10 Best Square Photo Apps for Android and iOS

After taking the best-oriented photos, the next step is to post on social media. But what happened? Your picture size does not fit the platform. The only thing you need is the square photo apps.

A square fit app will automatically change the orientation of your photo so that it can fit on various platforms, such as Instagram, without being cropped.

Now is the time to take pictures freely without worrying that the results are cropped when you upload them.

Although the concept is simple, square photo editor APK has many benefits for today’s generation that are inseparable from social media.

Plus, generally, this program also provides editing features, filters, various templates, and many more for your needs.

List of 10 Best Square Photo Apps for Android and iOS

Every photo has beauty with its orientation. Never let problems arise just because the size does not fit the platform. There are many square photo apps that you can choose according to your needs.

However, among the many programs of square photo editor app download, you also have to be careful in choosing.

Some software may not suit the needs or conditions of the user’s smartphone. If you let it, what happens is ineffectiveness in use.

Therefore, to not make the wrong choice, you need to read carefully the square photo apps you want to download before deciding. The following are some software reviews you can consider.

1.      No Crop Square for Instagram

No Crop Square for Instagram

Instagram users must understand how difficult it is to adjust the shoot to square photo size.

You have to cut several parts, which reduces the aesthetic value and the message to be conveyed. Thankfully there is a helpful application.

Not just a square photo editor without cropping, this application also has a variety of filters to beautify the image when you post.

You can rotate, resize, and flip easily. Do not forget to give the right background to make it look more beautiful.

Other features that you should also try are various texts, emojis, and stickers. Creating collages is also very easy with a variety of cool templates.

Not only Instagram but is also one of the best square photo apps for any social media.

Download: ANDROID

2.      Square InPic

Square InPic

It is another of the best square photo apps. Not only does it produce pictures with sizes according to the platform, but you can also use various features that will beautify social media.

Some standard features such as filters, text, photo adjustments, and background options will help you manage images to post.

In addition, there are stickers and emoticons to express the mood. One more thing, these square photo apps also have a grid maker.

Do not worry about having trouble using this application; the design is very user-friendly. Plus, the resulting photos are also of high quality.

Therefore, the image will not be broken when you upload it on digital platforms.

Download: ANDROID

3.      Square Fit Size

Square Fit Size

Posts on social media will be less attractive if the image quality is not good. That is why you need help with Square Fit Size.

It is more than an app to make photos square without cropping but also helps you to beautify everything.

This app will generate high-quality images to support the beauty of your social media. In addition, you can use the collage feature that will help you display several photos at once in an aesthetic way.

To make it perfect, Square Fit Size also offers various background templates. You can choose it according to the images. Do not forget the best filters and frames ever that you can pick.

Download: ANDROID

4.      Photo & Picture Resizer

Photo Picture Resizer

Every platform has its standard size, and this can be confusing at times. One photo can fit in one place but be messy in another.

Therefore, you need an application that can help you adjust the image to various sizes social media requirements.

As the name suggests, this application helps you resize in an easy and fast way without losing the slightest quality.

Say goodbye to manual programs that force you to do multiple steps just to fit the size of the platform.

Besides helping to get the best display for various platforms, you can reduce the size limit. Now, send and upload anything without fear of failure or broken.

Download: ANDROID

5.    Square Pic Photo Editor

Square Pic

It is a square pic photo editor download that lets you upload full-size photos without worrying about losing quality. In this app, various features help you beautify the appearance of posts.

You can create collages with various beautiful templates, complete with many effects and colors.

The app will automatically process the photo that you input so that it produces a view without being cropped.

Collages can display a maximum of 9 photos at once with hundreds of beautiful layout designs. It also has a mirror image feature to be more different from other square photo apps.

Download: ANDROID

6.      Square Quick Pro

Square Quick Pro

Creating social media posts is super easy with Square Quick pro.

You can create perfect pictures for Instagram, Facebook, and even creating square pic for PC. The photo editor will make you do it like a pro.

You do not need to be a design expert to create an attractive image. Its easy features will be very helpful.

Say goodbye to photo cropping as now you can show the full-sized images you have. If you have a lot to display, it is great to get them in collages. Many layouts will make the post more beautiful.

Download: ANDROID

7.      INSTFIT – Post Without Croppin

INSTFIT - Post Without Croppin

It is one of the recommendations for the best square photo apps for iOS users. You can create the perfect look without any hassle because it is user-friendly.

In addition, the features are quite complete; it helps prepare posts on social media. The Photo fitting and resizing will help you fit your image into frame sizes of 1:1, 4:4, and so on.

It also contains many beautiful templates with various colors. Everything will be aesthetically displayed.

Like the other apps we have discussed, INSTFIT also has features for adding text, emoji, and stickers. You can get interesting artwork and typography in it. Edited results will appear in high quality.

If you want to use it economically, the free app is available. However, this program is also available in a pro version with a subscription fee of $1.99 per month.

In this application, you can get more interesting templates.

Download: iOS

8.      Square Photo – No Crop

Square Photo – No Crop

When you want everything to look square, then this is the right app.

The app will process the photo you input into a perfect masterpiece complete with all the filters, emojis, stickers, and other decorations.

It does not matter whether your photos are landscape or portrait, they will appear full-size without losing the slightest quality.

You can quickly and easily add borders, bubbles, shadows, and many more.

The editing results you get are also shareable because this application is directly connected to social media. Change your photo size according to the social media you are aiming.

Download: ANDROID

9.      Square Photo – No Crop Pic

Square Photo – No Crop Pic

In photo editing, emoji, stickers, backgrounds, and other decorations play a crucial role. Fortunately, this app not only makes your photos square but also provides various features to decorate images.

As stated on the app homepage, a lot of emojis will make your photo more expressive. The image that you input will appear in full, complete with a background that makes it interesting.

No crop is allowed because this application understands the artistic value in every photo shoot. Many people choose it as a mainstay. For your information, the program gets the rate of 4.1 as an app.

Download: ANDROID

10.  Square Sized

Square Sized

Looking for the best square pic photo editor download for iOS? Well, why not try Square Size.

Before talking further about its features, let me tell you that this app is already popular and has achieved more than 5 million downloads worldwide. What is the specialty?

Compared to other applications, it has a distinctive look with beautiful frames.

You can use the features in it to make the appearance of social media different from most. Besides, you can work with videos.

Choose any filters, texts, and shapes to beautify your photos. Make it awesome by setting the typography, contrast, brightness, and so on.

Download: iOS

Final Note

Photos and social media are two prominent things that are interrelated. With the rapid development of information in the online world, both play a crucial role in conveying messages.

Given the importance of uploads on digital media, each post should have beauty and a clear message.

Do not let it just because of the improper size of the platform. Use the best application depending on your needs.

To make it look attractive and the message is well-conveyed; every post on social media must have the best possible design.

The presence of square photo app is, of course, very important to make sure that everything is perfectly displayed.

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