupted and insidious surroundings. The court was just about to fall down because the nobles seemed to swamp themself in crime and enjoy it.

With your charm, you can conquer and meltdown ladies’ hearts. You’re also a fine lover. Tales of your courage and justice echoing to your neighbor’s land. Your other task is to build alliances, raise heirs and build up a dynasty by marriage. Furthermore, you also must be involved in trading with other ancient kingdoms to gain wealth. Beware of the sea because it’s evil and full of dangerous things.

8. Legend of The Phoenix

Legend of the Phoenix

Once you download this game you will have a complete set of ancient Chinese love stories. All characters are pretty with soft and blushing faces, dressed up in flawless Chinese costumes, and collide in an amusing love story. Another fascination is the very smooth UI that will entertain you the most.

Start the game by choosing and customizing them by giving names, put on costumes, set the look, and create all details of her or him. The plot is unique because every choice will affect the whole story. You will not meet your mate directly but must reach a certain level. Once you meet him or her, they will help you survive the game.

9. Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Princess Connect! Re Dive

From China, let’s fly to the Japanese fantasy world where your character will be in an anime look. The game starts by choosing a character and doing some customization. You can select skin color, outfits, and weapons. Yes, there will be a battle scene, so you need a weapon of your own. The appearance of characters in this game is so unique that it makes you feel like you are in the manga world.

This game is about adventure. During the journey, you will meet another character and build a relationship with them. That is why any decisions you make will affect the plot. Don’t worry about being lonely because you will find a lover too on this journey.

10. Call Me a Legend

Call me a Legend Game of Battle Love

To be able to be a legend in this game, you must build intimacy with women. Dating and buying them a gift is a way. Thus, your name will be famous among them. This game is actually a simulation role-playing game. The storyline is filled with love affairs, politics, fighting scenes, and also quests.

Legend needs legacy. So, all you must do is get married and have children. It doesn’t stop there; you must take care of your wife and children. Don’t be surprised as your world is filled with zombies that hunt you. So, to survive, you must build an alliance. The expedition is one thing you must do to find other survivors and recruit heroes to defeat zombies.

11. Nightmare Harem

Nightmare Harem Free Otome Games English

There is nothing more interesting than the love story of those who don’t belong to each other. In this game, you will find the emotional love stories of humans and demons or angels. Don’t worry, the player will be human. This is the true harem game because there is no mission or task, only a love story. But, to build up the storyline, there will be betrayals and political intrigues.

Remember that this is a choices game, so every choice you make will affect the next plot. It may even change other character’s decisions too. But keep in mind that you cannot change the ending. This game performs high-quality graphics and a smooth UI. And don’t worry about being broke, this game doesn’t obligate you to buy any content.

12. Emperor and Beauties

Emperor and Beauties

Explore the tranquil world of ancient China where you will be the emperor ruling the government. Choose a beautiful lady to be your wife and groom your children to raise a dynasty. But before settling down, take your time by associating with other beauties. To make you stronger, you must recruit retainers and build a relationship with them as they are accomplished.

There will be a battle upon you, so you need to build a military strategy. You will not take the throne until you win the war. Enjoy the game by customizing your characters by selecting skin tone, titles, costumes, as well as beautify the skins.

13. ISEKAI: Demon Waifu

ISEKAI Demon Waifu

You are a demon prince who must protect your people in the stronghold fortress of Paladina. Be brave to conquer enemies and expand your influence. Since your kingdom needs heirs, don’t hesitate to find mates. Use portals to travel anywhere and find a suitable woman for you. Win their attention, love them, melt their heart, and raise a family.

You will need a strong subordinate to strengthen your domination. Go to the battle only to win because respect goes to the strongest. But, don’t forget to dress up as you have a luxurious collection. This game is available on Playstore and App store for free.

14. Liar! Uncover the Truth

Liar Uncover the Truth

A pretty face, stylish outfit, and 9 lying men are all you got in this harem game. The storyline is based on your character falling in love with a handsome liar. Apparently not just one man but you are involved with 10 men and one of them is a liar. So, the main task is to reveal who the liar is. You will be a detective in your own love life.

15. Seduce Me the Otome

Seduce Me the Otome

The last recommendation is an RPG game with an outstanding plot. It starts with you inheriting your grandfather’s grand estate and business of Anderson Toys Company. On the day you moved in, you found five handsome injured men on your lobby floor. When they awaken, they told you that they have been attacked by something misfits. All of your choices determine your next plot.

Harem games are an interesting game you should play during your daybreak. It is less stressful, has an interesting storyline, grand and luxurious outfit, pretty and handsome characters, as well as an amazing set. Most of them are free to download but there are some of them that need payment to unlock the next chapter or to win.

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